Random rambling

This is a stupid -senseless-pointless kind of post. But its a post with reason. Two to be precise. Let’s go over them one by one,shall we? A- Crafty’s reaction to my comment on Roop’s blog. And B- the upcoming International Women’s Day. The comment left at Roop’s was a statement of fact. It wasn’t intended to unleash fear in the minds of kind hearted bloggers, who, by the way, have promised me some fabulous looking crochet articles. I wanted to reassure the kind hearted blogger that I wasn’t going anywhere as yet.  I am, in some ways,  a random kind of person and have tangible evidence of my random, unexpected behaviour. Like starting this blog. Getting a haircut one fine weekend after contemplating over it for like  a year and deciding I don’t need to change the way  I look. Getting over-involved with baking. Swinging between “I fast once a week for health reasons” and “I never fast, it’s the dummest thing to do” And buying a huge jigsaw puzzle that now rests peacefully in its box on my bedside table. It was intended to stimulate the mind. All it has achieved till now is a ½ inch thick layer of dust. Bottom line? I am kinda random but I am still here.

That takes care of A. Now let’s go over B. While the world presents to you the economic, political and social achievements of women as it celebrated the International Women’s Day on the coming Sunday. I present to you this- a cartoon. Not just any cartoon. Calvin and Hobbes. The god of all cartoons. A cartoon on IWD, you ask? Yes, I say. Time is short with the cat around, perpetually on our case. Calvin is preciously-cutely-irresistibly funny. And well-intentioned  humour never hurt anyone.


Lets call this our IWD celebration with a twist. Now before I am hounded by hardcore feminists, I shall run. Have a good weekend you guys. Will try and do a slightly less random post next time around!:P

18 thoughts on “Random rambling

  1. i agree with CnH being GOD of ALL cartoons ever made! and the fact that its not a franchised makes it even more awesome!

    maybe crafy can make a crochet Calvin for us, eh?! 😀

    keep up with the random ramblings!



  2. u crowned me the kind hearted blogger?!!! *adjusts halo in the mirror for the nth time* Am i glad to hear u ain’t plannin goin anywhere for now at least!! will live with that 🙂 will cope up with impulsive mandy, randomness n all! *hugs*

    U LOVE C&H?!!! what can i say…twin-reunited hug for the rest of our lives!:D
    during the worst emotional rough patch in my life (till date), i found solace in my C&H books.
    since hardcore feminists u fear haven’t arrived yet, lemme add one more quote for IWD celebration – “Leave it to a girl to take the fun out of sex discrimination!” 😀 HWD!

    @abha: lol! crochet calvin huh? i’m actually more in love with hobbes! have already made hobbes in papier mache! what he looks like when anybody other than calvin is around! 😀

  3. random ramblings are fun 🙂
    hope they last a really long time 🙂
    agree completely on C&H..*bows in salutation* 😀

    and the bug/girl sure showed him didnt she?;)
    whats not to like? 😀

  4. I am a huge C & H fan. You too, Mandu.

    And what is this I hear? Crafty is making a Calvin crochet. Let me take out the butter..Crafty, where are you? I am coming to butter you.

  5. “…And buying a huge jigsaw puzzle that now rests peacefully in its box on my bedside table. It was intended to stimulate the mind. All it has achieved till now is a ½ inch thick layer of dust….” — 🙂

    I agree, C&H is the God of all cartoons!!

    Keep Blogging!

  6. @abha- oh yeah, i am sure crafty can do a CnH crochet version for us..wat fun!

    @crafty- the halo looks just fine, dnt adjust it any further. are u up for a CnH in crochet challenge? or show us ur paper mache hobbes ? display it on ur blog may be?btw, i do remember reading that quote sometime back.. i think on an online CnH cartoon strip.

    @indyeah- lets bow together!:P oh there’s nthing not to like but i just like to be careful around hardcore feminists…for the sake of my safety.;)

    @solilio- dnt bother with the butter. i’ve got enuf for everyone. crafty? are u listening?

    @biju-God is quite an appropriate name no?

  7. thats superb !!!

    You know i normally think that woman and men are equal… although all humans are different, however i always do think, that woman dont make fun of their own sex(their being females) in front of males…

    or are not so comfortable doing it !!!!

    but than I read this ! and i think all humans are different !! never try and categorise them…

    Happy Woman’s Day…

  8. Hey poor Calvin!!…Reminds me of the school days..there was a girl bench partner in class 1 who used to dig ner sharp nails into my arms whenever i used to refuse her a pencil, eraser or sharpner…i used to dread her throughout the school life…haha!!
    Anyways, Happy Woman’s Day!!! I have always believed that a true woman has divine abilities which men can never match to!!

  9. me dunno if i can DARE to attempt a C&H crochet version yet, but the day i do, i will be self-declared crochet genuis! but my papier mache hobbes i will show u! 🙂

  10. You do manage to find the most appropriate C&H strip 🙂 And Mandira….you just CANNOT close down your blog! Even 3 words like “I am here” will suffice 🙂 Crafty do post the papier mache Hobbes.

  11. @CnH, God of all cartoons – and specially Calvin has a very definitive way of almost always putting the finger on it 🙂

  12. @doodles-ha ha ha.. u were tortured in school? i nvr knew!!

    @monica- ditto!

    @mystic- happy women’s day to u too!

    @pixie- read CnH. dnt b grumpy ok?

    @HC- no one’s shutting down this blog.. i only mentioned i was capable of it! takes a lot of huntin to find appropriate CnH strips!!

    @chirag- totalllly agree with u there..

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