A celebratory break

Unlike Kiran, I dislike detest winters. When I say winter, I mean real winter, not the fake one Bombay gets each year. Not that the fake winter deters overcautious parents in the city from covering their children up in woolen caps and pullovers, which, if you ask me, makes for a very amusing sight. I have never liked winter. In the 20+ years that I lived in Delhi, I just about managed to survive the season. Each time the season passed, I profusely thanked the Lord for sending the sun, thawing my frozen bones and lifting my depression. No wonder then, the one thing I loved about moving to Bombay was the fact that we never got winter here- it was just the hot summer and a humid and uncomfortable monsoon. Essentially it stayed warm all through the year-perfect, equitable, maritime climate.

Since moving to the city, I haven’t had much opportunity to face winter. Its an opportunity I don’t feel the loss of. But I am going to brave the winter after a long time this year.  I am dreading the weather but looking forward to the event that’s forcing me to face it. It’s a close friend’s wedding and to be a part of the celebration I am willing to freeze my toes off , if I have to.

See you guys on the other side of this celebratory blog break!

13 thoughts on “A celebratory break

  1. I used to love winters – a long back. Now after living in this cold, wet country -sunshine is all I crave 🙂 It would be so wonderful to move back to Bangalore and it’s mild weather.

    Have fun and enjoy your break.

  2. A fellow winter hater… I am so glad I have company.. we had snow yesterday in Houston and I refuse to step out of my heated home this weekend… it is going to be a long winter.. I am just waiting for March when the number of cold days decrease…

    Have fun at the wedding

  3. i just came back from a winter wedding in delhi. freezing your butt off at 230am till the pheras happen in some fancy lawn is so NOT funny! esp since you are wearing a fancy saree you can wear just a shawl over it. no sweater, monkey cap, gloves and thermals! hehe!

    i didnt have those skin colour socks you can wear with chappals!! you should carry them and avoid fressing toes atleast! 😉

    and yes, i dont take cold very well either!!

    have fun girl!!


  4. Hey! Mandira… 🙂
    I read your posts now! I’d exams and had to take a break! 😦

    I think you’re one of the few people I know who hates winters! How!!!

    And about your other post… I don’t like huge weddings either. Small weddings are much more beautiful and meaningful… 🙂

    forget the winters… tell me how the exams went! did u finally get over the self portraits and do some serious studying???

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