Do you ever wonder?

About how your life will shape up?

About how life will treat you whenyou are old and gray?

About how healthy will you be at 65? And how you will look?and if  you will  still have all your teeth?

About how loved you will be when you are not in your prime?And what people will think and say about you when you are gone?

About if you will marry and have kids?

About if the person you marry will turn out the way you hoped and prayed he will?

About if you will be able to raise your kids exactly the way you planned it in your head? And if they will turn out the way you hope they will?

About being able to handle the responsibilities that piles on with the age and the kilos?

About being able to tackle the challenges life throws your way successfully?

About having enough money to never have to depend on anyone?

About maturing as you age?

About never failing your loved ones, never letting them down, no matter how busy or hard your own life may turn out to be?

About how many genuine friends will you still have ten years from now?

About if you will always live in the same city or town?

About how successful you will be professionally?

About how you will manage to never sacrifice your values and still get to the top of the professional ladder?

About if you will end up working in the same company forever? Kind of like your grandfather, and probably your father too. Loyal to the core. Or will you adopt the trend of the times and job-hop at the slightest hint of better opportunities and fatter paycheques?

About never forgetting where you came from, never losing touch with reality, never becoming insensitive to the needs of others, never losing humility, should life be kind enough to send success, money and power your way?

About if you will ever have the luxury of owning a pet?

Speculating about with future is a preoccupation with most. Why is living in the present so difficult? Why do we always want to know what the future holds? Why is it nearly impossible to cultivate the patience required to wait and watch as life unfolds its plans for us? Isn’t that what everyone advices us? To live in the present  is to be truly happy.  We even have a song that tells us “whatever will be , will be, the future’s not ours to see”.  And yet the urge to see goes beyond the boundaries of rational thought. We may intellectually know we should worry about the future, but it doesnt stop us from doing exactly that!

No matter how blurred our long-distance vision may be, we know for a fact that our future is going to be a mixed bag of good, bad and downright ugly. Why then, do we have to know what exactly the good, bad and ugly is going to be? Is it because we don’t like the unknown? And that we feel more in control if we know what’s going to happen? Whatever it is, it sure makes taking up Astrology a very profitable profession!! I am buying myself a stack of books and making a professional shift. I shall be a self-taught astrologer. In my urgency to make that shift, I shall in fact start looking for clients right away by publish an advertisement here. I can sense it, my fortunes will be made in fortune telling.

Do you feel you dont know where your life is leading? Do you want to know how to get that job of your dreams? Will your son do his engineering from the US? Set an appointment and  visit  Mandiradevi  to find answers to these nagging questions, at her Astrology for Life Mumbai office from 9.30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Bring along your astrological chart. Charges-Rs.100 per question only. Telephonic consultation for regular clients also available.  Please contact only after September 2009. The astrologer is presently on a study leave.


NB: When I started this post the skies were overcast, the weather gloomy and my mood serious. Somewhere towards the end, the caffine from my hot cuppa coffee kicked in and the mood improved considerably. Hence the strange twist.Please adjust. I promise to keep the  mood of the next post uniform all through. As a parting shot, let me ask you- what do you generally speculate about?

27 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. The most frequent question I ask is….

    Is this how life is supposed to be ??
    thats a good one!! i think we all ask that. but its not really speculative, u know!!its more of a ‘im frusterated!” kinda exclaimation!!

    I am fed up… this domestic life… home to office and back… !!
    haha.. who isnt.. life is like clockwork! with hardly any change in patterns!

    Really growing up is so uncool… being a kid and having parents to worry was so much better…
    its the easy life, i tell u.. but we never realise it then..sighhhhh

    yea you can call me an escapist…. if thats what I am…

  2. LOL @ The astrologer is presently on a study leave.

    you have give the idea out already.. some of ur could be clients might now grab a self learning book to compete with u.. its not a good bz idea babe!!
    oh shooot!! why dint i think of that before i opened my big,fat mouth!! how does one undo this blunder!!!!??

    my speculations is ‘would i be healthy n wealthy enough to keep travelling around the world in my life ahead?’
    healthy and wealthy is a great combi!! especially if u are 65! travelling@65 is wat i call a rocking life!!im sure u will have that, tara.. 😀

    i need to work hard today for both of these things to happen.. its so much in my hands!!
    eat right, exercise.. u know that usual gyan.. thats so easy to pass on n so hard to implement!!

  3. LOL!! I was wondering where you were going with all these deep questions 🙂
    not too far, as u can see!!

    Loved the ‘twist’ 🙂

  4. No I don’t. Scares the living daylights outta me! Ha ha ha!
    u dont?wow.. i cant seem to stop.. even tho it can be grightening at times..

  5. Yeah the twist is so so so visible. But then i thought it was deliberate. What a wonderful way to incorporate it.
    yes yes it was deliberate… i shall blame the coffee for the change in mood that led to a change in the plot!
    Mandira devi ki jai ho.
    lol.. please, embarrass me not!!

  6. OMG! I just speculate about the next day..thats it!! I cant think into such distant future!
    so u just take it a day at a time? or two days, max? thats pretty good ya.. u almost live in the present!

  7. *day dream a lot*
    *and the future always looks bright and rosy* 😀

    maybe I need a reality check
    no maaan!! they say u get wat u want.. so if u dream about things u want, u kinda will them into turning into reality na?makes sense?? no??
    but so many questions? 😯

    I do think of a few of them but not about the majority of em..
    would go mad with them..and when I do…you know where I will be headed to ask them :mrgreen:
    aah, the lady who lives in the present n doesnt waste a second worrying about the future(mostly at least). u must be perfect,gurl!!:D

    oh! and is there a discount for friends?
    im sure my practice wudnt be a rocking business, but how can i refuse friends?50% off for sure!!:)

  8. About if you will marry and have kids?
    Mandy!!!! I better have a kid…or I’ll end up stealing somebodys!!!! 😛
    I held my college’s friend’s 1-day-old daughter today…..contemplated tip-toeing out with her…but my friend was watching….damn…
    hipchick,thats aint a good idea!! thinking of walking away with her!!not smart…having ur own, smart!

    About if the person you marry will turn out the way you hoped and prayed he will?
    He better be, or GOD save him!!!! 😛 ppl change no? I have too….he might too…but yes, I do think about this!!!
    lol@god save him. ppl always change..its like some unwritten law.. “u will change as u age”

    About being able to handle the responsibilities that piles on with the age and the kilos?
    Mandy, my soul sister, u hit the nail on the head…and it hurts 😐 this thought….all the time!!!
    ouch!!!yes, that hurts!!wat u more worried about?the responsibililes?the age ? or the kilos? i worry about all three!!!

    About never failing your loved ones, never letting them down, no matter how busy or hard your own life may turn out to be?
    I didn’t, but now u got me started!!!!!
    lol.. so now u can join me in worrying about this little nugget as well!

    About if you will always live in the same city or town?
    I don’t want to mandy! This city has no place if u wanna run like wild with shoes in ur hand…no place for kids….no joy! Ours is a brown city….me wants to get away!
    and go where?to munnar?

    About if you will ever have the luxury of owning a pet?
    Need I even answer that mandy???? Now where are my consolation hugs??? Dish me some, quick!!!!
    *dutifully dishes out as directed!!*

    LOL!!!! What an ending! Good!! I was gonna come knocking at ur door asking if everything’s ok, for this list is HUGE n GRIM!!!! Thank god for that coffee!!! 😀 😀
    ‘coffee saves the day’ is wat this post shud be called!!

    Can I be ur assistant??? Craftydevi….YIKES!!! (pliss think of better name mandy…this one is…bleah) huh huh????? I’ll make crochet voo doo dolls!!! 😀 😀 😀
    u know crafty devi sounds too damn crafty..and hipchick devi doesnt sound hip enough..lemme think..voodoo dolls=cool!!(cant beleive im actually calling those dolls cool!! eeks!!)

    When do we begin practice? *dellusioned crafty hounds mandy*
    right after i have read up a bit?

    • crafty u are adorable but i better save ojas from u..
      lol.. good point, Mon.. hurry!!hide him!!!

      on second thoughts if u take him with u i can be peaceful that he is better hands than me… they way u love kids ur own will be a lucky one… urs and indys then may be u can “lend” him over for a weekend or two?that way u have him and so do they!


      • yayie monu! muahs back!

        awwwwww!!! that’s so totally sweet of u to say….sniif…sob…

        *crafty wipes nose on monu’s sleeve*

        please note, i have worked out a deal for u,Indy and Mon!
        *hands crafty a hanky and saves Mon’s sleeve*

  9. True we think so much of future that we forget to live in present

    One thing these days is that we do not worry about future job prospects as hanging to present one only has become tough!!!
    yup, now thats something everyone worries about!!

  10. OMG!!
    whic coffe it ws.i need to hav a chk on it.;-)
    standard office coffee…
    i dnt hav 100 bucks,nd btw did u predictd abt mumbai rains?
    oh no, no, no, no!! i have learnt this, never ever predict the weather! even the met deptt cant manage to do that properly!! i wudnt even try!lol

  11. LOL Mandira…I *always* wonder about such things! Get that astrology degree fast…you have the first customer here 🙂
    neat! i think im in businesss!!! woooohoo!!!

  12. Ha..ha..ha..

    Yes! I do wonder about a lot of things..small and big..important and inconsequential. 😀
    then u are just like me,Sol!! we will call our selves the Wonder Sisters!!lol

  13. Now that’s a cool Blue header. It’s coool.
    and thats a cool profile pic.. tho i loved us last one too…cant decide which i like better!

  14. Oh my GOD, so many questions? ..i have never pondered on future so much? maximum for me is one year from now….i am just kinda person who drifts with water, rather then navigating to the place i want to go…thinking these days ,this is a negative attitude and i shuld try to navigate and reach the place i want to go..may be i have to ask all those question to me now…hmm
    im not a drifter.. i cant quite go with the flow.. i need to know exact directions and the destination.. bieng a drifter has its advantages, u cant deny that!

  15. Such deep thoughts. I almost thought you were on some other track but then I read the climax 😛 But still deep questions indeed. Made me think for a loooooooooong time, with no result.

    hahaha.. then i think the post managed to reach its objecgive!:P

  16. I ‘used’ to speculate, mandi. Not anymore. Now, I let life lead me and I live. Perhaps age does that to you?
    roop, remember u and i are the same age!!!!!

  17. u know mandy this post came at a right time i have been asking myself many such ques these days
    but did u find any answers?or just thot n thot n thot and got tired and gave up? (like me!)

  18. 🙂

    i dont contemplate often! mostly i do believe in que sera sera! and till date its held me in good stead! 😀
    so it works,eh? may be i shud try and adopt it..

    lovely post Mandy! most questions everyone must have dwelt on at one point or other!

    i can answer only two, yes i am married and my hubby turned out better than i thought! he is awesome actually! 🙂
    lucky you!!! *touches the desk and mumbles touchwood*


  19. I think one worries about the future most until you actually connect with your life partner! After which living in the present loses a lot of its uncertainty:)
    ya?you think? rt now it seems like i will worry and speculate all my life!

  20. No point in caring about it! And I’ll surely take advice from you! 😛 not the best advice-giver, but i promise to try!:D

    I LOVEDDD the video. I’ve always liked it, it was so pleasant seeing it! 🙂
    yup,old is gold.

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