Defining happiness

Part I: Calvin and Hobbes on happiness.


Part-II: Mandira’s longish, philosphical-ish post on the same. Coming soon.

21 thoughts on “Defining happiness

  1. Yes, happiness is so so so subjective. For example, I could be made happy with a movie and popcorns, hehehe. BTW i caught on with that Bond flick, A Phool Yet again. Boring Bond.
    Waiting for your “philosophical-ish” post.

  2. Hey!nice post- it gives an important message to the people engaged in the mad race of gaining materialistic things to be ‘happy’! Waiting for the partII

  3. @pooh!-coming right up!

    @SnS- i agree he too good.

    @deepanjan- i tk his side too!

    @manpreet- i intend doing a very subjective post only!:P

    @IHM-this is a subject blog and i do subjective posts!:P

    @lively-ditto to the sunny field.

    @mithe- hello and thank you for stopping by.

    @N- dont we all? no pressure???u just turned on the pressure big time and then say no pressure!!??im not taking any hints woman…im doing my pst my way…hmph.

    @manasa- thank u for ur patience.:)

  4. haha i look forward to ur post. actually, it’s so cool that u posted this today cuz i was thinking the same before logging in today. i have so much to write about on blog but i don’t do it … cuz i am happier not doing it. so i shall do what makes me happy in the moment. when i feel happier posting on blog, i’d do just that. i’ve decided that im gonna live for my happiness now …whatever lot or however less it takes for me to be happy.

    i look forward to ur writing. 🙂

  5. ohhhh.. i hate people who complain all the time- and most of the time, it’s not like tehy have a problem.. they just have the urge to talk, they just wanna get ya attention, n yehhh , when ya learn o successfully tune them out(which ya learn to in due course of time), tat is when ya get TRULY HAPPY 🙂

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