Suffering no more

It looks like I’m back after a week of absence. And what a week its been!! Aside from the rocking writer’s block that ensured I had nothing to write  about for what seemed like the longest time ever, I had an equally rocking time at work, which basically meant the line “They pretend to pay me, I pretend to work” modified to ” They pretend to pay me, I still work like a dog” to suit my case better. I don’t know what was worse- the writer’s block or the scene at work. It should suffice to say it was a tough competition that ended in a tie.

Sometime during the rocking week I got  a call from a lady who was offering me “corporate English speaking courses.” That too at “discounted rates for ladies”. Some women may have been lured by the possibility of getting a certain percentage off irrespective of the product or service. I,  on the other, hand dont get excited on hearing the words” Sale” or “X% off” and so I consider such unwanted offers annoying. Especially if they come in the middle of a horribly busy day where the frenzied pace of activity makes it difficult to keep your wits about you. I told the lady I wasn’t interested and that I should be contacted ever. I am sure she though I was cut and dry but I dint really care. Chasing a deadline is sometimes more important than politely explaining to over zealous, persistent telemarketers why you dont want what they are offering. Just telling the telemarketer wasnt enough. I had to share my annoyance with  her with the whole wide virtually world. So I put up a line that read ” Mandira is not interested in learning Corporate English even on discounted rates. Please do not call” on Facebook. Commenting on friend’s “What’s on your mind” space seems to be the “in” thing with people on my  FB list. I expected to get responses -some sane and some utterly crazy  to what I had put up and sure enough responses flew in. Cookie in the cookiebox wanted details about my conversation. I told her I had none to share. My conversation with the telemarketer was so brief that it dint even qualify for a conversation. She was disappointed. She had hoped I had indulged in a conversation with the “Corporate English speaking” lady. ” Would have made interesting material for the blog” she said. For a second there I thought ” Damn! She has a point!! Why dint I talk to that woman yaa!! It would have given me something to write about!!ARGHH” I think at that very second I  touched the lowest low of my writer’s block. Imagining wishing you had wasted time on some silly English speaking class, I am sorry, Corporate Engligh speaking , whatever that is,  all for the sake of getting some material to blog about. Does it get any worse than that? I think not.

And now because I am terribly overworked and underpaid I am going off on a vacation with the family.   No, there is no contradiction there. I am underpaid but I also live off my parents which mean I, or rather they  can afford vacations. Right when work is on an upswing and is pretty much driving me mad, I am packing my bags and taking a whole week off. I asked the boss of leave two months back. She approved it. Now I think she regrets it. I don’t. I am going to chill with family, eat, sleep and do only those  essentials activities  required to keep me alive.  And when I return, I am going to get  back  to  work (it is, at present, my only livelihood option whether  I like it or not. I better show it some respect!)and blogging with a vengeance !Till then , buh-bye!

15 thoughts on “Suffering no more

  1. LOL @ They pretend to pay me, I still work like a dog” 😀 good one!
    I should steal it! 😀

    You didnt speak to the lady for long but you did make a post out of it 😀
    so that should be enough 😀
    enjoy your vacations!
    have fun!

    PS:-Will be waiting to read some posts 😀

  2. enjoy your holidays….

    my situation is almost the same as yours… however i still am able to blog about things… maybe its mayawati.. but what the heck… i need a break badly too .. very badly !! but i have to wait till next month !!


    cheers and njoy !

  3. They pretend to pay and you work like a dog. That is recession. 😀

    Hilarious post and you are back only to say that you are going away.

    Enjoy your vacation, Mandu!

  4. “They pretend to pay me, I still work like a dog”

    lol this seems to be everyone’s condition these days…

    have a fun filled vacation… i want too

  5. @indyeah- please steal it. if it shows up on ur blog i wud quite make my claim to fame u see!!:D

    @pixie- yesssssss! thank u!

    @aathira- oh i can see my shoes saying the exact same thing my friend..

    @manju- you ur good wishes, i hope its goneFORVER!:D

    @deep- i have no idea… none at all.. to me english is english. theres good english and theres bad english but its still just english!

    @nidhi- i wish i knew..shud google it na? sri lanka is zee deztination.

    @solilio- donno if its recession. it think its life! lol..going away but will be back soonie!

    @monika- u in the same boat? i think all us underpaid ppl shud float our own co.! u can come along if u like!:)

  6. a well deserved vacation! and planning helps, eh?! imagine asking for leave now! hehe!

    have a super time! come nack and tell us stories!


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