What did 36 hours in Calcutta bring?

A flurry of activity
Moody journalists  (if you are wondering where that popped in from, its work related)
Rice fields (work related again. Move a little out of Cal and you will see rice fields and so much greenery that it’ll amaze you)
Great food
Air infused with the smell of fish curry
Pleasant weather
Sandesh and misti doi
A live piano recital
New acquaintances
Bridges over the Hoogly
Pretty women with large doe like eyes and deep red bindis
Happy faces
Laidback cabbies
A bird’s eye view of the Dakshineshwar Kali temple
Impressive colonial  buildings
Traffic jams
And a nearly missed flight

In short, enough excitement to last me a long time. 🙂

17 thoughts on “What did 36 hours in Calcutta bring?

  1. You were in Calcutta? Then I missed you! I am in cal till the first week of Jan – let me know if you drop by again.
    god! wish i knew u were there!! i spent reallly reallly little time in Cal…but if i knew u were there i wud have planned accordingly.. no chance of going there again in the next month or so… 😦

  2. so u finally went to cal…i visited it last june..previous to the year 2000, i used to make an annual trip to the city during summer hols of MIS…the city has changed a lot..still retains its laidback charm…i am going there again next week… 🙂
    u shud visit,D… i like the laidback feel of the city…have fun on ur trip..

  3. Ask your mom to continue writing her blog..she wrote the last article on aug 16th…and convey my gratitude to her for penning certain things which i really needed today!! reading her blog has made me happy!

    she;s writing.. quite consistently , in fact.. go check the blog again.. she just posted yesterday..

  4. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

    Calcutta is one of my mom’s favorite cities! 🙂
    (I am yet to visit this beautiful place… sigh)
    im sure u will visit it sometime soon.. there are LOADS of places i havent visited as yet.. b’lore for one..

  5. aha!! another trip!!!! mandy!!!!!sigh!

    i have sorted the parcel dilemma finally… more details on email …

    are there no pics from Cal? and u ate sandesh and misti doi!!!

    aiyo!!! if u have pics of those…don’t post!!! i will just faint with drooling!

  6. Wow…eventful trip! And journo’s Mandira! Proper celebrity you’ve become 🙂 Hmmm…I am trying to conjure up aroma’s of all the yummy things you’ve mentioned! Where are the pics babes. Your travelogues seem incomplete without them!

  7. 36 hours is too less a time to move through the maze called Kolkata. But, as per your list, seems you have got the real essence of the city. 🙂

  8. Oh- you came to Cal! But my mom’s been in the hospital since 24th Nov, I doubt if we could have met. Do let me know whenever you’re heading this way again.

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