22 thoughts on “The realisation

    1. mandy, i think hitchy needs a new hobby…..

      lol…yes, yes..totally..

      *waits for solilo to pat her back for coming to senses*

      can i pat ur back for solilio??

      no no no…its no use….I WANT TO BE FIRST!!! WAIL……

      ok, i will mail the next time i post.. pucca..

      why am i not first??? bah hitchy!!!! i’ll get u!!

      *glares at hitchy doing silly victory dance*

      1. *huh* *blows air off my nails*

        why would i do a silly dance ?? i m cool… tsk tsk…


        *ducks the chappal* 😎

        *offers a cold compress, since she know this time that chappal did strike the target*

  1. *pretending to ignore hitchy’s victory*

    lol mandy! 😀 see, now i don’t mind this at all! in fact i shamelessly encourge it! 😀 😀

    i knew you wud.. i just knew it…

    hope u had a great bday! 🙂
    oh i did!! ur cupcake made it even sweeter!:D

  2. it is irresistable, isn’t it 🙂 I make and break a resolution of spending less time on the net everyday 😦 But its good to see a post from you !

    oh yes, it is..but im gonna fight it!!!broken resolutions are depressing!!

  3. LOL @ Crafty and Hitchy! 😀

    dont stop writing Mandy… you are good at it… and it makes you happy! 🙂

    we miss you when u dont write!!! 😛

    i love writing..but its taking tooooo much of my time, this blogging business… so the resolution has to be kept,girl… but ur miss u comments, make me want to break it!!

  4. crafty and hitchy grow up 😉
    high time,na?

    and i agree with the rest i encourage this 🙂

    monika!! you too!!?? lets not encourage this…lets help mandira keep the stupid resolution!!!

  5. Good to see you back, Mandu.

    no,no!im not “seen” yet..im sticking to that resolution you see…even if its killin me!!

  6. Glad to have you back, mandy. And resolutions are meant to be broken anyway!

    dont make this a “lets get mandira to break her resolution” pliss!!!im not back yet, you see!!

  7. I agree with Mystic Margarita (heyyyy 🙂 – resolutions are meant to b broken
    oh no..the help M brek her resolution gang finds another member! lol

    Thats aid why set yourself a target of posting x number of time a week – post whenever you want to na 🙂

    haan,right.. as of now I want to post on weekends only…lol..

  8. I am happy wiht the 3 para’s 🙂 Atleast something to connect us with Mandira during her self imposed exile 🙂

    lol…homeeey!! u post n i will visit u as often as u post… we still stay connected that way!

  9. I am happiiee 😀
    you BROKE the resolution!

    moi will def encourage this 😛
    nahii nahiiii!!

    one liners bhi chalengi 😀
    one liners se bore ho jaoge!!

  10. Well, look at it this way, you successfully gave in to temptation, doing what you wanted to do, thereby defeating the evil forces of discipline!

  11. mandy mandy, post something do,
    i am glum, interesting reads are few.
    what r rules if not for breaking?
    i do miss u, i am not faking.
    a poem for you, just this time,
    as u can see, i suck at rhyme…
    lol.. you do suck at rhyme. but u are infinitely better than me, i assure you!!posting soon.. just for u my friend…:D

    yes yes…i am bad infulence….r u caving yet??? 😀 😀

    1. you really should re -consider Mandy now that Crafty has come out with this err poem 😀

      seriously thats a cute poem 🙂

      i know!! it was cute beyond belief…even tho it dint rhyme, it got the point across!!

  12. I did cut down hours on the blogs as well… right now I just post before or after working hours, even through I work from home. Most of the time I don’t also reply to comments during the week… only on weekends 😉 This way I have more time to do my work, take care of the family and I still continue blogging.
    Enjoy your evening, Margot

  13. Giving in to temptation or giving up for discipline, both are bad in extremes…

    Do keep writing… just give in to your instincts..

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