Round and round

You know how sometimes a song gets stuck in your head and it plays on and on and on? I have had Masakali running through my head since 7.20 am today. Though I am now quite tired of having it play continuously, I don’t know how to make it stop! Yesterday it was Chandni Chowk to China  all through the morning till lunch. The day before that it was Jaane kyun  which made me think of Abhishek Bachchan and the ultra thin Priyanka Chopra all day long.

I blame the 4th floor kids for my current state. When I leave home for work in the morning I take the stairs. You know how they say taking the stairs is the healthier option. Each morning when I chose the stairs over the elevator, I make a tiny bit of investment in my health . Except while most  people make the investment while going against gravity, I go with gravity. Fat lot of good it does, I know but its better than doing nothing, right? And anyway I refuse to walk up six floors. Walking down six floors is good enough for me, thank you very much. You shouldn’t be expecting too much from me in the first place going by my past record. As I walk down the stairs I am greeted with blaring music emanating from the insides of flat no.402. I assume their kids like to listen to music while they dress for school. Whatever I listen to for those 3 seconds that it takes to cross their house gets stuck in my head for the whole day. No harm in humming a song or “mentally” singing it but if it doesn’t stop after sometime, its annoying.

It’s getting to be annoying right now. There’s a pile of papers that I need to look through, without disturbance if possible. Got any idea on curing my state? 

22 thoughts on “Round and round

  1. Ask them to reduce the volume or complain to the building manager. If nothing works then blog about them, print and fax them the paper 😉

    2 weeks back I was humming Masakalli too so much that my little one got tired and asked me to stop 😦

  2. Try listening to more subconscience hijacking songs like “where’s the party tonite”.
    Arrange for power cut just before u leave home, n restore it after u’re safely away from premises.
    Steal their music system (am free tomm, will help)

    I hope some bearable song replaces this one in ur mind 🙂

    My stuck-in-the-head song for today is “Koi yahan aha nache nache”
    😀 I love bappi da!

  3. Hehehehehehhe…

    listen to boss jhik jhik 😉

    I have this problem… when I return from amovie… the loud musik and sound is all there in my mind :(((
    or u better start couting sheeps 😉

  4. The term for these songs is ear-worms, and they are persistent, irritating creatures. I guess one can only be drowned by another more powerful one. Just choose your poison:)

  5. @solilio- this is india. building managers dont do much!!

    @crafty-yeah…its GOT to be replaced..Koi yahan aha nache nache” is a nice song..upbeat n happy…

    @monika-yeah, the radio does that to me too.

    @chakoli- no man!! this is btr than bos jhik jhik!!anyway.

    @aaarti-hmmm..nw thats a thot..

    @dipali-lol@ear worms. i think i have chosen my poison…its Koi yahan aha nache nache thanks to crafty!!!

    @pixie-that other song u just mentioned?hvnt a clue about it!

  6. Yeah, I got a solution.
    Try humming another song, then that would be stuck in your head.
    To be frank, I know nothing about the solution, for I often suffer from it.

  7. LOL…best thing to do is that as soon as u reach office, log in to youtube and listen to some other song 🙂 Then the second song will keep humming in your head…but atleast it will be your choice 🙂 And I love massakali and the other one I am listening to is Latika’s theme.

  8. Write an mp3 with the songs you like and gift it to them… be kind to them…

    lol…. I kinda play songs and sing too much so I cant be harsh on the kids !!!

    I see you are exercising !! tooo lol..

  9. if the door’s open , u must do a 3 second jig in front of them to the music…

    vaisey i am prone to catching the worst songs and running them over in my head all day.. i was masakkali-ing so much that my mom started calling me masakkali… :o/

  10. >>>>Except while most people make the investment while going against gravity, I go with gravity.


    Even i do have this sometimes ,i.e.get struck to a single song..Afterall a while,as you said,it gets annoying as you get bored,but don’t know how to get rid of it..Maybe listening to another song will help,but since you are in office,that won’t do..mmmmmm,maybe you can talk to somebody in the next chair and change your mood 🙂

  11. 🙂 happens to me a lot.
    and im the indulgent types. so i listen to a song (not only hum it) all day. sometimes it lasts 2-3 days my obsession.

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