Reviewing this year

I am generally very lazy with blog awards. I am the last person to make the effort to  read the rules, think of posts that made an impression and nominate them. Thats not to say I have never done this, its just that I am shamelessly,unapologitically  lazy about it.

These days the Avant Garde Blogging Awards are being mentioned all around. I have a list of posts that I would like to nominate and I will  have that published here by the weekend. If you take into account the fact that it took me over eight days to do a post on the recent wedding I attended, you would think I am quite in time for the Awards. Kind bloggers like Monika and Hitchwriter have even got  my name in their nomination lists for which I am very grateful (and surprised!!). And as of yesterday IHM has shared with us this really cool way of making a list of all posts written in the year.  I suggest you should hop over and pick up the tip she’s shared-its very useful. Here’s my list of posts that I wrote in the year. Nominations close two days from now, so hurry up and make your lists. Help people jog their memory. You never know which post might get nominated!

Coming up in the next post- my list of nominations.

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