This time the destination is ……

Himachal Pradesh. For a week  to complete part -II of this assignment. As much as travel excites me, this time I am in no mood to go anywhere. Traveling back to back takes the fun out of traveling. Plus Himachal is familiar and  so I am thinking there wouldnt be too  much new that I would discover on my second trip. But the slave of the company that I am, I have no choice.  I shall go and finish up work quickly and get back soon! 

PS: Thanks so much for the awards Lively. Will put them up when I get back.

24 thoughts on “This time the destination is ……

  1. sigh! mandy.. i will agree that the rate at which they send u travelling is a bit crazy…

    but!!!! Himachal!!!! SIGH!!!! i think i am willing to work at 50% paycut! if my job profile involves travel!!! 😀 😀


    hope this trip is nicer than u expect!!! come back with pics!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    and congrats on ur awards!!! 😀 muahs!!!

  2. you not keen to go to Himachal ??????

    Dev Bhooomi ??????????

    you want to exchange jobs ?? do you want to ??? really… I mean for the amount of travelling you get…


  3. @hitchy n crafty-you guys are nuts! Lol! Certifiably crazy! Wud have said more but typing from the mobile is a pain!
    @hitchy- solan.
    @tara- yes! Thats the bright side. Finish work and enjoy diwali! No more travelling till the festival season is over!

  4. Himachal???? I am sooo jealous! Its one of my favourite places 🙂 Maybe some retail therapy will help you put things in perspective. I remember getting some beautiful embroidered salwar pieces from there. Enjoy Mandira and dont forget the pics !

  5. Himachal sounds WOW!!! I so wanna go there like NOW! Hey that rhymed btw 😛
    Go and have fun like there s no tomorrow. I know it can get tiresome at one point, but come on it is HP. And remember we are waiting here with our eyes wide open, for the beautiful pics, and a travelogue. So make the most of what you’ve got.
    Your job takes you so many places.. hmmm.. I wish..

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