to sending me on a training.Thats what my company did last week. Which basically meant I got to bunk office and live and learn all things centred around “personal excellence” while staying at The Resort at Aksa. For those of you unfamiliar with the word Aksa, let me inform you that Aksa is the name of a beach  situated in western Mumba.Till recent times  it was infamously known for the large number of people drowning and dying, but after Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan sang a song with the word “Aksa” in the lyrics, people began associating Aksa more with Bollywood than the drowning incidents.  That to my mind is  a good thing, even if the song itself  is actually quite terrible.

So as per the requirements on the training,  from Sunday till Tuesday I kept away from the office, in a comfortable, peaceful environment conducive to learning.  I was helped to polish up existing skills and learn new ones that would help me “attain personal excellence” in everything I do.  Since the company sponsored it, I assume when they say “everything” they basically mean “everything at work”.  The programme itself was  so-so. Some modules almost succeeded in killing me with boredom, some nudged my  brain cells a bit and a small fraction forced me to sit up straight and listen. But then this is how most HR training sessions are- a mixed bag of the good and the bad. More exciting than the training was the venue. I have never been to Aksa. Its ridiculously far from where I live and I am not mad about the sea anyway. But when I got the opportunity to visit this particular beach I realised I liked it. It wasnt disgustingly crowded, the way Juhu chowpatty tends to be and neither was it shockingly dirty, as all beaches in Bombay are gauranteed to be. It could have appeared that way because we made a trip to the beach on a working day. Its unlikely to  find many people sauntering around the beach at 7 pm on a Monday evening.  Thats not to say that the beach was deserted. A few people dotted the coastline- just the right number of people to make you feel safe to venture out all by yourself but not too many that it became uncomfortably crowded.  We finished our training session by the time evening fell and headed towards the blue-ish waters. It had been drizzling all day. The floating clouds accompanied the cool winds. The waves lapped at the feet of the wet sand and when they receeded, left behind assorted sea shells in their wake.

Have you notice the hour that herald the night is especially peaceful? Its a time when the day officially draws to a close, when animals return home,  when people wind down after a long day, when day light turns soft before it turns off all together. There is just something so calm and soothing about the time. We were at the beach at that exact time. I soaked in the vibes as I walked along the beach. The skyline was so beautiful that I was forced to take a few pictures. Its at moments like these that I wonder why I own a phone with jazzy business features that I never use, and a crappy camera that I do use, rather frequently I might add!! I really should have listened to my father.He wanted me to take along the camera.I told him “Come on! No one takes pictures in a training, dad!!” So here I am sharing with you not so great pictures of an evenning that was, in reality, quite great. Yes, I have learnt my lesson. From now on I am going to be carting that camera everywhere I go.


The horizon.


The sand, after the waves have swept by. Do not ask me what those blackish lines are. I thought it was some sort of coloured particles. Someone said the words “sewage water” and “into the sea”. Thirty seconds after that I was out of the water. The visit to the beach was followed up with a Dettol bath.


The horizon again.


The receeding waves.


A shot of the sand. Why, do you, think people make a visit to the beach in high heels??


Fat fish in a artificial pond at the hotel.


24 thoughts on “Resorted

    • sorry boss had come so logged off…
      hahaha… s/he dint catch you reading???

      I so miss such trainings… when I was an Medical REp we would have frequent such visits… for new product launch and lots of trainings… !! It was great… we would find lovely locations and resorts and it would actually be a gala time… !!! especially with colleagues and bosses in the night once the training was over… !
      yup, this stuff can be fun.. good places, good food,ok-types training- all in all its somewat like a paid holiday.u dont hv too many of these any more? (i thot u still were a med.rep.)do they think u are trained enuf? or not trainable!?:P

    • arre mandy!!!! teeee heeee matlab first first!!!!
      so now u have developed this detailed code language as well??obvioiusly this goes much beyond just yelling “me first, me first!!”
      and now more code

      dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak

      that means victory dance!!!

      😀 join in!!!!
      ooooooooh no.. that u guys will manage all by yourself , i am sure.. in fact u will do better, if im not in it!!!lol

      hi-five hitchu partner!!!

  1. Wow! Your training session sounds so much fun. Resort and all eh? We are given trainings inside the company and not to mention that it is obviously boring. Looks like you enjoyed your moments with the clouds, sand and the twilight! Pictures look really good. But seriously, whoever goes to beach in high heels. I’m dumbstruck! heh 😛

  2. Nice!!! I love Aksa. Most of our colony and chota-mota picnics were either in Aksa or Gorai.
    oh i havent been to gorai either..may b i shud suggest it as the next training’s venue!

    I love The Resort too. We stayed there for a couple of days. I think the buffet breakfast there is to die for!
    it is!!! there SO much food that you dont know wat to eat and wat to skip.. i stuffed my face like there was no tomorrow.

    Lovely pics Mandira…is that your camera phone? Looks very clear!
    its a trick. i selected only those pics that were tolerably good… all the hazy ones have been deleted!! i used to have a nokia 3230. it was bulky but it had a really nice camera.

  3. That’s where u were while I withered away for lack of Vitamin Mandy!!
    Anyhoo now that u are back!
    *crafty squeals n jumps n hugs mandy*
    Heee haaaa!!!
    oh wow, hip chick.. thats one loooong comment!! u are giving indyeah serious competition, gurl!! *mandy huds back*

    Paid vacation!!! Mandy this is awesome!!! Aksa…I’ve heard very scary stories too…right from drowning to ghosts!!! 😛 have never been there yet….
    ghost?wat ghosts? i have never heard any ghost stories!!

    Priyanka n Salman wala song? Which one??? Actually am illiterate in new songs….am living in the past…
    So the programme was ho-hum, eh??? Were there other colleagues??? The ppl u had written letters to??? They must have provided chaara for more interesting posts!!!! Haan haan??? Where’s all the gossip??? Telllllllll meeeeeeeeee!!!
    arre that really sad song.. tujhe aksa beach ghuma/phira doon,aa chalti kya.. crappy is not the word.. i god to go with nice colleagues..actually i got to go with colleagues i dint even kno!!lol.. i think part of the training was to acuaint you to ur colleagues! i did however go with the one colleague u know.. the one who asked if i was waiting in the loo to get out of a meeting..

    *crafty is getting carried away like no one’s business*
    A beach that is not crowded, in mumbai!!!! Wah!!!! Even at like 7 am Juhu is crowded like mela lagaa hain….free khaana mil raha hain…:P
    oh yeah… in delhi my mom used to say this when she sees long ques, crowded places “free ke kambal bat rahain hai kya??” cant use that dialogue here- no winter u see!!

    Assorted sea shells???????? Did u get any??? Did you??? Can I have a few??? Maybe when we meet, I’ll get my collection, n we’ll compare n trade!!! Eh, mandyyyyy????
    *mandy sedates crafty*
    no i dint… but my colleage (the one who thinks i duck meetings) did.. for her 2 yr old son… there were too many shells there, u know..may be the sewage water destroyed them!;P

    Have you notice the hour that herald the night is especially peaceful? Its a time when the day officially draws to a close, when animals return home, when people wind down after a long day, when day light turns soft before it turns off all together. There is just something so calm and soothing about the time.
    Mandy! That para is like a sedative in itself!! Lovely!!! Glad u took pics! They’ve come out pretty good! But yes, must to cart around the camera!!!
    thanks.. and yes, i will carry that camera from now on..

    Someone said the words “sewage water” and “into the sea”. Thirty seconds after that I was out of the water. The visit to the beach was followed up with a Dettol bath.
    ROFL!!! 😆 whenever as a kid I used to go to the beach with cousins, n we’d take a dip, my cousins wud tease me by saying ppl wud be peeing n what not in the same water, and I wud hold my mouth tight shut for the rest of the dipping!!!
    Yes, mandy…I still dipped, anyway 😐
    you dipped! you dipped!!!!eeew!!how cud you!!! did u take a dettol bath afterwards? i think not!!

    Fat fish????
    *crafty closes fish ke ears*
    i think the fish are deaf.. i told them they were fat right on their face.. they dint seem to mind.. thats wat makes me believe they are deaf!:P but look carefully, they are fat!!!

    Thank God u are back….if u go away again, I won’t write a comment, I will write a book here at ur blog…..

    lol.. a book by you will be cool..just make sure its not about me.. and then all u need to do is make sure u go to the right publisher.. u will be richhh in no time!!
    Luvya!!! HUGS!!!!

  4. I envy thee living so close to the beaches and i envy thee even more for having been sent to a training on a beach side.
    dnt envy!! u are closer to the mountains than me!! mountains are more fun than the beaches…or may be not…

    But you have rightly highlighted the sad situation of the beaches.
    generally they are bad..but this one was surprisingly good!!either that or we were just lucky..

  5. Tujhe Aksa beach khumaoon
    Aa chalti kya?

    hahha.. yes, thats the song.. i think its terrible!!!

    I have been to Aksa beach twice after hearing some scary stories about it but I loved it. May be because both times there were less people around and it was clean too unlike other beaches in Mumbai.
    so u n i have had similar experiences with that beach.. then may be that beach is genuinely a nice one!!

    Beautiful pictures!
    thank youuu!

  6. loved all the pics specially the third one 🙂
    the third one is currently the wallpaper of my phone.

    and the last one reminded me of …*dont laugh* 😛
    sambhar! 😆
    I saw that shade of orange and thought of sambhar that I had seen once in precisely that colour(or maybe it was not sambhar? ) 😀
    sambhar?sambhar!!??lol!!how can it remind u of sambhar man!!!

    but seriously which company is this? 🙂
    shhh…public domain..cant reveal!!

    coz this vacation (achcha okay personal excellence training) 😛 sounds good 😀
    oh it was, it was..

    Someone said the words “sewage water” and “into the sea”. Thirty seconds after that I was out of the water. The visit to the beach was followed up with a Dettol bath.

    ohkay! *will keep this point in mind next time I want to get tardy friends out of the water* 😀
    please do. i am told most beaches have sea water adulterated with sewage watch it!

    had no clue about Aksa will be keeping that in mind next time 🙂

  7. Great photographs 🙂 I take my camera everywhere … it lives in my bag 🙂
    and i will be doing exactly that from now on..

    It really is amazing to have a training like this… glad they resorted to such training tactics 🙂
    yup!! i think they shud do more of these.. we are desperately in need to being trained, u see!!

  8. Seems you had a nice break…
    ooh yes!!!

    I always like such trainings… and somehow I can weather even the most boring sessions, as far as I am getting a nice break from work.. and in such a great venue for training… 🙂
    ya, thats a big motivator to jhelo the training- the good venue and even better food!! and of course the break from monotonous work

    Nice pictures… Doesn’t seem like a beach close to Mumbai.. 🙂 (No crowd at all!!??)
    this is bombay, not heaven.. so yes, crowd.. but very little!!

  9. lovely lovely pics mandy
    thank you, Mon!!

    and training in a beach resort i am fullyJ
    dont be,dont be!!you just got back from a vacation!!

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