Sahi nahi

I think it was the ad that did it. ‘MTNL hai toh sahi hai’ it said. It lead my unworldly and innocent father to wrongly believe that MTNL was indeed the right choice for us. We had an MTNL phone to begin with but somewhere along the line we collected an internet connection and an IPTV by the same company.  Big mistake. Never put all your eggs in one basket. All thanks to MTNL we now have a fairly complicated situation at home. The IPTV and the internet have what can be described as an avoidance relationship. Simply put the two don’t work well together. Ditto for the internet connection and the telephone line. In my humble opinion, it’s the internet causing the problem. If you have the internet on, don’t switch on the TV because all you will get is odd looking shapes moving in painfully slow motion across the screen backed with a broken sound track. If you want to talk to a friend while another family member browses the internet, forget about it unless you are sure you are equipped with excellent concentration that can tune out that strange background noise the internet connection creates. Life is now a matter of constantly making choices for us.   The TV or the internet? The phone or the internet? And occasionally, a choice between the phone and the TV thrown in as well. Making choices that are acceptable to all family members at all times is stressful.

The unexpected developments of the last few days have done a lot to reduce the stress at home. We aren’t being forced to make choices and just that seems to have made our life so much easier. When only one of the three services you have subscribed to works, there is no question of making a choice, you see. The present scenario is such that only MTNL’s telephone seva works, all others are dead. Reasons unknown. I suspect the maid yanked a cord or two in one of her recent dusting expeditions. I don’t know for sure but right now she is the most likely suspect. With both the parents being out of town and my working full time, I refuse to lodge a complaint with MTNL.I am just going to pray, and pray real hard that whatever when wrong fixes itself. Feel free to join in the prayers. If you have a magic wand, pass that over, will ya? If neither prayers nor magic wands are your thing, then I suggest you simply wait for the crisis to resolve itself. And while you are waiting, I sincerely urge you to see this. Shakira at her very best, guaranteed to get a few laughs outta you. Yes, you got that right laughs. Don’t waste time now, hop over and take a look.

Note: I think you all know this but I think I should mention nevertheless. The person in the video is not a relative, friend or acquaintence of mine. The said person was discovery courtsey a person at office.

24 thoughts on “Sahi nahi

    • *crafty awaits hitchy to begin dance*
      i suggest in my “humblest” voice, pl, pl, dont try to dance…either of you… 😉

    • here i come… monikaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! oh my darling !!!!!!!!

      monika?? i thot u had to call out to crafty??? yeh kya ho raha hai!!monika, fyi, in on a vacation. pl donot disturb.

    • ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

      *hitchy waits till crafty is done rolling n laughing*

      c’mon!!! let the monika n ross routine begin!!!!!
      thats the monika you were talking of!! i thot we were discussing the blog world monika!! *slaps palm on forehead* silly me!!


      • Mandu ‘O’ Mandu… tu kab samjhegi… !!!
        Mandu ‘O’ Mandu… tu kab samjhegi… !!!

        Jab Jab Jab tu samjhegi… tab tab tab… tu sayani hogi… !!!

        teee heee..

  1. may i join the rant please??!!!! that tag line is to be majorly altered i tell u!!!!

    MTNL Hai Toh Dimaag Ka Daahi Hai

    haan yeh sahi hai!!!!

    n u got so many services subcribed??!!! god bless u!!!
    dint i mention? we are a brand loyal family.

    switch mandy ! before u lose sanity!!!
    u think i was born a lunatic???? (er…a lil bit, yeah….) but MTNL has played a big role in pushing me off the cliff of lunacy! now im worried… i wasnt born all ok myself.. u think MTNL will push me off the cliff as well??

    complete nonsense these ppl are. me got their dial up. it takes several attempts to connect.
    the dial up is a waste…we used to have that too.. but we ditched it long back and adopted the triband

    i think i am getting connected to the net only bcoz of my past good karmas…MTNL does zilch for that! when it does connect, it is speed ka maha dushman….sab kuch slow mo….and keeps getting disconnected

    sigh. that felt good…..what do we rant next on mandy???
    you tell me…im a good “ranter”..u just pick a topic..

  2. i just saw that video!!!!

    and a bit depressing…
    even that kid dances better than crafty. sigh.
    i think it wud a b appropriate to say “welcome to the club” at this point in time…

  3. The MTNL woes, what began the blogpost, are long ignored and i am only focussed on the video. Its, yes you are right-funny, but at the same time awesome. One is left wondering how the little one manages it. The Kid from your family or you happened to discover the talent randomly?

    aiyyoo…random kid, mampi.. we dont have such talented bachhas in my family!! the video is more fun to focus on that the MTNL woes!!

  4. The video was funny! 😀
    i knoww!! super entertaining!!

    And it was the same problem we had with Reliance. the internet connection and service both were pretty bad, thankfully, we have a different service provider now and the Cable we get is from the good old neighborhood cable provider!

    arre we were also happy with the cablewala.. but his business kinda wound up so now everyone in the building is living the “jhingalala life” or depending on IPTVs,like us.

  5. You’ve been hoodwinked by MTNL too! Welcome to the club babes 🙂 Sending all my prayers your way….only a miracle can make the blasted MTNL work as the regular channels dont! All the best Mandira.
    i think ur prayers were genuine Homey…they worked.. MTNL fixed itself…how? i have no clue!!

    By the way the kid in the video is so cute :)By the way did you see the Gujju version of that song? I used to listen to it all the time…dont know Gujarati but its quite catchy 🙂

    interesting stuff!!!! as entertaining as the video i shared!!!

  6. it actually repaired itself? how cool is that?! :p
    verrrry, i think!!

    my folks have mtnl at home and somehow its neva been so much trouble! anti jinx! 😉
    thankooo for the anti-jinx… ours is generally ok..but sometimes it acts show its importance i believe..

    hope you find a solution soon!


  7. 😆
    I shouldnt be laughing..I have changed our net connection so many times..MTNL…airtel..mtnl..Airtel..(I think its airtel now..only think mind you 😀 have no clue which one it is ) *sigh*
    the point is it works, rt?

    MAndy seriously?
    either the tv or the net?
    the net OR the phone?
    yaaa man.. it can be a pain!!!!

    this is hilarious 😀
    coz I was right there the same position a few months back 😀
    so u can empathise na??

    *waving my magic wand *
    is it working ? 😀
    yes worked beautifully! everything is working suddenly.. u do have the magic touch, Indyeah!!

  8. hi,

    installing a filter to ur phone will help , while u surf the internet and need to use the phone at the same time.

    hi s.g.s.,
    thanks for the idea..wat does s.g.s. stand for??

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