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Its Homecooked this time, passing on two lovely awards and a meme.

Here is the “friends”awar and the “blogging with a purpose” award for all to see. 🙂



No one seems to be mentioning the rules of this particular meme.So it seems all you have to do is write whatever comes to your mind when you read those numbers. Not too tough,eh?Here is my list.

1 is the number of kids my parents have. That essentially means I am sibling-less. That also means to couldn’t think of anything better to write against 1.

2 is the number of rings I am wearing right now. It is also the number of years I have been working in the present job. And the number of blogs I own/co-own.  And the number of cities I have lived in  so far. And the number of languages I speak/read/write fluently. Or at least I believe I do.

3 is the number of people in my immediate family. It is also the approximate number of years since I gave up non veggie food.

4 is the number of pens in the pen stand on my desk. Blue, red, black, green and blue again.

5 is the floor I work on.

6 is the number of things on my to do list right now.

7 is the number of official chhuttis remaining in this year. Don’t doubt me. I counted and checked.

8 is the number of first cousins I have. Pretty small a family, don’t you think?

9 is the number of magnets on the fridge in my house. Elephants,a fruit basket, green apples floating in sparkley water, fish,bottle opner, a picture of Mount Mary church,

10 is the exact number of years since I graduated from school. Boy! Where did all the time go!?

Now to pass on the meme and the awards…

Lakshmi– you need to do this, because……..umm.. I have a real reason, so just do it, ok?May be you could put it up on qtol.

Roop– you will make an interesting list, so may be you should spend some precious blogging time over it.:) It neednt be you primary post of the day. It could be your second or third one!:P

Crafty– I know you dont do tags but  look at this one as free food for your blog and take it up? Or look at this as my effort to reform you and make you a bit tag-friendly! 😉 If you hate it too much, chuck it and just pick up the award.

Solilio– not sure if the tag has already reached you, take it up if it hasn’t and tell us what’s on your count down list!

Pixie– haven’t passed on a tag to you in a loooong while! would love to read your list.

IHM-you have to do this..I like the way you do tags!:)

Chirag– because I havent tagged you ever and I would like to see if you take up tags at all!:)

While you guys  are (hopefully) busy with this meme ,I will sneek away and  make a quick trip to Gujarat. With the amount of travelling I am doing these days, I think I have mastered the art of living out of a suitcase.

26 thoughts on “Taggedy tag

  1. 😆 @ 7

    @ 3 I read that you gave up veggie food first and thought how much meat would you be consuming and also though what kind of a person gives up veggie food. 😀 My eyes are playing tricks.

    This is just number tag. Let me see what I can do.

    get glasses!:P n think long and hard n then do the tag!

    And what’s that I see on your side bar? Calvin? Tell Crafty that me no talking. *Solilo sticking tongue out at Crafty*

    dont be jealous girl! n dnt nazar lagao on my cute calvin! hehhee ask crafty to make u one, if u like!she’s a nice girl, she’ll make u something…

  2. Thank You Mandira, love the award and what it stands for 🙂

    And I also gave up non-veg several years ago… can’t use that number because this was 13 years ago.
    oh wow.. i dint know that.. same pinch..waise why did u give it up?

    LOl @you finding our how many official chuttis left :))

    chhuttis are realllly important IHM. lol

  3. I like number two…some of these apply to me too!

    And that adorable Calvin pouch by Crafty is going to put her in sticky troubles 🙂
    oh yeah, she’s already in trouble.. read solilio’s comment below.

  4. 🙂

    Do I get the Award AND the Tag?!!! 😛
    Yes yes… u are the chosen one.. or at least one of the chosen ones!

    Lovely reading your list.. will take it up soon.

    LOL @ Solio’s comment! 😀
    😀 i know!!crafty is in trouble!

  5. @ mandy: *throwing a tantrum* vacationing again…..no fair no fair….
    me no do tags…homey too tagged me for this one, but added that i cud skip it, just like u did!!! 😛 u both give me too many reasons to love u so!!
    no vacation, its work.. alll work…sigh. and here i was hoping i will be able to reform you n get u to do a tag..super sigh.

    homey also passed me the awards, to which i promptly acted vain n put up a whole page to display my awards! wud it be toooooo vain to pick these from n put it there twice?
    go right ahead and put it up twice!we dnt mind at all

    me likes vegetarian-turned, sibling-less, holiday-counting mandy!!! mandy-istyle tag!

    @solilo: who who who asked u to live so far away????? visit bombay, i’ll give u a cure for the tongue that sticks out…ur own calvin pouch! 😀

    yes yes crafty ,blame it on her living so far!lol

    @IHM: lol, so true…the troubles have begun!! HALP!!!
    hahaha .. begin thinking of strategies to cope with the trouble i suggest!

  6. crazy bunch of bloggers there 🙂 what an interesting conversation in the comment section…

    oooooh yeah… the comments are more interesting than the posts!

    i liked 9, actually counted the stuff but they are only 6 i hv none but they are on my must buy list as soon as i spot a shop with fridge magnets now….

  7. 😀

    oh well! i tried to think of my numbers while reading yours and came up with zilch! gee!

    this was a fun read mandy!

    oh commme on!! im sure u cud think up a few things?no?


  8. interesting and sweet post 🙂
    you should have kept a number for the # of trips you take every year 😉

    lol.. thats true.. im over doing the traveling na?

    1. 😆 I commented on comment threading and then saw that you already enabled it.

      i dint do a thing , i swear… may it was already on? or may be its theme related.. works on some themes n not on all…

  9. Nice list Mandira 🙂 How about a pic of all the magnets on your fridge. I love collecting magnets…would love to see your collection. And have a nice trip!

    wokay, will tk pic n show u..

    1. hey me too pls 🙂 wanna see…put it on as a pic post.. i guess it was doing rounds as a tag long time back..

      oh ok ok.. wil tk a pic and add it.. n yeah it was a tag..really long back tho. no one tagged me then!!!

  10. Settings–>Discussion–>Other comment settings–>Enable threaded comments

    Then you just need to click ‘reply’.

    Beautiful header and a cool theme.

    oh ok..thanks for the tip, enlightened one.

  11. such a nice soothing header pic.. i lovvve it too..
    n ur current mood is “Nuts” 😀 😀 cool.

    thank you and thank you!

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