The magic figure-6

I’m tagged. This time by Smeedha of bethebird. And I am zapped. Smeedha, I never knew you were the tagging kind!

The rules of the meme are simple.

This is what you have to do:

  • Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
  • Tell a story around it.
  • Pass it on to six other people you like.

Here’s my pick. It is the sixth picture taken from the sixth folder called Jaipur in the sixth folder called Travel  in the My Pictures folder in My Documents.  As you can see I am  a bit over organised when it comes to pictures.



This is the picture of Hawa Mahal taken during a family vacation to Jaipur when I was in the nineth I think…a long time back.. We had driven down from Delhi to Jaipur in our cherry red Maruti 800. If I remember correctly the picture was clicked by my dad. The Jaipur trip was a memorable one. We had taken a vacation after many years and so this one really stands out in my memory.  I remember  accidentally driving past this beautiful structure, it wasnt on our itinerary, gaping at its beauty and then de-touring to buy “tourist tickets” for five rupees to see the structure from inside. The insides of the Mahal were a big disappointment- ill maintained, close to crumbling.  I wish we’d do more for the upkeep of our heritage structures.

Who should I tag for this meme? hmmm.. tough choice. I ‘d actually like to tag everybody- its a fun, easy tag that doesnt require too much effort. Hmm… after much though I elect Roop,Solilo,Dipali,Pixie,SnS and Cookie in the cookie box to do that tag. Start hunting through your computers/laptops folks! !

And regarding the visit to Astro Aunt, that ended in quite a tragedy. We ended up bunking the event. Mom took ill and  couldnt go. With my dad being out of town I wasnt willing to attend the party all alone, so I bunked it too. All that excitement for nothing.Hmph. I would have met such “post perfect” people there. We may have to visit Astro Aunt sometime soon to convey our best wishes and hand over her gift but visiting her family wont be the same as witnessing the circus aka the extended family.  Hopefully there will be another such occassion soon. I hate to lose an experience that has the potential to provide such great writing material.

14 thoughts on “The magic figure-6

  1. OH! Lovely Tag!! 😀

    The pic is lovely…
    I need to go home and check my laptop for pics…
    At work – I still haven’t stored any pics yet in my computer… 🙂

  2. but but but mandi, i hve iphotos that has no folders ! what is i to do?

    9th? my guudness! how long ago was that? it’s been more than a decade for me!!! lovely pic n story. was it scanned or digi shot?

  3. Oh! hope your mom gets well soon. I was so waiting for some juicy goss on your Aunt and others.

    And this tag? My 6th folder! *just checked* Do you want my blog to be ‘A’ rated or want to send them moral policing goons? Arre yaar! there are some personal pics there 😉

    Just kidding. Will get on to it.

    Hawa Mahal. Beautiful!

  4. 🙂 That was interesting..The photo is indeed too good to be thought of taken from dusty archive..Very clear ..

    It is sad you couldn’t make it to astro aunty 😉

  5. @pixie- start looking soon.

    @roop- yeah, 9th was long ago.u click a foto and u put it up, ok?

    @solilio-dont worry, skip the “personal pic” and choose the next one that u are comfortable with.

    @bethebird- u are welcome.

    @nimmy-i know i was looking fwd to it too..for a blogging pt of view!

    @shini-lol…i know ppl who blog more frequently! will stop by ur new place soon.

  6. LOL…What anti-climax 🙂 But the Hawa Mahal pic is just beautiful. One of my neighbour aunty was from Rajasthan and she used to stay in a haveli….and told us many wonderful stories about Rajasthan. Would like to visit one day. Chalo now you have to write about the dancing neighbours 🙂

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