Plagiarism at its very best

You have to be totally unimaginative , not to mention shameless, to be indulging in the kind of plagiarism that you do. Yes, I am talking to you, Shet Al Shah– an indian centre in Oregon. You have literally  copy-pasted each and every word Indian Home Maker wrote on her blog. You even call your blog Indian Homemaking.What I dont understand is  how you are going to meet your objectives, and let me quote here-

Our mission is to populate Indian culture in United States and to facilitate intecultural dialog between American and Asian cultures.

We conduct seminars, trainings, lectures and other events to achieve these goals.

Our community includes more than 500 000 Indians, which immigrated to Oregon from different Indian provinces.

One of our main duties is to built effective collaboration between Indian programmers from Bangalor (Indian Silicon Valley) and US IT Compaines.

by copying some one else’s work. I dont even see the connect between what IHM writes and the promotion of Indian culture in US. I dont think you know this, so I thought I should sound you off. The blog world is like a family. We stand up for each other. We stand up against plagerism. If you dont want us fellow bloggers to hunt you down( dont think your living in US would matter. We have contact everywhere.) I think it would be wise idea for you to delete your blog. Now.

Best wishes,


14 thoughts on “Plagiarism at its very best

  1. WTF! And how do we know that we are not copy pasted too? How to find out? This is crap. Someone should’ve really hunted him/her down. They would’ve been used to learn the hard way. What s the guarantee they’ll not copy someone else now? in some other name.

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