So I say thank you for the music

This tag comes from Nimmy. Long due, I am finally doing it today. The rules are simple. All you need to do is list out ten songs from two languages that are slow,melodious and soulful.  I sometimes find it hard to do tags the way they comes so I tweak them a bit.  This one’s getting tweaked a lot.  I am listing below a mix of Hindi and English songs. I wouldn’t be able to do two entire lists so I am just doing 20 songs in all.Some of them dont have youtube videos to go along because embedding has been disabled by the owners.

  1. Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachan- Dont let go
  2. Elton John- Sacrific
  3. The Eagles- Love will keep us alive
  4. Shania Twain-Your still the one
  5. Phil Collins- One more night
  6. John Denver-Annies Song
  7. UB40-Cant help falling in love
  8. BeeGees-How deep is your love
  9. Boyzone-Words
  10. Phil Collins-A groovy kind of love
  11. Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline
  12. Cliff Richards- Evergreen tree
  13. The Beatles-Hey Jude
  14. Micheal Learns to Rock-Sleeping child
  15. Jaane man jaane man from that old movie..whats its name?rajneegandha?
  16. Kailash Kher-Saiyyan
  17. Rekha Bharadwaj-Tere ishk main
  18. Shubha Mudgal-Seekho na
  19. Rabbi-Tere bin
  20. Shreya Ghoshal-Naam ada likhna

Who do I tag for this meme? Craftyshines(if you do these kind of tags on your blog), Solilio,Pixie Chakoli and Roop.

16 thoughts on “So I say thank you for the music

  1. 😦 me no do tags. Will it compensate if i told u that i am now convinced u r my long-lost twin?!! and if i gave u hugs? worth a try i say! [HUGS] 😀

  2. hi there – long time reader, first time commentor.

    loved the list – specially since u got my favouites up there!

    just a small err correction – jaaneman – if it is the one sung by yesudas and from the movie choti si baat(as pointed out earlier) – is lovely (and my absolute favourite of all times)…..anything but slow….lively and peppy… and simply superb.

  3. Ah,ho i missed Tere Ishq mein in my list…

    I can keep listening to it for days and days..Her voice keeps me coming back again and i love that song…

    Not familiar with a few,i will listen to them for sure 🙂

    Thanks for doing..

  4. @pixie-then do the tag right away.

    @dhiren-oh ok, i stand corrected.

    @biju- thanks man


    @solilio- arre chrome hangs all the time..move to mozilla..

    @aaarti- ehehhe…worry not…listen and learn.. u will soon be familiar with them 😀

    @crafty- hugs work just fine..when u coming over to give me one?

    @SM- hi and welcome to the blog… i have already been corrected on my “rajnigandhi”.. i mite have got the movie wrong, but i’ve got the song right!! its too nice to not like!:)

    @nimmy-that song puts u in a trance na?

    @abha- thanks u!

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