A quick post

No long winding post today. Just a thought provoking quote I read on a tattered poster stuck on the wall of an NGO some months back.  The cat is back   today and the mice are hard at work (yours truly included) so it will take sometime for any posts the long winding posts to make an reappearance.

“You see things and you ask ‘why?’. I see things that never were and ask ‘why not?'”                                                                          

George Bernard Shaw.

While the posts here are a little slow in coming, may be you’d like to check out the action at Bakingbuddies? We’ve got some fabulous Banana Choco-chip muffins and Ginger cookies there. Visit us and you might just be inspired to visit the kitchen and whip up some goodies.  Even if you aren’t, you could very well afford to feast your eyes on the scrumptious looking pictures and drool a little.  And we could well afford some traffic there! And by the way, all the activities I just suggested to you are calorie free. Another reason to drop by! 😛

26 thoughts on “A quick post

  1. Nice quote, Mandira. Personally, I feel that both ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ are good questions to ask!

    Will visit Baking Buddies. 🙂

  2. I love ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ and for some strange reason the not always makes things a tad more difficult but, nevertheless more enjoyable a conversation.

    Off to Baking buddies now. I need to figure out if I can do any of the stuff with a microwave and no temperature setting.

  3. The cat is back? 😀
    best of luck! 😀

    thats a great quote 🙂
    you love baking?:) I will and go to baking Buddies then 🙂 may learn something *sigh*

  4. @crafty-donno wat the next post is gonna be. as of now i hvnt a clue.

    @manju- yup! totally!

    @aathira- i think it u have a convection microwave u can bake.. i use a good ol’ otg.

    @indyeah-thanks a ton. i have begun loving baking…lets see how long i last..

  5. heh! 🙂

    The quote is awesome… but, applying at work makes things a tad bit difficult!! 😀

    The recipes look good too…but, i dont have an oven at home and I’m really scared to try them out in a microwave or on the stove…

  6. The quote on ‘things’ reminded me of another one I had read a long time ago:

    “The best things in life are not ‘things’!”

    And hey, baking buddies sounds great. Will check it out for sure…

  7. @pxie- i think u hv a point there.

    @solilio- done!!

    @biju- thank u!

    @thought bubbles-ya, thats a good one.. i remember reading it on someone’s blog once.

    @roop- CREDIT transfered. please check n let me know if it reached u.

  8. @N- lol.. u can also make a trip to chennai- watever suits u!

    @HC- dont we all wish the cat went away? sigh…dnt think that gonna happen tho…

    @Crafty- 😀 i have disappeared for a while…checked out ur blog tho…

  9. u know i love you.

    im sure i’ve previously said it too some time.

    and i mean it in a strictly platonic way. ;ppp

    but felt like saying it again. we’ll sort ur tech issues …. umm err … just a bit more specific? over email perhaps.

  10. read ur comment on roopsie’s blog….something about “will stop blogging jlt”
    not only will i have comment conversation on each post of urs, but if u don’t update, will post several comments on same post…just to guilt u into thinking “sheesh, i GOTTA blog to keep this nutcase happy”

  11. @crafty- that was a comment to say i can randomly stop blogging…just like i randomly started it. im a random kinda person if u hvnt figured that out yet.:P im not doing it anytime in the near future, but i know i am capable of it.. if u know wat i mean….(do u?)

    @crafty-lmao. will post, will post.

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