……is a relative word. When the boss says “I want this soon” she’s actually  saying “ I want this yesterday”. When the mother says “You should clear the kitchen soon.” She means get off the couch and clean up now.  When the maid says she will clean away the cobwebs on the walls “soon” she actually means never. When I say I will do this task soon, I mean I will do it sometime in the future, exact date, day and time unknown.

That’s precisely why you can’t say I am late for this tag. I only told Monika I would take up the tag “soon”. Today is soon  As per the tag I am to put my self in a man’s shoes and come up with a list of five women I would find attractive. Its not an easy task when you don’t quite know how you would be as a man cause you’ve  never been one. 😉 So what I am going to do is make up a list of five women that I like either for their beautify, intelligence or talent. I am sure if I were a man I would be attracted to independent, talented, pretty women. Anybody would!

Sushmita Sen-  makes it on the list for a number of reasons. A- she’s pretty, b- she has a mind of her own and is what I would categorise as intelligent and c- she’s single and  has adopted a baby!(don’t tell me other women have too. How many of them are famous Indian women that we all are familiar with?) There arent too many pictures of the lady with her kiddo on the web so we will have to make do with this not-so-great pic.


Gaytri Devi- has been shamelessly whacked off Solilio’s post. She  mentioned her and when I saw that name on her post, I just had to have it on mine too. Thats because  the Maharani is too pretty, too poised , too graceful to ignore. Plus she goes with the title Maharani, making her sound all regal and impressive. Thanks for the idea Solilio, I might have not thought of her had I not read your list!


Hema Malini- now not then. Then was when she was she was a hoarse sounding, strange accent speaking, slightly squarish looking actress. Now is when she is a diva. Try not killing me for saying unkind things about Ms.Malini when she was young, I sincerely dint like anything about her when she was in her prime. I think she is one of those women who are like wine- they get better with age. I think the present Hema Malini is what dreams are made off- she’s dignified (she was that back then as well), in fabulous physical state, has skin better than anyone half her age,dances beautifully, loves her two kids and looks genuinely happy.  I dont know too many 50 plus who can do all that.


Asha Bhosle- with talent like that, who can resist?


Madhubala– I am not even going to explain why she’s on the list, you know exactly why.


All pictures courtsey-who else?Google images.

I notice this has turned out to me more of a list of women I admire than a list of women I would be attracted to. But what the heck, a tag is a tag and you are allowed to tweak it a bit. Consider this one tweaked.  

I don’t know if you’d agree to this, but I think Raja Ravi Verma made some of the best portraits of Indian women ever. Take for example these three-


Lady with a lamp





Picture credit-naturemagics.

These are some of the most expressive pictures of women I have ever seen. What do you think?

21 thoughts on “Soon

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  2. lovely list mandy 🙂
    thanks monika *supresses the urge to add ‘oh my darrrling’*

    i like sush too and for the same reasons as u mentioned

    and madhubala she is awesome
    isnt she???absolutelllly beautifullll!!

    i dont like hema malini much not then not now
    u dont think she’s aged beautifully? i think she has…
    and i liked ur definition of soon
    hehehe.. i find my way around my laziness and the one-post-a -week-resolution..:*grins*

    and when ojas says soon on food it means that i am going to have tough time that day

  3. Gayatri devi, madhubala, and raja ravi verma yes.
    no bad ! you agree to 2 outta 5 women i listed!! 😀

    And yes, soon is an elastic term. Like I’m going to get my hands on that LV Speedy soon. (Right now in my timeline and when pigs fly in husband speak).
    ha ha.. i am kinda thinking the husband might be right on this one..

  4. Sigh !! your list is so so so much more better… !!!!

    I just saw Vimmuuu’s list and Og’s list and I kinda got the shivers… !!!!!
    oh yeah? i havent checked out their i dont know wats up there…scary stuff,eh??
    Sush is my favourite tooo !!! Madhubala was the best of them all !!!!
    oh yeah, eternal beauty=madhubala.

    and I am really thankful to Monika that she is keeping Itchy and Scratchy’s Legend Alive and kicking !!! 😀
    huh??just how is she keeping it alive? by landing here first? she’s not in the competition for the first spot as far as i know!!

  5. nice list! 🙂

    Sush, Madhubala – yes! 🙂
    totally agree with what you’ve said about them 🙂
    and the paintings are beautiful and very expressive.
    thats why i dont own any.:(

  6. Nice…Me likes sushmita Sen & Maharani Gayatridevi too. They are both divas in their own syle and that’s what I like and admire abou them.

    Maharani Gayatridevi epitomises the classic Indian beauty & elegance while Sushmita is the modern diva not falling prey to the changing fashions
    yes,eggzactly!!! u sooo got it,girl!!:D

  7. From the list Sushmita Sen, Gayatri Devi and Madhubala. Beautiful choices!
    zank zu!

    I am a huge fan of Ravi Verma and I collect his paintings. I remember seeing ‘Lady with the lamp’ in Mysore palace (not sure) eons ago and it stayed with me. Then when I visited India I asked Ravi Verma’s gallery and even went to his palace in search of this painting. No one could get me one or understood which painting I was referring to. I wondered why they didn’t carry this one in particular.
    thats cud they not know?dont they have all his paintings cateloged or soem such thing?

    Then on Indyeah’s blog (old one) I finally found out that it was not Ravi Verma painting at all. It is actually ‘Glow Of Hope’ by Haldenkar which is wrongly credited to Ravi Verma.
    oh ok.. i dont know Haldenkar tho 😦 is he/she like reallly famous?

    After learning that if you notice then the painting is not Verma style at all nevertheless a masterpiece.
    wat u telling me??!!?! the one i put up is not Verma’s??but the painting is cerdited to Verma on the website i got it from!!

    • Thanks Solilo 🙂
      Mandira , Haldenkar was also pretty famous though not as much as Raja Ravi Verma 🙂

      most websites credit it to RRV..but the Mysore Palace gallery credits it to Haldenkar …
      oh i see.. i hadnt even heard of Haldenkar till now! ignorant me!

    • Mandu, All online websites copy each other and that’s why it is wrongly credited to Ravi Verma.

      This painting is in Mysore Palace and original creator is Haldenkar. It is not lady with the lamp but named ‘ Glow of Hope’.

      That’s the reason I couldn’t find this particular painting in even Ravi Verma’s collection at his palace.

      oh man, thats so mean!! giving credit to people who dint do the work!!!the world wide web has too much un checked information.
      but no matter who made that painting, its really pretty…

  8. I really, really liked your list !!! I Sushmita Sen is one smart woman – woman of substance – totally 🙂 thank you, thank you…

    And Madhubala – I used to love her movies – there is something about her 🙂 yes,we need to make a movie called there;s something about madhubala!!howzzat??
    And Raja Ravi Varma – his paintings are so so expressive.. Lovely list! Loved your tweak 🙂
    and i say thank you once again!

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  10. I love your list 😀
    i do too!!lol..
    Gayatri Devi, Madhubala are beautiful choices..SUshmta for the same reasons that you mentioned 🙂
    that pic of MAdhubala’s is ethereal..absolutely beautiful!!
    so true…:D

    Raja Ravi verma’s paintings are so beautiful!
    I love them..DO check out my sidebar on the old blog of mine 😀
    you will find an ardent Raja Ravi Verma fan 😀

    wokaaay..will check it out..

  11. i’ll take sush, gayatri devi, and madhubaba
    and u’ll dump the rest?! haaw!!!
    ravi verma’s paintings are beautiful!! thanks for sharing, mandi puttar! 🙂
    the pleasure is all mine roopsiee!

  12. Me likes Sush, Gayatridevi and Asha Bhosle 🙂 Lovely list Mandira! Reading this post I hope u know what I mean when I say “I’ll post soon” 😉 But seriously I am going to post a recipe thanks to you by Sunday…pukka se! (See how I didnt mention soon :)) And babes you made me feel so special..muah!

    lol.. u are a smart one,

    And love the paintings…they really are beautiful!
    i think so too!

  13. Mandy!!!! first of all, let me hug you ONCE AGAIN and tell u ONCE AGAIN that u are my lost sister!!!!
    *hugs back and agrees to the lost sister theory(or is it now reality?)*

    Asha Bhosle???? u got her up!!!!!!
    i worship her and there is not a day in my life i have passed since last 5 yrs that i haven’t heard her sing…..she is ….. *lost for words*
    you know i like her sister too.. a little serious in terms of personality but what a voice! it was a tough choice deciding to put up only one name there

    i agree with hema malini bit n my friends used to reprimand me when i said that about her! its true, i admire her more now than i ever did for her earlier image n persona
    ya, dint like her at all when she was young.. still dont think of her as a great actor.. more like a person who has taken the ups n downs of life well and aged beautifully…
    madhubala???? tell me about it!!! there cannot be a prettier face, can there?! how can she glow in b/w movies????
    you said it!! she glows in b/w..dont know how..i am sure i wud have problems in technicolour too!;)

    damn mandy!!!! every time i learn something about u, its something about how we are alike!!!
    we can call ourselves the sister act if u like…


    accha, now tell me that u missed me or i will wail unconsolably! coz i missed u!!!!

    dont, dont.. i did..i swear i did!!

  14. wow, that was one impressive list
    i agree with you on the names of all the women …..

    RRV’s women are all so beautifully india incarnate,,

  15. verry nice list! most of em would have been on my list too! 🙂 and yes love love love Asha Bhonsale! do you get into fights over how Asha is better than Lata? I do! all the time! :p


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