Because no one likes coming last…

…I dint leave a comment on IHM’s award ceremony post. It wasn’t for the lack of manners. I was brought up the right way I believe. It was for the strong dislike of being last. No one I ever met likes being last, your truly included. I don’t think I have every come in an absolute last in anything I’ve done. Studies, sports, painting classes, recitation, the usual stuff all parents and schools get kids to do sometime till the age of 18, after which the kid typically graduates from school, flies the coop and makes the conscious rational decision to what only what pleases him/her. No wait! The doing only- what- I- want happened at 14 didnt it??Annyway, lets get back on track. I staunchly refuse to mention the word dancing when I speak of things I dint come last it. Its not because I am afraid of admitting how terrible I am at it. I was never really in a competitive situation where there was a possibility of coming last..So  it doesn’t really count and doesnt require a mention here. I would also not mention swimming here. But thats coz  I never really learnt to swim properly. You can’t say you dint do well at a skill you dint really possess, right?

Just because I said I haven’t ever come last at the things I did, doesn’t automatically translate to mean I came first. Far from it. I generally managed to find a slot somewhere close to the middle, often mildly tilted to the higher end of the spectrum. Not phenomenal, I know, but good enough to make my parents and me think I did respectfully well.  I didn’t have a problem with being average. Still don’t. It suits me just fine. It keeps expectations, which in many cases can and will kill you, to a minimal. I am happy without the ridiculous, taxing expectations that “high performers” have to deal with it. No, sir, I want that not.  I am totally ok with average. Just don’t make me last.

I landed on IHM’s blog after the all important post had received 90 comments and she had already published a new post. Unwilling to be the lasts to say thank you, I said nothing at all. If I were to believe Ronan Keating, I would say it best if I said nothing at all. Unfortunately not being the kind to say nothing for extended periods of time, I will say what I want to, here and now. Thank you IHM for beautiful awards!!! I display my badges of honour with much pride. I dint think you’d notice I am a header changer,IHM. Why, I hardly every change my header !  😉

I gave you the Friends award sometime back and you gave it back to me. That means this is now officially a mutual friendship..unless you did it  accidentally :P. Please prepare yourself for an onslaught of multicoloured friendship bands and red roses and cards on Friendship Day.


You also thought I was a lovely blogger and that I think is pretty cool.


And to top it all , you though I was creative! “Creativity resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc. Imaginative: creative writing.” I am not too sure I can be called creative in the true sense of the word. I mean look around, there are so many bloggers infinitely more creative than me. So  I am certainly not exceptional.  I guess I fall  right along the median of the bloggers sample slightly tilted towards the higher end of the spectrum. Who cares where I fall? The bottom line is I made the cut. I am officially Kreative now!Yoo hoo!!!!


Now the tough part. Who do I pass on the awards too? I think IHM covered everyone. Umm… I will skip the Friends award because I already passed that one on, that leaves me with the Kreative award and the Lovely Blogger award. I shall pass on the Kreative Blogger award to Crafty( for obvious reasons), Homecooked(again for obvious reasons), Chirag (for the great headers), Parul (for making the simple things of life sound funny) and Solilio (for the great headers and the cool looking RSS icons). Moving on to the  Lovely Blogger Award. This one  goes to N(you are getting it only coz we were friend before we turned bloggers, lets get that clear, ok? :P), Laxmi(for all the smses and email that you field to sort of my baking issues.. I still maintain you dont post often enough but you do make a lovely buddy), Dipali( for the intangible something that makes your posts sound so warm), Dhiren ( you keep fighting for the first position in the comments space. Hight time  you got  awarded for all your effort!) Abha (for sharing with us cute pics of Cubby) , Monika ( for moving to WP! you dont realise how much easier and lovlier you made my life by that one act!! ) and Roop( just because I feel like it!). Now thats all done, I hope you guys have a large smile dressing you face!:D

35 thoughts on “Because no one likes coming last…

    1. just missed being first! 😀
      But crafty hasn’t come by yet!!! 😛 😛

      are u also fighting for the first spot now??i fear this is turning into some kinda bloggers’ competition!!

  1. Aww.. What a lovely post! 😀
    and the awards, you truly deserve them all. 🙂

    you think?awww thanks!!

    And yea, me also don’t like coming last in anything… 😀

    I guess none of us do… I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t mind being the last…

    yeah exactly… there is something not nice about the last place..

  2. wow !! and I have been awarded… !! thank u !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    you are welcome…

    I have been so so so greedy…. have always collected but never passed on… plus blame me on being lazy of copying the links and et all…

    cheapo!! kuch toh pass on karo!!

    Thats why i was amazed at the hardwork IHM put in in that blog !!! the star bloggers do put in a lot of hard work dont they… !!! 🙂

    Now now I have an award for coming first… !!!

    my story of life ??

    never first but never last… always the jack of all but master of none.. !! 😦

    they say over time, average people do the best in life..i’d liek to believe they are right

    quite similar… I have been second innumerable times but never first !! never last !!! sigh… !!! 😦

    bout my dancing skills ?? i ll write a post on it… but pappu cant dance saala… !! in short… 😛 😛

    do a post man..seriously!!

    I cant swin properly either… but i m gonna learn.. !! surely !! 🙂

    but I am coming first on blogs !!!! yay !!! tada !!! 😀 😀 😀

    dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak dhin… !!!

    *dancing in chandler style that pixie taught me*
    recently !!!!
    pixie taught you to dance!??!when??

    🙂 😆 :mrgreen:

    1. LOL!!!! chandler dancing to dhik chak dhin chak??? 😀 😀 hee hitchy!!
      i still dont know wat the chandler dance exactly is… so im kinda lost here..i dont really remember chandler from FRIENDS dancing.. a few random moves of the man is all my memory throws up from its deep recesses…. so be kind and enlighten pliss..and in tru indian style, thank you in advance,madam

      1.…u r right mandy! its not really a dance. but u know, he kinda throws his hands above his head and waves and clicks his fingers and all that jazz??? now imagine all that to dhin chak dhin chak!! 😀

  3. Hey Thanks Mandira!
    Mandira of course you are very creative!!
    oh thank you, IHM! *blushes a pretty shade of red*

    I first noticed your blog because of the beautiful headers you keep changing, if you remember Mandira, I even asked you in earlier comments if you took the pictures yourself, and you said they were from flickr, at the time your blog had a black background..
    oh yeah.. i moved from flickr to my own pics…like the one up there rt now… and from black to green to blue…wow.. u remember it all!!

    And then your love of cooking… you have blogged about that too 🙂
    dint u notice i also did posts on my failure to cook? lol

    Thirdly the music you used to play on your blog …something called (I tried but could never succeed in using that application!) ….
    arre is like a used to work perfectly well.. n then they went n upgraded the site…since then the widget doesnt work only.. i tried lots of times.. now i’ve given up… sigh.. i used to like that a lot..

    Then of course you make day to day activities sound so interesting, now isn’t that creative?
    may be because i write it, i dont think i sound so interesting.. but if u say i do, i will take your word for it, oh Master of 55! 🙂

    I think of these awards as a way of strengthening mutual friendships 🙂 It’s like saying I *heart* your blog and the person who writes that blog 🙂 Thank You for thanking me … made my day with lovely post!

    oh please.. now dont thank me for thanking you!! thats just toooo much thanking happening!!!!

    I am a lost case when it comes to passing on these awards and keep feeling eternally guilty! So one fine day when guilt overpowers laziness I sit down and try and remember all the awards I had received and then all the blog posts I had loved and this time there was too much time gap 😦
    thats why we do award posts and u do award ceremonies!! lol

    But Mandira every comment is cherished and valued… what will we bloggers do without comments? But I am so touched that you chose to thank like this!
    dont even mention it…you know you are more than welcome…

  4. Good post! 🙂 yes we’re all average. Well I certainly am. The only place I am not is for my height in our batch at university. I’m the shortest. 😦
    lol.. worry not, average is good as is minorly below average.. if u ask me all is good!!


    this was a great post by u (which is one isn’t, eh??) me loved it as usual!

    hahaha, me too is very very average…been average all my life, and happily content too!
    dad does lead a tough life, what with all these colleagues kids being toppers and he’s stuck with this average daughter, what a shame! 😛 😛
    but the point is you n i are happy na? thats what really count!! so average according to crafty n mandy=good.

    dancing! ha ha! i am full entertainment material for my friends 😀 party is dull? call Crafty to dance like anil kapoor in ram lakhan / ganpati visarjan style! 😛 😛

    ganpati visarjan style??i wud soo love to see you dancing that way…footloose and fancy free!!:D

    you so totally deserve all the awards mandy! 😀 after homey, i think its u i found, or u found me? i dunno…but ever since i’ve been proclaiming my love for u at ur blog (and other pl’s blog toooo…hehehe…ask Indyeah…heheheh) 😛 😛

    actually you found me…but wat does it matter?

    i love reading your posts mandy, and u’re like a part of my day everyday! i need to read something or say something!! addicted??? hell yes!!!
    daily dose types u mean?arre honoured

    there, i think i’ve said enuf to freak u about what will happen to crafty if u were to stop blogging 😛

    luvya mandy!!! muahs!! 😀
    muahs right back at ya!

    1. ganpati visarjan style dance ????? you toooo ????? lol …. dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak dhin !!!! lol 😆
      lets have a competition btw u n craft..chandler style v/s ganpati visarjan style..wat say?

      1. yes yes! no competition!!! that’s hitchy & my dance routine now…
        must to see mandy! hee! 😀

        must to seeing, crafty… from home but.. everything blocked at work u see…

  6. Thank you so much!

    Next on agenda: making the complex things in life sound funny.

    oh thats good too.. im sure u will do a good job of that as well.. 😀

  7. I am coming back to read this long post 😛
    (((Hugs))and Congratulations!!!

    err…long?? oh ok.. if u compare it with the second last post, it is long..

    and you awarded Hitchy? 😀
    WHy oh why! are you encouraging his bimaari? 😆
    lol..bimari?? am i encouraging it? that wasnt the idea… i thot if he got an award he would kinda be content with things and stop the i-am-first-obsession…
    Matlab why not award him for something different? 😀

    anyhow will be back soon if Dhirenbhai doesnt kill me first 😀
    i think he will find it in his heart to spare u…

    1. indy u call this post long???????? then what should we call all ur posts 😉

      i agree monika..this is not long.. at by indyeah standards at atleast..

      1. Careful Monika. Solilo is her personnal hitman. Any comment on the length of Indyeah’s posts, solilo will personnally see to it. 😉

        is that right…???

      2. aiyooooooo! monu!!! badz is right!! take that comment back!!! or tell Indyeah it was ur evil twin who wrote that! she’s gonna give ur supari to Solilo Don! sigh….i did what i could… 😛

        see i dint know of this equation at im gonna have to be careful around solilio..

        mandy! what a pity this had to happen at ur blog!!
        lol.. so true…
        tee hee 😛 😀 😀

  8. hrrmppff! agar Cubby nahi hota toh no one have read my blog! 😉

    so toh hai…

    hehe! thanks girl! 🙂

    you are most welcome.. waise sometime we come over for u as well..but mostly its for cubby..


  9. Looks like I am last 😦 Anyway congrats on the awards! You totally deserve these! And thanks for giving it right back to me 🙂 Let me make my acceptance speech ready 😉

    and thats exactly why u win..coz no one’s fighting for the last spot u see!;)..worry not homey, der aaye,durust aaye..hurry up with the speech..get it ready n put it up on ur blog…it needs a post desperately,girl..

  10. 🙂 thank u.
    whatever ur reasons, i actually got an award for a change. love it!

    i like ur attitude girl!! the awars is all ur’s !! show it off!!:D

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