The decision

is to spend less time on the blog and more on life.

As much as I love blogging and reading others’ blogs, its taking away too much of my time these days. And since there is no way I can turn a 24 hour day into a 36 hour day or survive with only 4 hours of sleep, I have no option but to cut down on some  activity. I am choosing to cut down on blogging because thats the only thing I can cut down on! All others are essentials. I have books I need to read, walks I need to take, a jig saw puzzle that I need to solve, introspection that’s long due, and most importantly read /re-read some of the posts I got my mother to write for me. So for the time being the decision is to go slow on blogging and to catch up with everything else in life. That means I will reduce the number of posts on this blog to one per week . One, I suspect, is more that enough since all I write about nothing of great consequence anyway. Post on Bakingbuddies will vary with our desire to bake and to take the effort to write out the recipes.  I will, however, try and make time to read your blogs all through the week. What else will I do during  the lunch hour ??;)

36 thoughts on “The decision

  1. first first first hee haw haw haw!!!!!!!

    yes!! and this time u get a prize for it!!

    *tries hard to come up with a virtual gift..but fails, so stays mum on wat the gift is *

    solilo was right, i need another hobby…..

    lol.. i hate to say this but i think another few such comments and i will have to agree to her!! rofl

  2. after reading the contents of this post…i don’t feel jubilious anymore 😐


    but u know mandy, i was thinking the same. but that’s just coz this wonderful job of mine thinks that i have no life beyond their insane deadlines n now i can’t have any time to do what i like…

    thats nt done u know… u have to ,have to make time for wats important to u….else life is one boring cyclical, monotonous living…

    am gonna be missing too, coz my office is shifting to a god forsaken hole in the city.
    and when i have my way….i’ll be shifting from this office itself…
    good idea.. while u are at it, find me a job too!!

    am ok if u post once a week…but will u be able to handle the multiple irrelevant comments u’ll get from me??? just coz i wanna make conversation??? 😀

    oh yeah, u dont worry about that atall… 😀 😀 😀 you just bring on the multiple irrelevant comments!!

    aiyo mandy! hugs!!! i miss u already! 😐

    *hugs back*

  3. Cutting down…. ?? well… even i am not able to write much these days… and i m tyring to write but i cant….
    lack of time or a writer’s block?

    but since yoru around… i guess you will end up writing .. ! for sure !!
    no, no.. im gonna seriously cut down.
    we will surely miss your gems !!! 😉

  4. I might go slow on blogging… but reading blog posts are something I need a daily dose of.

    haan, reading is as much fun as writing..if not more!!

  5. Cutting down? *sigh*
    yes, pixie..

    I know what you mean… I have been trying to post all of last week, but, was so busy with work, I couldn’t!
    Just managed to squeeze in a post now! 😀

    cant blog much when work pressure is full on…
    And yea, most people, suddenly have started writing less…

    I hope this phase doesn’t last too long…

    I honeslty dont know how long it will last…u will come to know if the situation changes 😀

  6. Mandira I have been thinking the same thing for a while. One post a week..??
    I think if you are able to stick to a plan and stay disciplined then at least that will prevent any thoughts of a blogging hiatus.
    I prefer fewer posts but continuing to blog anyday.

    ya, for right now tha plan is one post a week… i want to stick to it… and see how things go… wil make modifications in the plan if the need be…

  7. hmmm will miss ya girl… but u are right its taking too much of time for sure

    aww..dnt miss me too much not going anywhere.. just taking it easy on the blogging..:)

  8. My thoughts exactly! Life’s been really hectic the past few weeks both on the work and home front (what with the maid taking her annual ‘gaon’ trip…that too for a fortnight). Night’s the only time when I can write, but that’s also the only time I get to spend with my husband during weekdays. No wonder, blogging takes a back seat. And I know what you mean about the need to catch up with reading, walks, etc. I feel something’s amiss when I don’t get time to read. Or take walks. Or cook.
    Good decision, Mandira…although, going by the comments to this post, I doubt you’ll be able to cut down on your blogging hours!

    sometimes, though bubbles, we just have to make choices… even tho we want it all all the time, it doesnt work that way… so for rt now its books and walks over blogging… ya, cuting down on hte hrs seems a little tough rt now… lol.. but im gonna try!!

  9. No Mandira!!!! Who told you your blog posts are not of any consequence??? I Loooove reading your posts. I can understand the reasons behind it but am not happy 😦 Anyway u have to solve the jigsaw and put up a pic here… tell us which books you have read….plus the characters you meet on your walks ….. hey I think you’ll have enough fodder for 3 posts a week 🙂

    noone said so… i think so… lol@the suggestions for blog posts!! i have to admit, u have a point there gurl!!as much as i am touched with ur saying u love my posts… im sticking to the plan…at least for now… dnt wanna miss out on life u see!!thanks for the ego boost homey!! 😀 *hugs*

  10. Oh I love reading your posts too!! I am going to miss them! Anyways, I do hope you find a way to do posts 🙂 But I guess I can understand.. blogging should definitely not come in the way of real life :)Take care..

    thanks smitha.. im not stopping altogether.. just taking it slow..

  11. 😦
    I dont like this post
    What is this? 😦
    no more ‘journey with pics’ kinda posts?no more ‘how I goof up’ posts ?no more ‘wise ol me’ posts?
    only once a week?
    Woman!are you crazy?

    ONCE a week?

    no fair!
    want more
    and that’s about all that I have to say…
    use the lunch hour to jot down stuff 😛

    u dont like this post? i dont either!! but its a choice i think i need to make…im sure u will understand..waise idea bura nahi hai…lunch hr can be utilised for reading n writing alternately…

  12. Just learned about your blog recently… sorry to hear all that, but I hope you will return to blogging some time 🙂

    oh im still around.. just not as frequently as i used to…but still around on the bloggy world..

  13. I can understand, Mandu. I have decided on no blogging weekends. So no blog hopping or posting on weekends. I also reduced blogging to twice a week so that I can read a lot more which I love.
    haan i began with that- no blogging on the weekend.. now i have reversed the rules..blogging only on weekends!!

    But Mandu don’t leave blogging altogether. Will miss you buddy. *muah*

    no, no.. not leaving it completely.. dont still around… 😀 *hugs*

  14. what is all this!!! now IHM n Solilo gonna be sparse too???? ok, weekend point is cool solilo, but when i just think of even a post less than the usual dose…it makes me weak *faint*

    lol… the fainting could be because u are a “newer”blogger than us? we’ve kinda been there n done that… so a few days of abstinence from the blog world doesnt create

    *crafty feels like she’s sitting glum on a rock overlooking a sea of boring days*

    as long as u guys don’t decide to stop, i can console myself….

    oh consider urself totahhly consoled!!!

    ps: mandy…what love out here man!! next time i wanna feel special, i won’t go hound bf…i’ll put up a post of hiatus from blog!! hee!!!!

    lol… dnt pull that stunt too often… once or twice ppl will react.. if dont too often, it will lose its effect… lol

    • Mandu, I am a 5 month blogger so newer too. The thing is when I started I used to blog daily as I didn’t know any other blogger. Now I love blog hopping more and the interaction on my blogs too. To do that I need to reduce blogging.

      haan..point well taken… interacting with other bloggers seems to take more time than writing ur own posts most of the times!!

      Crafty, If you see then I already have started it long back. Just 1 or 2 posts max. a week 🙂 you didn’t notice it because I reply to comments daily. No blogging weekend started recently too.

      u dont blog on weekends, and i only blog on weekends.. lol..waise i did notice the posts were coming a bit slow..

      I love this virtual world. *muah* to both you guys.

      muah right back at ya!! dont u wish the real world was as nice as this virtual one???

  15. Oh ya I know what you mean. I read posts quite often but get around to posting rarely myself. And in today’s hectic pace time is short and you’d rather use the time for something else as well.

    have fun and tell us what your now doing i your spare time 🙂

    thanks for the understanding SMM.. will tell u wat i am upto when i update the blog.. 😀

  16. Good plan, Mandira! I echo the others- better to post less than to stop entirely! 🙂

    🙂 stopping wasnt the plan at all manju.

  17. Its 12 am! its time to sing….

    “We wish u a merry christmas….we wish you a…..”

    hey, wait…why does that seem a bit wrong?? 😛

    Happy Bday to you! Happy Bday to you! Happy Bday Dear Mandy! Happy Bday to you!

    hope u have a great bday my dearest KRS!!! its time to get mushy and proclaim my love!!! me loves mandy! no can do without mandy!!!

    bday special hugs n muah!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much crafty…

    party kahan hain?! i want apricot orange muffins and caramel custard…. 😀 😀

    come over anytime u like.. u do live in the same city…so u have that advantage!!

  18. Wish You Many Many Many Happy Returns of the day dearest Mandira!!! May the year ahead be filled with lots of joy and good luck 🙂 So where’s the party babes?

    thanks a bunch homey.. the party’s at home… any time u decide to drop in 😀

  19. What??Happy Birthday!?

    oh damn!

    MAndy 😀 Happy Birthday!!!!
    toh on this auspicious belated day I want to say that you can *cough* *ahem**drum rolls* take a break!!!

    err..not that you were waiting to hear from me or anything 😀

    but still mera aashirwaad sadaa tumahaare saath hai


    man, how did u know i was waiting for ur ashirwad!!?? are u telepathic or wat?? now i am going to follow my plan.. with my mind at ease.. i have ur ashirwad after all!!thanks for the budday wishes girl!:D

    ((((hugs)))))have an awesome year till the next B day comes up 🙂

    muah 🙂

  20. you know – i’ve tried to stop altogether and failed. now i’m beginning to think this one post a week is the way to go ..all the best!

    hello mad momma!its hard, but im thinking a post a week is a good plan.. i mean just so that blogging doesnt rule my entire life.. i have to stagger it, right??mix it up with other activities.. fingers crossed i will not break my resolve!!
    btw, i think i landed on ur space while blog hopping sometime back.. dnt think i left u a comment tho…

  21. Did I miss your birthday, Mandy? Belated wishes and all that!

    u did…but it hardly matters…thanks for the wishes…

    Will look forward to reading your weekly posts – good luck! Feel free to post more often if you feel like it – we won’t complain! 🙂

    lol.. yes if i cant keep away, i will..

  22. a very very very very happy birthday to you, m’ darlin. 19th, wasn’t it? is it already 20? ugh. i’d thought i’d be one of the first ones to do it. oh bell. i sorry. but wishing u very very very best!!! 🙂
    it was the 20th.. thanks u for the “vvery very very very happy birthday” wishes!! i thot u were baking me a cake??;)

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  24. *tries to contemplate a world where blogging doesnt rule her entire life and gives up*
    try ,try till you succeed goes the old saying!

    kidding! I see you’re doing it rather successfully. my inspiration!!!
    me? inspire you? me?inspire anybody?? *faints *

  25. Oh,, now I understand. But reading your blog is more like getting updates on your life. I think of blog friends as well.. friends. I feel like I’m in touch with you when I read something on your blog. When I dont find a new post for a long time, it’s like we’ve lost contact or something.
    Never mind, have your break, enjoy your life. Stay warm and safe.
    I’ll always be here for the time when you want to take a peek.

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