A tag of sorts

Its amazing how four whole day just fly past. Wednesday I was thrilled at the prospect at having a four day weekend. Now I am just wondering how Monday arrived so soon. Weekends are never long enough, I tell you.

Blog hopping on the weekend, I found this post at Parul’s. It caught my attention- not only for the wonderful way in which it was written but also for the kind of post it was. The stop-and-reflect kind. The kind I am not particularly good at. I mean, sure, I can reflect and write but I don’t always like to put such thoughts out on the blogsphere for all to read. Plus I find it easier to be critical than appreciative of myself.  But for a change I wanted to do this post and so I spentsome time thinking and came up with this:

  • Under most situations I am even tempered. To be painfully honest, I tend to be more in control when I am interacting with people outside the family. You can afford to take some risks (read lose your temper/get irritated) with the family and get away with it. But with others you make one slip up and they hold that against you for the rest of your life!!
  • I am honest. With people as well as the work I do. This I learnt from my parents and I am really glad for it. It guarantees I sleep peacefully at night-guilt free and content.
  • I am generally tolerant of others- people with varied opinions, nosy neighbours, overbearing colleagues, pesky kids. I don’t like it but I have become tolerant of it. Tolerant within limits that is. If they over do it, I either politely tell them to behave or simply move out of there myself. You’ll probably say moving away is a case of conflict avoidance. It is, but since I don’t like conflict, avoidance works fine for me.
  • I am really happy I can think independently and take my own decisions. A head over your shoulders has its advantages.:)
  • I like the fact that I have my values in place. I think they are really important and shape the person you are and the life you create for yourself.
  • I enjoy learning new things. I am not very consistent so the joy of learning lasts as long as my attention span. The attention span has been getting better with age, thank god for that! Learning new things enriches my life, makes it more interesting and gives me something useful to do. And it lets me spend time by myself and get out of other’s hair.  All in all a good deal.

Thats it,  I am done. Six points, isnt too bad. I think its worth turning this into a tag. In fact, I think I will turn it into one. It makes you assess yourself in a nice way- positive reinforcement, I believe the word is. So who wants to take this one up?


28 thoughts on “A tag of sorts

  1. Under most situations I am even tempered. To be painfully honest, I tend to be more in control when I am interacting with people outside the family. You can afford to take some risks (read lose your temper/get irritated) with the family and get away with it. But with others you make one slip up and they hold that against you for the rest of your life!!

    That is so true for me too… however i kind of think that I tend to take our family people granted… While I ll bear or put up with some nonsense others do … I wont put up with the same nonsense if my family members do… whilst I m comfortable and can tell them… amazingly i try to think why cant i bear with them.. and be more patient.. !

    oh ya, most of us tend to do that.. i mean we know are families are always gonna be around..so… its not nice tho..

    • Dhiren has time to comment on posts but comes up with a ditto on mine 😛 😛
      *not talking to hitchie *:(

      lol.. he does, eh?re cycling is nt always cool, hitchwriter..

    • Mandu, your wordpress ate my comment but it let this devil’s comment. 😡

      no, no WP doesnt eat comments.i think its there!

      Oye Hitchy! on my blog you give details of your loo visits and here you are talking all philosophical.

      two faced, eh?

  2. Aaaaaaa!!!!!!! First!!!!!! i’m first!!!!
    (coz i begin my day with ur blog, Mandy!)


    oh wow..thats SO nice to hear…:D

    i haven’t read it yet…will post another comment on post. right now i am busy occupying the first comment position….


    does that disqualify me????

    no, no.. in fact u get extra points for enthusiasm.

  3. hitchwriterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…….u weren’t there a second ago!!!!!


    dnt be so disheartened.. next time i will call u n inform u i have published.. that way u can be the first-est person to comment..
    psst, send me ur no. woman! where do i call!?

    *crafty shines walks away mumbling about never being on time anywhere*

  4. Interesting post…Saw that Chandni’s also done it. I’m going to think about it tonight and then post mine tmrw 🙂

    she did? oh ok, i will read her’s too.. u do ur’s soon!

  5. caution: actually relevant comment ahead….

    lol@the caution.

    weekends aren’t long enuf? i hear u and nod in agreement till my head falls off!!!!!

    *hands head back to crafty n helps her screw it on* u n i are peas in a pod,my friend..

    u are honest Mandy, and it always shows in the way u write, in the way u interact 🙂
    u know what ur point of tolerant reminded me of? ur post about when u had a song stuck in ur head coz ppl living below insist on playing their music in HIGH decibals! 😀 me too find it wise to avoid conflict mostly, unless someone needs some serious telling off!!!
    but if someone really pushes the limits, then he/she gets it from me. .. umm…in a pilite way.. 🙂

    this to be a good read mandy!
    now about the learning new things….when do we start crochet class?? 😀

    you tell me! when do we start?im ALL game…can i interacting with u over the net or smthing?

  6. 🙂

    its indeed interesting to actually find whats positive in us! leme take this up in near future!

    sure, please do.
    procrastrination aint a good thing about me! but hey! we are counting the positives innit? shall defi do it!

    lol..just dont add procrastination to that list..n u wil be just fine..lets see that list soon abha..

  7. Damn! I missed commenting on this, when I left a comment on your previous post…
    Then I would have been the first to comment!! 😛

    lol.. true true.

    Nice tag though.. thinking as to whether to pick it up or no?!! 😀
    pick it up?

  8. I just finished your previous tag!!

    ok im coming rt over..

    will take this up too… good blog material, esp since I have made up my mind to post something everyday!! 😀

    wow! a post a day!! superb

  9. This is such a great tag 🙂
    had read Chandni’s ,then the original two which inspired hers and now yours 🙂
    This is one of the most reflective tags on Bsphere right now 🙂

    even tempered? 🙂 yeah that comes across in your posts 🙂
    you are right…family is a different ballgame altogether 😀 its the strangers/friends/outsiders that see another side 🙂

    second point?beautifully said!lets you sleep more peacefully and more guilt free 🙂
    great parents there 🙂

    conflict avoidance works just fine for me too 🙂
    its hard though to be able to say anything at times…I suck at telling people the truth! :(..
    most mooch off me in many ways till I finally break a vicious circle after years…

    fourth point? me too 😀 and damn proud of it too! :))
    hats off to your parents and mine too 🙂 coz this is the way one knows how they raised us :)values..me too 🙂
    I am agreeing to quite a lot of points here 🙂 coz this is such a great list :)and yep!! last point most of all!! that one totally is me too!

    new things..new discoveries..new lessons..new beginnings…as age passes life seems more and more of a great big adventure …yep!positive reinforcement! 🙂 and this tag is so honest:) atleast all the posts that I have read till now have been done thoughtfully and honestly :)including this one 🙂

  10. oh gwad!! it is at moments like these that I search for a place to hide my face 😀
    look at all those smileys


    lol… smileys are good.. worry not.. u did over do them a tad..but otherwise u were perfect!

    • oh no Indyeah!!! its contagious!!! did u contract the “post same comment twice syndrome” from me???!!!!

      lol.. yeah i think she did.. hehhehe.. its contagious but its not really harmful, so its ok…:D

      lol @ smiley peppered comment!!! 😀

      u know i realise i dont hv to do too much here.. u guys are totallly having a ball throwing comments back n forth.. its soooo entertaining.. !!

      • I think I did Crafty Shines 😀 contract it from you that is 😆
        after all kumbh ke mele me bichde hue twins right? 😀

        no, no, i think both of u were like that pehle se hi…born with special abilities and all that… u just happen to meet on the blogsphere..:P

        Mandira …get ready coz your comment thread will be going wild like this often 😀

        oh ok.. i am all set. bring on the crazy comment strings i say!!

  11. Nice list Mandira! Its better to be a conflict avoider than a figher cock….me thinks 🙂

    me thinks the same too!!

    I so agree with the 5th point. My attention span is worse than a 2 year olds! I had started a cross stitch project a while back and its still incomplete after 5 yrs 🙂

    five years!?!?! WOW.. i have a jigsaw pizzle that i have been meaning to do since a year…havent done more than fitting 5 pieces together…

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