Claim to fame

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my first ever blog interview. Trying to hold in the excitement, I direct you to this webspace and request you to read up and tell me what you think of it.

I knew I should have got my “thank you speech” ready when I heard from them. Its too late now so I am just going to have to say  a simple but heartfelt thank you to the team that put together the interview and of course, all you blogging buddies ( you know who you are) without whom blogging wouldnt be half as fun as it is!

PS:Soli, IHM, Hitchy,Indy– with that interview, I am technically in your league now! 😆

40 thoughts on “Claim to fame

      1. how can that be IHM.. i was here as well 🙂 typing the comment, you know… its great to be around here with you 😀
        hehehe… I thot u came right after… or may be not.. may be u came right before she arrive…

        n yey!! i am first..
        i think so too..

  1. woohoo! CONGRATS!! Off to read the interview now!!

    you are so so pretty! 🙂 🙂
    The snap is amazing Mandy!
    I remember seeing your feet in one of your old posts and commenting how pretty you are! heh!

  2. Congratulations Mandu! Pretty pretty gal!

    Fabulous interview. You are exactly what I thought about you. Mature with a dash of innocence in words and looks.
    thanks Sol…thats such a nice compliment.:)

    Keep churning that windmill always! Hugs.
    hugs back!

      1. Mandu,

        The face and smile is just like Genelia’s. 🙂

        Next time leave your hair open and apply kohl/eyeliner and you can dance to ‘pappu can’t dance saala’ with Imran Khan.

  3. Congrats my celebrity friend!!!! Superb interview! And u look pretty as always 😉 Thanks for mentioning my blog too! So where are you partying today 🙂
    thankooo… i thot i was partying with you!

  4. Oh so finally you decided to let me in! Thanks 🙂 And that s a lovely Mandy over there (pic) and a interesting interview indeed. Congrats. I’m so in awe of you ‘interviewd’ guys right now 😛
    it wasnt just you… everyone had access problems.. 🙂 dont be in awe ya.. we are just regular ppl.. and u never know when ur time will come..

  5. hey people, thanks for the encouraging words… i read the interiew myself late last night.. found some typos/missing words…as prone to them as i am .. i swear i dint make them this time…..i think! lol…anyway, trying to get them corrected…

  6. As mad as i was that you didn’t tell me, i think it’s somehow way cooler i found this out on my own!!! without being repetitive, woohoooo.. this is fabulous!! churn away i say!!!

    Mandy’s a star yayyy

  7. kangrasulations mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lovely interview!!!! and a much deserved one i tell ya!! 😀

    danganakka dance!!!!! and soooper tight hugs for saying u are fond of my blog!!! tee hee!!

    u were one of my earliest blogger friends!!! and i am glad i met u thru bloggin!!

    aiyoooo! senti crafty!!

    *sooper tight hugs n muahs*

    😀 😀 😀 😀

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