Abrupt endings

I dislike abrupt endings. No, I hate abrupt endings. Whatever it may be that the endings are  ending, they have to end it properly.  I don’t like it if  the ending  doesn’t feel complete. I don’t like book that leave the story hanging, half-said, in the end expecting the reader  to draw her own conclusions. Or movies that  are inconclusive in the end.Things have to be complete. I don’t even like incomplete menus that don’t describe to you exactly what the dish is.  Not surprising then that I was disgustedly annoyed when my much-awaited-for- vacation got cut to a measly 3 days. Especially since I have moved from “I basically like my job” to  “Who am I kidding? I am hating it here” some months back and was dying for  a break. A vacation cut short basically means you end up going to office earlier than you had planned. Now, for worker bees like me, whose life runs in a clockwork like fashion (partly because of living in a city  like Mumbai), a vacation is a very important thing. It means freedom- from waking up early in the morning, from running to catch the bus, from spending precious time counting cars stuck in a traffic jam, from deadlines, from weird colleagues. And you know it as well as I do, you take freedom away from anyone, that person is guaranteed to be very, very unhappy.

Unhappy or not, I am back in the city. Back at work. The reason for cutting the trip short was fairly simple and straight forward. We fell ill. Pretty badly. Some rocking South Indian stomach bug found us and decided he liked us so much that he dint want to leave  us. Good for him, because he found a nice, cosy place to reside in. Terrible for us because our health began spiralling out of control so fast that at one point I actually asked aloud “I am not dying, am I ?” We booked ourselves on the next available flight even while  at the back of my head I kept thinking – I cant be so ill. I am on a vacation. I am sure I will be fine in a day or two.  But when you are as sick as we were, you don’t get fine in a day or two. And as sensible human beings instead of hunting for doctors in an unfamiliar city, you head back home. When you are sick you like familiarly- the familiar face of your family physician, the next-door chemist who makes quick home deliveries, the  comforts of your home.  It makes you feel infinitely more comfortable and somehow in better control of the situation. After multiple doses of horrid tasting antibiotics, we are fine now, which is why I am in office wondering what bad karma from my past life caught up with me on my trip to force me back to work early. I could have not reported to work. No one expected me this early anyway. But PLs  are important things. They are what you use to buy you days of freedom from the company. So I like to save ‘em up. Sorta like a insurance for future. So that the next time work gets to me, I have enough PLs to just (totally irresponsibly) take off.

I don’t have pictures to share. The one day that I was there, hale and hearty, I dint take any. I was going to take pictures in the remaining ten days. If you are super keen (and if you dint follow this blog 2 years back), you could take a look at some pictures that were taken on the last trip to Pondicherry.

On the sunny side, I am home and am not going to be travelling anywhere for sometime now. Till December. That’s when I attend a dear friends wedding. Naturally that trip, I am looking forward to. The health is improving and so it improves so does my temperament and that’s a very good thing for everyone around me.  I am reading Eat Pray Love on the suggestion of a friend and I am loving it( and her for suggesting it).  I am also praying, as suggested by the book and I am trying real hard to love the job that has been God ordained for me in this life time. What I am not doing is eating indulgently as suggested by the book. Have to care for that sensitive, beaten up stomach , you see.

NB: If you think I have over done the italics in this post, blame the book.

16 thoughts on “Abrupt endings

  1. Oh dear! Hope that South Indian guy leaves your cozy place soon. 😀
    he’s basically gone. im throwing his suitcase out in a day or two too:)

    I liked (not loved) Eat, Pray, Love too. It is something a girl can re-read often. Wrote about it here. http://mesoliloquy.wordpress.com/revue-des-livres/eat-pray-love-by-elizabeth-gilbert/

    i read.. commets are off on that post btw..u wrote quotes and all…u have to admit, its a funny book…very “i” oriented sometimes, but still funny..

    • I loved those quotes, Mandu. As I said something we can re-read esp. when we are down.

      Comments are off because I thought all books can be discussed on the main book review page.
      oh, wogay wogay…

  2. Get well soon.. !!! or have you already gotten well.. !! lol… seems the southy guy left the coz comfy’s… lol.. 😆
    thanks for the wishe.. im generally well now..
    back to work… 😦
    yes, yes…thats what they pay you for-WORKING.. not BLOGGING!

    “I basically like my job” to “Who am I kidding? I am hating it here

    Geez.. even I am moving into this phase… 😐
    yeah? since when ? i thot u liked work?

  3. Hugs Mandy!

    Hope you get beter really soon 🙂
    im much better already, pixie!
    Take care!
    Hope you can indulge that tummy of yours with whatever food you would like to indulge it with!
    im thinking on the lines of a very cheesey pasta… hehhe

    Me liked the book as well! 😀
    in that case, same pinch!

  4. awwww! that totally sucks, yup! 😦 hugs to ya!
    thank you, Abha!
    and yes why are vacations so difficult now?! why?! i am going for goddamn SIX working days (doesnt even qualify as a vacay) and was asked if i could work one of the Fridays! WTF?!
    im telling u, we shud sue them… vacations are our birthright..in fact companies shud pay for them!!!

    heck! first i thought your office called ya back! :p get totally okie soon babes!
    yes, yes.. getting there already..:)


  5. Like Abha even I thought you were called from office and was thinking you must be quite an important personality there 😉
    hehehe.. u are SO good for my ego, HC.. i WISH i was that important that things wud come to a grinding halt simply coz i dint report to work for a few days.. reality, however, is quite different…

    But hopefully you are much better and will be indulging in food pretty soon as the book suggests :)The good part is that you’ll be able to take proper leave for ur friends wedding. Get well soon!
    yes.. and im reallly reallly looking fwd to the wedding…

  6. They are even going to make movie with Julia Roberts in the lead role 🙂 I will pick up this book too shortly.
    dont waste 350 bucks.. borrow it from someone.. like me! have lent out my copy to a friend rt now.. will send it to u after i get it back if u like…:)

    Sorry to hear about the trip ending abruptly.. but good thing is you are well now.

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  8. So that s it, isn’t it? Everybody hates their jobs, loves going on long holidays 😀
    you got it right lively, thats basically it.:)
    And hope you are well now, you sound quite well, but still have plently of quality food and rest.
    yes ma’am..

  9. You know…just on sunday I bought a comics…and it didnt ended well… i mean the suspense part “is still in prints”… :((( bad bad… even i hate it ….
    im so glad i have company in the “i hate incomplete, inconclusive things” group!

    oops…fallling ill… just take care dear 🙂

  10. Poor you. I hope you are back to normal now and the bugs have left you.
    I found Eat Pray Love very interesting and hard to put down.
    some parts are genuinely funny na?i jst lent the book to a friend.. havent heard from her wat she thinks of it tho

  11. Damn sad… 😦
    Such awful things happen but you NEED to get on with life, unfortunate it is. 😦
    i know.. but im feeling fine now.. so its bad but not all that bad!;)

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