Just before I leave….

I tell you this, it is very very difficult to concentrate on work when you are all set for a vacation. All you can think of is The Vacation. Everything else in life sort of blurs into the background becoming miniscule and insignificant .  How am I going to spend the next 8 hours stuck in this office?? My guess is, day dreaming.

Before I go I have two things to say. All you blogspot walas, you are responsible for my not coming over, reading and commenting on your blogs. I blame my absence on your blog wholly and solely on you! Lately I have been  finding it difficult to indulge in any blogging activity from home. Time has been a constraint as has been the temperamental laptop and the absentee house help. So all the blogging business has been happening from office. IT at work has blocked blogspot and not wordpress. Don’t ask me why. I find it hard to explain practically all the decisions they take, even the “rational” ones. That basically leaves me with the desire to read what you all have been writing and no means to get to your blogs. And it’s not for the lack of trying. I live on the eternal hope that they will one fine day wake up and realise blocking blogspot is a bad idea and un-block it. So far each time I hit on a blogspot blog all I get is ‘The administrator has blocked this site‘ written in bold red. But I promise you this, my blogging buddies, when I return I will read all that I have missed. It’s long due so I’m sure I will have a lot of catching up to do.

Sometime earlier on this blog I had mentioned that my mom has a blog of her own. I remember Manpreet asking me for the blog address. At that time mom wasn’t too sure if she wanted to go public with it. Unlike this blog where I write all gibberish and little sense, her blog is dedicated to spirituality. No, not spirituality in the sense of saffron robed gurus offering you bhashans on what you should be doing with your life to elevate yourself to higher levels. But more in terms of easy to follow tips based on eternal spiritual laws that make your life better. I look at it more as a blog that captures all that she  has learnt and experienced in her life, some of it is  spiritual in nature while the rest simply makes suggestions for good living. I would have loved to do a proper post introducing ma, not  the blog but my mom as I know her and then in a subsequent post  introduced her blog , but for now, I will very simply state that her blog exists, and will leave it up to you to read and discover her through her blog. You can find a bit of history about her and the  blog here and her latest post can be found here.  If you do feel inclined to stop by and read, tell us or rather her what you thought of  her thoughts, experiences and writing. I am sure she will love it.


23 thoughts on “Just before I leave….

  1. Are you by any chance working in the same firm as me?? Ironically the infra team has blocked only blogspot and not wordpress!!

    You have a great vacation and TC!!

    Will read your Mom’s blog..

  2. aiyo mandy! u come back after writer’s block only to say bye again! no fair!!!! *sulks for a while*

    enjoy ur vacation!!! maybe u’ll get more post material out there!!!

    *dashes off to mum’s blog*

  3. vacation!!?!? lucky bugger.
    im soooo envious, i sit here in this heat at work desperate for a holiday!
    have fun! lots and lots of it. so i can hear about it and feel better.

  4. enjoy ur vacation, m!

    saw ur mum’s place. im amazed with her dedication and hard work in putting all those thoughts down. will leave a message once i do more reading.

    spirituality is something that i always run away from and see no use of it in my life … but then … reading a believer’s views always fascinate me. especially when they are written simply and coherently. thanks for introducing this blog to us. 🙂

  5. i thought you had disowned me! hope the duffers unblock it soon!

    meanwhile have fun on chhutti! i am going mid-april and already day dreaming! :p


  6. Have fun.
    BTW what will happen if the blogspot were unblocked and wordpress blocked? Not that we wish it were, just a wild wild idea….
    will check ur mom’s blog now. Been a while since i went there.

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