Reviewed in this post

a book and a movie.

The Book- I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien is an inspiring, fascinating book. It charts the life of a young Malyali man who studied metallurgy in the US and quite accidently landed in   dusty, tiny Anand, got involved with a group of farmers tying to set up a cooperative, and decided to stay on in Anand. The twist of fate that lands him in Anand also finds him his mentor and his life’s mission and eventually makes him the Milkman of India.

To me, and I am sure to many others, Kurien comes across as a no nonsense, straight speaking, principled man. I found reflections of my impression of him in the manner in which he recounts his life- honest, upfront,fearless.  He is candid in sharing how he reached the heights that he did  and graciously shares the credit for his success with those who stood by him in trying times.  He is equally candid in admitting his mistakes (of course in hindsight).  His commitment to the rural people and his people centric approach guided his decision making, as is clearly visible though many of the examples he shares in the book.

I Too Had a Dream talks of how real, tangible economic change is possible at the grassroots if those working with rural communities have their principles in place , are committed to the cause and don’t  fall pray to selfish personal motives  and lose sight of the larger goal they had originally committed  themselves to. It talks of how one should faces adversity and surmount it.  How power and authority should be used for the benefit of those in need .And most importantly it talks of how a nation was built- painstakingly, brick by brick.

In a commercial world guided by profit and ruled by MNCs,  it is heart-warming to read of a true story that depicts genuine empowerment of people. The Amul brand is  owned by the farmers who form the cooperatives. How often do we see large scale collectives of people that not only produce but also market so successfully?

In my opinion, the  250 page book is totally worth your time. Highly recommended.

PS:Besides the book about the man who made Amul, what do I love about the utterly butterly delicious butter ? The  rocking in- sync- with- the- times ads! Admit it, you like ’em too!

You can find a treasure trove of Amul ads here.

The movie- Ajab prem ki gazab kahani starring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor. Tickets were purchased in what I suspect was  a moment of insanity. We arent a movie crazy family so when my parents laid a few hundred rupees on the counter and bought tickets to the recent bollywood flick that everyone’s talking about, I was duly surprised. I was even more surprised to find out how not worth our time the movie was.  The  parents didnt think it was so bad but thats the thing with movies- they are very subjective.  I thought the movie bordered on intolerable. The story line was, in typical Bollywood style, anything but believable- young jobless boy runs a “happy club” that aims on making others happy (what else?), meets young, pretty orphan girl who is being married off to some cheapo by her parents. He falls for her, mends his ways, learns to earn a honest living (in a halwai’s shop, please note) and works to help her get rid of the cheapo  in the hope that she will declare she loves him, only to find out later that  she loves some third guys….. you get the drift?  The acting was ok, nothing outstanding. Katrina is a pretty face but her dialogue delivery isnt the best. Ranbir’s acting is averagely good but its not something that will linger in your mind as a great performance. While I found  some of the humour tasteless, there were a few dialogues that got a laugh out of me. The ending reminded me of  Hera Pheri- slapstick pandermonium. The saving grace of the movie was its songs and according to me, the best of the lot was this one-

Watch it if you have time on hand and nothing better to do. Alternately, go to the theatre to watch it but leave your brain behind.

I am off to the City of Joy for a day. Be back by the weekend.

8 thoughts on “Reviewed in this post

  1. Verghese Kurien is indeed a very inspiring person! I haven’t read this book and now want to get my hands on it! Must be a great read.
    it is,smitha..

    The amul ads! I miss them here! They are so amazing! They manage to capture every thing that happens, so well!
    u know the amul website has all their ads … right from the first ones..

    As for the movie – well, I don’t even end up watching good ones, so this one I guess, will remain unwatched by me 🙂
    trust me, thats a smart move

  2. Me no read books.. but me loves Amul Ad’s !!! 😀 😀
    arre,start reading!!! books are nice…. i swear they are !:P
    they are ultimate !
    the ads rock, no questions there. 🙂
    However this is one book that I think i will pick up I love reading about such men !!! He is one guy I have admired.. !!!
    n its not even a boring book.. its got a good pace and the life of Kurien is very fascinating..

    you know one of the reasons behind Amul happening in Gujarat is also the roads of gujarat.. !! the connectivitiy since ages has been far ahead than the rest of the country !

  3. Wow!
    I’m not in a position to read books right now, due to exams and all. I will certainly read it.
    Thanks for the recco, and please reccomend more! 🙂
    catch up on the reading post exams.. right now, read those course books girl!

    But the amul ads! Awesome! How much they convey in one single picture. Really! 🙂
    i know! and they have great lines to go with the pics!

    And Ajab Prem… No! Blah, didn’t feel like watching, cos my friends didn’t like it!
    dont, please dont.. its not worth ur money n buy books instead!

  4. I am a Amul ad fan too! I loved your book review. My father-in-law is from Anand so I know a little but about the background. The other biography I was most impressed by was JRD Tata’s…Beyond the last blue mountain I think.
    Wow, u have the Anand connection!!! thats so cool.. i dint know JRD had a biography.. will see if i can get my hadns on it..

    And ur movie review was superb! Hahaha…will steer clear of this one. Though Ranbur Kapoor is a good incentive to watch a movie 🙂
    He’s good, but not that good…

  5. niiice reviews mandy!

    the book sure sounds interesting! due to lack of time we missed almost all movies in the theatre starting with wake up sid. i am guessing i didnt miss much. pirated DVDs here i come!

    and yes, i LOVE Amul Ads. and they have been on the same billboards like forever. so we would keep looking for a change everytme we would pass by a particular place!


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