My reputation

needs an overhaul. Complete and thorough.

Let me explain why. We have a slight issue with the loo at work. Fewer loos and a large number of women means we have to queue up for our turn pretty often. While we constantly crib about the insufficient number of loos on every occasion we get (and trust me there is no  lack of occasions), we prudently utilise the time spent waiting there by chatting about this, that and the other. From kids, to bosses, to the weather, to the cafeteria menu, we have discussed it all. I met S on one such occasion today morning. She marched in, carrying two pens and a thick book, looking all hurried (and worried) she looked like a woman on a mission. Being the kind soul that I am, I volunteered to let her use the facilities before me.

“I am in no hurry.  I just got out of a meeting” I said.
“Huh? Got out? You mean you escaped and are hiding here?” she said.

 Just what do the people at work think about me!?!

22 thoughts on “My reputation

  1. What is wrong with people?

    generally i wud be tempted to say “everything!!” to that Q

    I do not like it one bit, when they make such judging statements.

    donno if S was being judgemental… i think it jus sorta slipped out of her mouth.. instant reaction types…

  2. 😦
    That could hurt…

    doesnt really hurt…but it makes me wonder…

    I know…

    who gives a damn!

    oh yeah..i had a good laff at it btw.. as did S right after she realised what she had said..

  3. LOL!!! 😀
    but, what a weird weird coincidence!! I just blogged about loos too!!! 😀

    oh you blogspot user, i will have to wait till i reach home to read ur loo tales…sigh..they are never gonna un block bloggers here… 😦

  4. ha ha ha ….
    // “I am in no hurry…” // sounds like a software engineer on bench 😉

    you think? i wudnt know.. dont hang around too many software engineers u see!

  5. I feel for you. I lock myself in the loo to smoke! Funny but the urge to do that always comes when there is a boring meeting

    lol.. im discovering a lot of ppl use loos as an escape route..

  6. 🙂 I have to admit that I have been tempted to hide in a loo many a time 🙂 Wish I had thought of jumping out of a meeting – that would have been the solution to so many boring meetings 🙂
    stick around. u will get lots of ideas here!

    You know what, she must have done this before – thats why she asked you that 🙂

    oh yes, she admitted to it .

  7. LOL!

    when u do a Watch It Part II (will ya, huh huh huh???) you shud feature S in it!!!!

    Watch it was my FAVOURITE-EST POST!!!! so favourite that i can conjure a non existent use of adjectives & superlatives to describe it!! 😛
    lol.. yes watch it was funny..embarringly so..

    between u n me, was what S said about u true????
    no,no!!but she has given me ideas for the future!

    *Crafty Shines scoots away before Mandy can react*

  8. i am so sorry for that one! :((((( soowwwie…. that was for another blog…pls dont approve it… pls pls…

    lol.. u had me confused there for a bit!! let me see if i can delete it..

  9. haha…this reminds me of school..going to the loo..sometimes to get out of a class 😉
    oc i never did that…

    yaaa!! lots of kids did that.. but u n i were the nice kids i think… coz i nvr hid in the loo either..

  10. Mandu, will it be okay to tell you that I laughed 😆

    its totally ok.. i laffed too!!

    Now becoming all serious. May be she thought everyone is like her. May be there is this whole brigade which hides in loo to escape meetings and deadlines.

    i think im just beginning to discover this brigade…

  11. Mandira, that was funny! 🙂
    it was, it was!!
    But I agree with Solilo- she must have a habit of ‘escaping from meetings’ in this way, so she thought you would, too.

    yes, she’s done it herself earlier…so thats where that response came from..personal experience!

  12. My boss has a penchant for holding day long meeting sometims to give the clients a sense of importance and to justify ou high fees 😛

    At such times, we do need to run to the loo to take a break 😛

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