The wedding

 This time I have reached the height of laziness. I’ve been back from Delhi since over a week and I haven’t managed to get myself to write a post until now.  Professional commitments have kept me busy but other than that, its just been plain laziness.

The three day trip to the capital city  was worth every bit of time and effort I put in.  Considering that the tailor didn’t have my clothes ready till the very last minute, I was well prepared to attend the blessed event in jeans and sneakers. The bride was called and duly informed of the possibility and she seemed quite alright with the idea. Her only concern was that she might have to turn up in jeans since her clothes weren’t ready either! For all the anxiety they caused, the  garments did finally arrive and neither of us had to pull out our jeans. Though, to be honest, I would have loved wearing the jeans. The thick twill weave would have been much more effective in keeping the cold out. At the cost  of sacrificing fashion at an event where everyone  typically tries to outdo each other, you wouldn’t have heard me complain about sticking out like a sore thumb. In the end I took refuge in silks of various kinds. Not once did my nose turn red. I think I survived  ok. 😉 

The wedding was a beautiful event as were the ceremonies leading up to it.  I just wish the phera were slotted a little earlier in the evening, that way I could have hung around till the very end.  I liked the fact that it wasn’t an over-the-top kind of wedding. I don’t know about you, but I  don’t quite understand those. If I attend an over-the-top wedding I always  feel out of place. I prefer smaller affairs where you have the opportunity of actually interacting with the families, where the bride and the groom aren’t being drowned in a sea of people jostling to strategically align position themselves around them to get their pictures clicked and where you can meet the couple and exchange a few words without being under pressure to hurry it up because the line of guests waiting for their turn is getting longer by the minute.  Some of you may not agree, but I think when it comes to weddings(and lots of other things in life too!), low key is the way to be. Having said that, I must mention that I do realize no matter how low key you try to make an Indian wedding, there is still a whole lot of planning and organizing that is required. Even when done on a smaller scale, it still is an elaborate event that  requires a lot of effort on everyone’s part to put everything together.

I loved the atmosphere of happiness, excitement and high energy that surrounds the shaadi wala ghar.  Happiness has a tendency to spread, to take  in its fold everyone, to surround everyone. It has the capacity  to get an unenthusiastic person like me  to shake a leg. To get elderly arthritic aunties to dress up in their kanjivarams, brave the cold and actively participate in the singing and dancing. To get cousins to spontaneously create song and sing them on full volume. Celebration and the happiness that goes with it, sounds like a wonderful thing to me.

E and D, this post is for you. I am sure the best years of your life begin now- together.  

PS: Just to clarify, do not expect me to shake a leg at your wedding. I may do it in a moment of insanity, but I don’t  do a good job of it. Save yourself and me the embarrassment.(Crafty back me up here, would ya?)

PPS: Thanks for the winter fighting tips, Abha. They helped.  🙂



11 thoughts on “The wedding

  1. Don’t ya just love wearing Indian outfits in winter? I really hate it when there is an Indian event and it is freezing cold. More often thatn not, Indian events in Houston are held in the temple and that means I have to walk around barefoot or ruin a pair of socks. I just hate it.
    i hate winter.period. walking barefoot is ok.. but nt wen u are all dressed up…barefoot and kanjeevaram just doesnt fit..
    On a note about Indian weddings, can they ever be low-key if done with the rituals? Also the definition of low-key varies. My definition was just immediate family (like 20 people on each side) my mom’s definition was like 200 families on each side!
    hahaa.. true..may be we can cut down on the rituals a bit.. small is more like 30-50 people for me….

  2. It has been aaaages since I attended a wedding! and worn a sari. You make me so homesick!
    come over for a while then! season closes soon!!!!
    Low key weddings – I love them – much nicer, quieter and with people who really care rather than a whole load of people nobody seems to know 🙂
    i knoww!!! typically there are so many of these people who noone knows!! its kinda bizzare!
    But low key weddings are probably very difficult to engineer in our Indian scenario 🙂
    eggzactly!! they are practically impossible to organise here!!
    ‘I loved the atmosphere of happiness, excitement and high energy that surrounds the shaadi wala ghar’ – I can so imagine it! It must have been wonderful!

  3. Yup! Low-key weddings are the way!
    But, I am yet to attend a low-key wedding!!;)
    And yes, I always feel out of place, even when I’m dressed in silk sarees!!! 😀 😀

    Glad to know you had a great time! 🙂

    And that the shaadi-wala ghar was engulfed in happiness!
    God Bless the lucky Couple! 🙂

  4. i would love to dress up in all the Indian finery…miss it so much. the only time I wear indian wear here is during Diwali. I prefer small ceremony too. makes mingling and interacting so much easier, personal and pleasurable
    i manage to pull out the indian finery only for occassions like wedding.. and of course diwali… else its jeans/salwar -kameez/skirts..and such like…

  5. Ooh wow…I miss all the wedding back home 😦 But gald to know that u enjoyed it! And how is it that u dont like dancing :p Now i know how your wedding will be! Low-key with plenty of chit-chat with the guests 🙂
    HC, dont be a meanie, u know i cant dance..!!!!! i am terrrrrible at it!!!!!!be glad u got spared the sight..hehee

  6. You would have loved my wedding- a low key Arya Samaj affair followed by lunch.
    I find very OTT weddings hard to digest.
    arre!! why dint u invite me!!!u shud have u know..considering we both went to the same college!!!:P

  7. 😀

    so you attended the shaadi and survived!! and the socks helped? i was wunnering what my tips were considering i DID freeze my butt off! and then there were women . girls who didnt even take a shawl!! and wore those bare backed cholis! and sheer sarees! how?!

    and i cant belive you cant dance!! at Cubby’s shaadi we shall see!

    and yes, i love simple weddings too. not easy, but worth it!

    and yes the bonhomie and happiness in a shaadi ka ghar is just incomparable!


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