Mondays  always come too soon….

Because some weekends turn out to be more action packed than all the weekdays put together…

Because winter is here and its making early mornings and late evenings nippy…

Because laziness doesnt pay but is still extremely soul satisfying….

I would be more than willing to skip office and languish at home doing the exact same  thing as these two.


Am I the only one who fervently prays for a sinful slothful life at 6 am everyday?

19 thoughts on “Because

  1. nuh-uh! I prayed for it during all my years of working when I had to wake up at 530am (a time when I’m usually in deep sleep!) and take the 630am bus and return home at 10pm !

    …and guess what? I GOT IT TOO !! Now I get to sleep all I want and I’m going to enjoy it as long as it lasts….so Dont Stop Praying! 😀

  2. *both hands up high in the air* Me too me too. But the prayer usually doesn’t work for me *sigh*. But I never stop 🙂 And Calvin on your blog made my day! Thankie for putting him up there.

  3. goes without saying, we ALL do the same!!!
    in this new year, i plan to invest in lottery tickets. so i will strike lucky one day and never have to get up early in the mornings to get to work again!! ever!!!

  4. Much as I love my bed, my system is trained to remember the pot at an early hour(:
    And since I’m awake, I do go for a walk
    And that makes me happy, especially in winter.

  5. @deepanjan- dont be jealous, read away i say!

    @SnS- ok…praying harder now.

    @nidhi-lucky you!!

    @HC- i like your life!i wanna stay home all day..till winter passes at least..

    @Lively- u are always welcome…

    @N- buy a ticket for me too..u mite have better luck with those than me.

    @HC-ok! thanks!!

    @IHM- thanks for making me feel “normal”:D

    @Dipali- a walk in the morning is nice…but in winter??!!!nooooooooo!!

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