Its funny

how the bus is late when I am early and early when I am late.

how relatives decide to descend on us the very weekend I plan a dinner out with the family. And how the same relatives are unavailable on days I want to just drop by and say hi.

how when I am dying to find a new job, I find none. And when I am happily settled in the one I have, friends,family and job sites send me great looking  job opportunites by the dozen.

how the day I am lazy to take food from home, the canteen serves the worst menu of the week- left over vegetables parcelled off as mili-juli sabzi, rajma with coconut(ever eaten that?),corn raita, paneer masala (a few pieces of paneer floating in a red tasteless curry), a boring onion-tomato-cucumber salad(with a high proportion of onions) and some liquidy sweet dish made of sabudana.

how the maid choses to take an unannounced  chhutti on the Sunday that I decide I want to spend doing nothing.

how net banking stubbornly refuses to work for me forcing me to make trips to the bank (does anyone physically go to the bank these days?) but works with perfect ease for everyone else.

how I meet traffic jams the day I want to reach home early, which is basically every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

how when I fill up buckets and buckets of water in an attempt to deal with the Municipal Corporation announcement of  a water cut ,I discover there is no cut at all. And when I operate on my past expience and don’t fill up any buckets, the Municipality rewards me with a 12 hour water cut.

how when my baking skills actually begin to get better, everyone at home goes on a weight managment spree when no one worried an iota about their weight when I was dishing out inedible dishes by the dozen.

how I am forced to travel when I would rather stay in town. And when I am bored stiff of sitting in office, I am not given the opportunity to travel. Btw, another trip is coming up at the end of the week . I tell you, I am so done  with traveling for work.

Oh I could go on and on.. examples of  how much control I have over my life. When I want this, I get that. When I want that, I get this!  I think this songs compliments my situation perfectly.

Here’s another song that has caught my attention. Its not the greatest song ever made, but it is peppy.

29 thoughts on “Its funny

    • @ IHM: It may be time for Itchy and Scratchy to retire, what with all the bosses hovering and late-night shifts!!

      As 50% share holder of the partnership, can i interest u in nomination as stong contender to carry out this legacy?? 😀 😀 😀
      hahahaha.. this is priceless… the legacy i believe.. LOL

      *crafty scoots off before IHM can find anything to throw at her*


  1. how I meet traffic jams the day I want to reach home early, which is basically every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.” Is the most difficult to understand coincidence… traffic jams only on these working day?!!! Are you serious Mandy!!
    honestly, IHM, traffic jam all the bloody time!!!

  2. haha!!! Had a good laugh reading ths…Seriously I was kinda mapping how often it happens to me 😉
    map it and do a post on it.. i will stop by and empathise..

  3. LOL! Oh yes, I guess its true for all of us 🙂

    Just when we plan something, the reverse happens 😦
    so we shudnt plan? or better yet, we shud plan the reverse? that way we hope for wat we dont want, and then get wat we really want?



    If co-incidence is proof that God exists and plays with us, Irony is proof that he has a wierd sense of humor….
    thats a good one, crafty!


    that canteen khanaa sounds killer! rajma and onion???? *shudder*
    no no, rajma with coconut!!! 😦

    u looking for a new job? i hope u find a sane one soon! these ppl seem to be killing u!

    my new ob has successfullly killed me… but my aatma is unsatisfied and is bhatkofying blogging around…sigh! 😐
    did it ever occur to u that may be all jobs are like this? u know the killer type??

    no one wants to eat what u bake??
    *crafty tying shoe laces… must to go to mandy’s house*
    come on over!!!!!

    and now u gotta take another trip! ok, so grass is greener on other side… guess u must be sick of living outta the suitcase!!
    i am , i am.. i want my boring routine back for sometime..

    i am sick silly from living outta the cubicle!!! 😐
    go inplace of me? 😛


    hope u have a nice trip!!! and hope after this will be a break from trips!!! 😀
    yes, i hope so too… i cant see any trip happening after this one.. but i mustnt speak too soon na?

  5. ur header is supremely uplifting!!! is this by u?
    yes its by me.. one of the rare times when my pictures actually turned out nice! 🙂
    and what lights are these?? i seriously loved the effect!!!
    no lights.. its the clouds giving the effect.

  6. sigh…. !!!!!!

    Sigh …. !!!

    SIGH… !!!!

    Domestic life…
    and professional life!!!!!
    but you know what… atleast its good to hear it happens to others too…. lol….

    Its just not me alone who is suffering… !!!
    u suffering?? dont kid me Hitchwriter!!!! its lesser mortals like us who suffer.. sigh… 😦

  7. I so agree! Life has a way of making every day interesting

    Traffic when I have a meeting to get to

    Shops close early when I rush out of work, so as to get ingredients to cook desperately.
    aahaaa! so ur halat is a little like me!! makes me feel better!!:)

  8. LOL Mandira Hugs 🙂 Looks like the festive season is being more hectic for you than usual! Where are u off to this time? And milli-julli sabzi…sounds interesting 🙂 I always wonder how hotels have fancy names for mediocre crap! And I love the header…open blue sky. Very zen-like!

    i am off to himachal .. again…. im sending u some of that yucky sabzi…it really is a fancy name of mediocre crap!!! i wish my state was a little zen like…like that pic… may be the picture will help restore calm..

  9. Somewhere, in some kabar, Murphy is rolling on “floor” laughing and thinking how his law always comes true. What else can I say.
    dude, i can guarantee, the man’s not dead!! look at the way he is active!! he CANT be dead!! lol
    Anyway all examples aptly apply to most of all. And then there are many more. Nice post btw 🙂
    give me 2 egs. from ur life..

  10. Mandu, Your stories should be published as ‘everyday sigh! life of a traveler’. Of course traffic jam on the cover.
    hahhaa… true, true.. i need to add “of a traveler”.. i really do!!!! n i shud change the header to a shot of a traffic jam!
    Cool Blue header!
    thank u!

  11. Well I see you’re married to murphy too… He tends to DESPISE you at all the wrong times… It’s so aaarrgggghhh!!!
    lol… married to murphy!! i hope to god not!! i just happen to live in his kingdom!i am therefore rules by him! 😉

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