The quiz result and (yet) another trip

I thought the quiz was a great idea. Hitchwriter thought it was a great idea to wrech my quiz. So he did all but declare the results. No, actually he did declare the results! Yup, that  was the picture of a cotton crop and Homecooked was the first one to guess it right. Homecooked, my friend, you are our official winner. Your virtual prize gift hamper shall be reaching you soon. Others who got the answer right were Hitchwriter (obviously!) Monika and copy-cat Craftyshines. I think I made this quiz a little too easy for you all. Be warned, the next one is not going to be so simple.  I am already  hunting for potential topics to formulate my quiz on. Hopefully my upcoming trip to Mount Abu will give me  some dope for the quiz.

I dont know why I bother unpacking at all. I am off to the hill station of Rajasthan for two days. This time its another staff training. The number of training modules they have been sending me for  this year would make anyone wonder if I am trainable at all!  I mean just how many times does one need to be trained? If I were to look at  my schedule, I’d say  at least one more time!

22 thoughts on “The quiz result and (yet) another trip

  1. Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u off to Mount Abu!!!! wowie!!!!! have a nice trip!!!

    girl, u certainly are living outta the suitcase!! 😛 😀 😀


    just how many times does one need to be trained? If I were to look at my schedule, I’d say at least one more time!


    😛 geeee!!!!

    okie okie!!! so then i will read up on Mount Abu!!! and be ready for the quizzzz!!!
    this time i will be the topper and rest all will be copy cats!!!!


    *crafty prays to God she can be more discreet about her copying stunts this time around*

    have a nice trip Mandy!!! waiting rite here for u!!!

  2. Heee Hawww….

    you going again to mount Abu ?????

    whats with these employees of yours… they just keep training you all the time ?? huh ??

    i bet before you actually work for them… you will go for some other job….

    get them to talk to me will ya… 😀 😀

    try harder before the next quiz… and always moderate comments in quizzes… to keep great sports like me away !!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Yay….I won!!!! I never win “anything”. I hope my virtual prize reaches me sooner than my cookies “wink”. Crafty are you reading this????
    to be honest, im stillthinking up wat gift to give ya!! lol.. Crafty, child, that courier really needs to reach me now!!

    And girl…I would go for a 100 trainings if it meant going to places like Mt.Abu !!! Anyway I can vicariously visit through you 🙂
    I knoww!!! traveling is always fun!! no matter wat the reason for it!!

    1. AIYO!

      *crafty hides face with green colour cucumber face mask*

      geee….. yes mandy… yes homey…. sheesh…

      its coming…. and Mandy! i have not hath-maraoed on ur share! Swear!!!!!

  4. Hey ging for training sessions in fun places with ther whole team sounds like more fun than retiring to the office ka conference room to discuss a recent judgement 😛

  5. *Solilo sitting with a placard NO FAIR NO FAIR*

    Hitchy cheated. I googled too and I could have come up with Cotton but no I am satyavadi so I said ganja/charas/marijuana. 😀


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