Thus spoke the wise one

These days people underrate simplicity so much that they forget there is value in it.

 That’s the gem that tumbled out of my mouth early today morning. I don’t know if it was the fresh cool breeze drifting into the room or the steaming cup of tea in my hand or the  morning calm that prevailed that stimulated my mind to generate such a gem. Normally nothing can make my mind come up with such profound words of wisdom. But today something triggered it and I don’t quite know what. What I do know, however, is that the words sounded exceptionally wise to me and I had to have them written down somewhere. For posterity if nothing else. What place could be better than this space right here?

Have you ever accidently spoken words of wisdom? Share them with me if you have, the comments space is all yours!

BTW, I do need to figure out the trigger. I would surely like to come up with more wisdom-packed one liners in the future!

Edited to add: I do realise that that line may not sound “profoundly wise” to a lot of you, take that with a pinch of salt, will ya? But seriously, there is context to the line which I have no desire of sharing here. If you read the line in the context that it was meant to be understood in, I think you too would consider it wise.  Trust me on this one, I swear I did sound as wise as an owl when I  said that.

25 thoughts on “Thus spoke the wise one

  1. oh just yesterday out of nowhere i suddenly gave gyan to my sis…

    humans beings absorb only 40-60% of what is being talked about and that is the % that goes with their belief and thinking the rest if blissfully ignored 🙂

    good one!! we all tune out stuff we dnt want to hear, dnt agree to..

    dont know where it came from lol

    BTW I totally agree with ur simplicity one…

    and am i really the first

    yes you are….may be we shud give you an award…

  2. *profoundly wise*
    *Words of great wisdom*
    *sound as wise as an owl*

    ahem … cough cough… !!!

    gemme some water… !!!

    you know how ppl exaggerate to make things sound funny? consider this post to be an example of exactly that. didnt want you to die with all the seriousness so added bits of humour..bits that obviously got missed or smthing….

  3. hey i just noted that lemon sayin on top…. is that you again ????
    haaw!! you dnt recognise calvin when u read him!!o.m.g.

    btw Sililo Sardar has some pretty interesting suggestions on how to use those lemons … !!!!!

    just ask her… !!!

    I am into hiding now… ! 😛

    no no no no…im nt getting dragged into another battle between you to! thank you very much!

  4. hmmm…lemme see…what do i share? there such a huge pile of my wisdom to choose from… 😛 hee!

    i think its a tie between “God take all my relatives and leave me a doggie instead!” (i swear there’s philosophy in there…)
    lol… i LOVE this one!!! can i use that line to temporarily replace Calvin’s line on this blog?

    “when someone shares a problem with you, it doesn’t mean they need a solution from you. sometimes, they just need love. Don’t offer solutions….instead offer the promise of support in whatever solution they adopt”

    oh yes, totally yes…a resounding yes.*nods in agreement*

    yeah, sometimes i can sound over the hill! hee hee!!!

    what u said mandy is soo true….and who better to understand than us simple creatures??

    *punches all those who scoffed n chuckled, hmfp*

    thank you, i was thinking of doing just that… u did it for me..:D

    there so much of show-sha giri going on around….really, u put it so well! tho it looks like ur worth is defined by how much u got / show / possess….the real worth does lie in simplicity!

    in a washroom of a mall, as i washed my face, one girl beside me brushed her hair. entry of two majorly overweight, pompous girls in branded clothes, not more than 20 yrs old.
    They took a look at this other girl while waiting to get a free mirror, and commented on her simple beaded necklace “u know, there are these accessories u get on rly stations? those Rs. 20 ones? some ppl actually wear those to look fashionable!! how cheap!!!”
    poor girl, her face fell n i got so pissed!!! we were both done, and she was packin away her comb and i spoke to her loud enuf, “hav u seen how some ppl are just spilling out of their clothes, and yet they want to pass expert comments on fashion?? how stupid!!”
    she didn’t know how to react for a sec, and then she beamed…turned and gave that girl a cheeky “ha!” kinda grin!!!
    reminds me of the time i brought down a few over confident, rich n spolit girls a notch or two…but it was a different situation that the one you just mentioned..

    you really did that?? you got guts girl….and im pround of you
    who gives ppl the right to decide what’s of value and what’s not? is price alone the value-deciding factor?
    no no.. i wud be so touched if someone took the effort to make something for me..

    i’ve also known ppl thinking of hand-made gifts as “cheap excuse to not spend” !!!!!

    hand made gifts are precious!! those ppl are idiots, itell you!!


    how right u are mandy!!! simplicity is underrated!

  5. aiyaiyo! kitna lambaaaaa comment!!!

    the more philosophical your content gets, oh great one…the longer my comment will be! heheheehe 😛

    lol.. no problem.. write away… thats wat the space is for..

  6. Mandu, I have this habit of quoting and there was a time when I wasn’t proficient in my mother tongue still nothing deterred me from even quoting in it. Imagine when I quoted in my husband’s house and every single one of them had a different meaning and totally out of context, people laughed and had a good time at my expense. 😆 😆

    I still get teased for it and I still quote. 🙂

    hahhaha.. give eg, na? wat did u try saying and wat did ppl understand.. give one eg. pick the most non contraversial one if u like…

  7. @ mandy: u wanna use my line in ur header????
    *faints* go right ahead…now excuse me as i take your leave to gloat around feeling all literary and conceited! 😀 muah!!

    @solilo: noooooooo solilooooooooo…..don’t say that….Indyeah is the latest KRS member (kumbh reunited sisters)
    me no wants her crown…behenon ke beech yeh daraarr!!!! nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  8. You really are a wise one 🙂 I find the quote so very true!

    thank you!!! it makes sense na?? i mean to me it does.. n now to u too… n crafty too.. so it must be a sensible one then!!

  9. Very profound and so true… 🙂

    I can’t remember if I spewed out gyan like this…

    Will remember and come back and comment again! 😀

    ok, if u do come up with some smart line, share it with us,ok?

  10. Very profound indeed. I don’ think I spout so much gyan, but I do have this desktop calendar with quotes for everyday so I sometimes quote from that 😛

    ha move! i shud get one of those calendars too!!

  11. 😆
    aww Mandy you gyaan ka bhandaar 😀
    *Indyeah bows her head in reverence*

    *mandy gets all uncomfy seeing indyeah bow her head*

    sadly I never come up with any gyaan 😀 actually by the time I finish my rambling listeners/ppl have either died/passed out/run away 😀

    lol…oh commme on!! im sure u have some smart sounding lines of ur own…dnt lie now.. divulge!

    meri kismat is kharaab 😀

    but Mandy what a line!

    These days people underrate simplicity so much that they forget there is value in it.


    you are teasing me na?? just like dhiren??? it sounded smart to me …it really did!! still does…

    more gems please 😀

    1. no no not teasing!the latter part of the comment was serious baba!
      the ‘wah’ was so darn serious!

      ok ok , i believe ya..

      *damn!’I ruin the effect with these grinning monsters 😀 *

      lol.. ya that might be it…

  12. I agree about simplicity being underrated Mandy!That’s wisdom and good common sense. I like!!

    coming from the wise one herself, i say a big thank you!!

    My one line of wisdom I like myself is ‘We often allow Common Sense to be overruled by Tradition.

    oh yeah,thats a good one too… 🙂

  13. Mandy, That was incredibly wise ! I wish I could spout such gems – alas – no such luck 🙂

    thankie.. i am sure u come up with such gyan once in a while…may be u never document it…

    Crafty! Way to go girl!!! I get so riled up by such things!! I have some relatives who think that just wearing ‘branded’ stuff makes them all hip and smart and they actually look down on people like me who doesn’t care 2 hoots as far as I am confortable! It so gets my goat to see that attitude! What you did was so fantastic!!!
    Simplicity is seriously under-rated… and show -baazi seems to be the buzz word 😦

    yup, show bazi is wat makes the world go round it would seem…sadly so..

    1. yeah smitha! i dunno what’s the hype about branded stuff anyways…once i saw a t-back top that looked like raste-ka-maal-saste-mein and it cost Rs. 1500!!!! just coz of a small tag on its back that read Tommy Hilfiger…the least they cud do is make it look worth the money. the material wasn’t great either! 😐

      i once found a bag that must have been the tiniest bag i ever saw… smart, but tiny…all for 4 thousand buck… why? because it had a label that said Tommy Hilfiger… dint buy it for obvious reasons..

      don’t bother about relatives!! i totally agree, we gotta be comfortable in what we wear, rather than have a “prestigious” label! i believe buying branded is essential for skin care n foot wear…but in clothes, sometimes even small-time boutiques can work like a charm! 😀

  14. I had read this post long back, but I couldn’t remember that one statement which I had coined as a ‘pearl of wisdom’…

    Now that i remember, I will share it:

    “There is no CRTL+Z in real life.”

    oh yes, but i wish there were!!wud make things easier na?

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