First ..

he dubaoes us in this

and then disappears for the longest time ever only to resurface with this


and this

How can you not like this guy? He has a silken voice and hasΒ  manage to succeed in an industry that reputedly functions primarily on having the right connections. He gives me hope. No matter whether or not you have a godfather, if you have talent and are willing to go through the grind, you might just find your spot under the sun. πŸ˜€

Edited to add: How could I have forgotten Masakalli? May be coz I liked it whenΒ  I heard it the first 100 times and then got fed up of it!Β  Thanks for the reminder Monika and Solilio. Here is the song for your listening pleasure. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “First ..

  1. oh i love his voice…

    and u forgot delhi 6 massakali… lovely
    thanks for the reminder.. its been added now, Mon!

  2. You forgot Masakalli, one of the best songs this year.
    forgot and was duly reminded.. have added that song now. πŸ˜€
    I remember I was Dooba Dooba those days in his voice. Yet to hear Kaminey music. Heard about this movie on D’s blog.

    arre.. that movie.. or rather its songs, are allll over the place here!!! thats the only thing the radio plays nowadays!

    Tum se hi is good and Ye dooriyan too.

  3. Lovely list Mandira!!! I love Dooba Dooba. His voice is indeed magical. Did u see the Love Aaj kal…seems like a good movie.
    nope, havent seen that movie.. if the media is to be believed, its been declared a hit.

  4. Oh I fell in love with his voice when he crooned Tumse hi… The voice is so damn flowy it’s silky. I hope he sings more.
    yup, thats the right word…silk!

  5. wowie!!!

    Dooba Dooba is my ALL time fav!!!
    sigh! those college days! even the video was so…..surreal!
    mine too!!!!! i was quite impressed with that underwater video back then..

    his voice is just awesome!


    am off to listen!!!

    dooriyaan is just totally mindblowing!
    i think so too!!:D

  6. You would not like to believe but it’s true that I wanted to blog about this guy after listening to his Yeh dooriyan for end number of times. Don know if the song is that beautiful or he makes it one πŸ™‚ by his singing. Also, you missed his unbeatable number from Jab we met “Tum se hi din hota hai…..”

    so blog anyway! there is no such thing as an over dose of good music!:)

  7. i absolutely LOVE masakali!!!!

    cool blog…loving it..
    thanks! im still kinda trying to figure out ur blog!!

  8. Hey,
    Stumbled over and enjoyed the writing on your earlier posts, the music on this one.. and the baking on the other blog ! πŸ™‚
    Keep at it πŸ™‚
    welcome to the blog, second sight.. and thank u for the kind words!

  9. silk route was one of the best albums ever… i still have it in my laptop and listen to it often… !!! he has a silken silken voice.. totally soooper !!!!!
    i still have the cassette i bought when the album was released.. i dint invest in CDs back then!:P

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