You have just another day

to submit your nominations for The Avant Grade Awards. I just made my submission(finally)! and since the deadline is 10pm, 20th December, if you want to make a submission, you better hurrrry!Here’s what I submitted.

Award category

Best How-to PostEasy peasy wordpress tips and tricks by Solilio 

Best off beat postFree hugs by Craftyshines

Most interesting personal rantWe wake up late here by Churningthewordmill

Most Humorous Post

Travel Post-

Best Visual Post (Photos, Cartoons, etc.)-


Best Culinery Post-

Best poetry post- Ode to my once slim waist by Ritu

Best evocative post on parenting- Ready, get, set by Maggie

Blog Awards

Most Beautiful Header

Most Interesting SidebarMonika

Best Blog Design

Most Disciplined Blogger

Most Networking Blogger- Hitchwriter

Most Responsive BloggerSolilio

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