Take a bow

I think I have arrived. At least I think I have arrived. And I think I probably need a separate page on this blog to annouce this to the world. Modesty is good, but once in a while indulging in grossly immodest manner is satisfying.

If I recall correctly this is my 5th blog award. And I dont even write that well!! This time I have Manju to thank for the award. She sent the Butterfly Award my way along with these kind words  “Both of these blogger friends of mine have so much empathy for others. This is a rare quality in today’s self centered world. Mandira shows a regard for others uncommon in one so young.” Awww man..I am so touched. An award is nice enough but an award backed with such lovely words is too good to be true. 🙂 Thanks Manju!butterfly-award

I would like to pass on this award to Manpreet( lets call this a peace offering for not informing you about my trip to punjab,eh?), IndianHomeMaker, Dipali and Parul.

Edited to add:Pixie bestowed the same award on me a few weeks later. Thanks a ton!

On a completely diferrent note, let me tell you about this impromptu trip I made with the family this weekend.  If the amount I have been traveling is anything to go by, it would seem  like I  have traded my shoes for wheels. Our part time help (yeah the same one who crowned me the good kid) had taken a day off to visit this obscure place near Lonavala called the Karla caves and couldn’t stop raving about it after her returned.  So bright and early on Sunday morning, we decided we needed to do something fun to occupy the day. What could be better than a day trip? We packed a hamper of food, collected our camera, lathered ourselves in sunscreen lotion and  were soon on our way.  We discovred the drive was pretty short. It takes about 2.5-3 hors depending on the traffic conditions and how much you are willing to speed on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. We made a stopped over at Lonavala and picked up a  few kilos of chikki– groundnut, channa, dry fruit, coconut,strawberry- you name it, they have it.

The caves were a sight to behold-beautifully carved in stone, a mute testimony to Indian’s glorious past. Unfortunately like all other aspects of Indian’s past, they were ill-maintained, covered in cobwebs and crumbling. The caves were made by Buddhist monks and were used for praying. The rock cut architecture reminded me of Mamallapuram but Mamallapuram was certainly better maintained than these caves(tales of my visit to Mamalla can be found here). Typical of all historical sites, people visiting had been totally uncaring of the heritage structure that stood in front of them. They had scribbed their names on the wall and littered where ever they could.  They spoke in loud voices tearing to shreds to silence of the main  prayer hall and the other caves. This is something I can never understand. Why people dont behave appropriately when they play tourist. (If you go to see, Indians in general never know how to behave in public places. We are loud and we love littering no matter where we are.)

The place was worth visiting despite the public apathy that is causing slow but steady destruction.If you live in and around Mumbai and history is of interest to you, you could try and make a visit to this place.

image018 Buddha sculpted on one of the cave walls.

image015 A pillar with Buddhist inscriptions.

image0121 The caves from a distance.

image022Donno Donno what this is, but it looks like an idol of some God. Found it lying near the entrance of one of the caves.

16 thoughts on “Take a bow

  1. Nice post on the caves.
    Maybe, if i happen to land in Mumbai, I will also go there.
    Award accepted, not cos peace is made, but cos I love the snowflakes and I love the butterflies.
    Thora bhao bhi dene ka tha na….
    chal since i have already eaten the applogolies, i will not be able to eat any bhao anyways.
    Thanks. (This was my acceptance speech)

  2. Thank You Mandira 🙂
    And also many, many warmest wishes and Congratulations. I totally agree with Manju, you do have ‘much empathy for others’ and it is ‘a rare quality; and rather ‘uncommon in one so young’. and I remember your good kid award maid, lol but you deserved that too!

    (btw I love these snow flakes and the new look!)

  3. Aww, really? Thank you, thank you 🙂 This is a nice end to the day – I have just finished putting Adi to bed after a nuclear meltdown of mammoth proportions.

    I have only been to Lonavala once and I am sorry to say I hated it. Don’t know if being five months pregnant and consequently exceedingly hormonal had to do anything with it. Maybe it is time to give it another shot. Will do Karla this time.

    Which side do you stay, Mandira? We should meet up, na?

  4. Hey Congrats on the award…u truly deserve it 🙂 Manju has aptly described you! Loved to see Karla caves after a long time. We used to visit Lonavala often but went to the caves only once! Did u happen to go to Bushy dam as well? Love the chikkis from Lonavala…they even make yummy fudge.

  5. @manpreet- your acceptace speak is par excellence..lol.. btw, theme has been changed so that the sbow flakes show against the dark background.

    @IHM- aww man..u guys are too good!! tho u guys make great virtual friends.. i think i need a couple of “real” friends like u too!!

    @parul- lonavala is not an exciting place.. i mean its really small town n quiet… but its still nice.. lets blame ur not liking the place on the hormones,shall we? can i find u on orkut or facebook.. and then we can discuss where i live, what i do,where n when we shud meet etc etc??

    @nidhi-thanks..unlike some others,some of us need to make do with fake snowfall!

    @HC- how do u make chikki into fudge?!?!?! do tell!!

    @pixie-thank u, thank u.:D

  6. could u tell me of more things to do in mumbai? i am not sure whether i should stay one day or two days in mumbai? so far the plan is only for one day and elephanta caves et al area.

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