Aal is well

Well, almost.

People have been raving about 3 Idiots so much that I convinced myself and my cousins to spend some serious money (and time) on a visit to the local multiplex. All in all, it wasn’t a bad deal but it was rather different from what I expected it to be.

3 Idiots is loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone (which for some unknown reason I call Five Point Something). Very loosely. So loosely, in fact, that I was left a little confused by the plot. I was expecting the film to follow the general direction of the book and that didn’t quite happen. Perplexed by the twists and turns of the movie and diffident about my memory, I had to turn to the cousin repeatedly and ask  “Do you remember reading this??!”  Each time I asked, the cousin dutifully shook her head to confirm that the plot was indeed taking off on a route very different from the book. Take my word for it, there was a lot of head shaking the poor thing needed to do that day.

I  have read the book and while it is a book that appealed to the masses, I dint think of it as earth shattering material. That’s not to say it dint have the right elements. I think I was put off by the too-plain language, but the book  gives you ample scope to  pick up the right elements and weave your screenplay around them. If you do a smart job of it,  you have yourself a young, funny movie. I think it’s a  storyline that should  find takers.  Most people who ever attended college enjoyed it, so a story based on experiences in college would, by simple logic, appeal to this fairly large slice of the population pie.

The cast consisted of actors did a good job of their job-ie.acting. The fabulous actor that Amir Khan is, he put in his all in playing the role of a twenty something. He could successfully act that way, but let be honest here- no amount of make up, perfect lighting and faultlessly angled shots  can make you look twenty years younger than your present age. So to me it looked like there was an inconsistency  in how Rancho walked, talked, behaved and the way he looked.  The other two actors looked more appropriate for their roles(not that they are anywhere near 20 years of age) , they acted well and their characters got a fair share of space in the film.  I liked Madhavan because, well, I like him and I loved they way they developed Sharman’s character- reminded me of some people I know. 😉  Kareena Kapur was the glamour quotient.( I ‘ve got to do something to start liking her. With the number of hits she gets,she’s obviously here to stay) Boman Irani as the father of the glamour quotient and the Director of the Institute was outstanding. Minor characters like Chatur Ramalingam  and Millimetre were impressive too.

Now about the humour in the movie. The movie is funny and there were scenes where I laughed my guts out. Yet, in a diametrically opposite reaction, there were “funny” scenes that made me cringe. Crude or cheap humour just doesn’t do it for me. I wish Indian cinema would mature a little more in the quality of humour. Finesse is a good thing… even in humour.

If I were to rate the movie .I’d give it something like  a 2.75 or 3/5.  Its not a bad deal. There is a long weekend coming up,you could see it then.  I am sure the producers will be grateful  if  you push up their stats on their already- declared- hit film. You wont regret it either.


23 thoughts on “Aal is well

  1. I was waiting for your review !

    Sigh ! apart from the last two para’s you are actually praising the film arent you ??!!! 😛
    surprised,arent u???

    i guess the shaadi melodrama and the delivery by vaccumm was a bit stretched… but that apart I felt it was a well done movie…
    both of them were SO over the top and SO not required.. and SOOO unbeleivable!!!!!!

    especially being a hostel guy for 3 years in another city college… I could so so relate to it.. !
    i was a hostel bachha too.. 🙂 so like u i cud relate to some part..except i was probably not as adventureous as u (and the 3 idiots)!!

    crude humour ??? sigh… I thought such a non veg joke was carried off very subtly… ! i hope i dont get slaughtered for that… but such jokes in a college.. are norm ! arent they ?
    coooome on Hitchy!! wat the hell is a subtle non veg joke anyway!?lol

    i still dont like the argument of how they look ?? plus movies are for entertainment arent they ??
    amir khan is a FAB actor but he’s now middle aged. u cant hide that.. cudnt they have taken a younger cast?may be his nephew..he’s good man..

    which this movie provides !!

    like i said I m a sucker for nostalgia.. plus having to fulfill expectations and doing things you didnt want to do… sort of connect personally and hence I simply loved it !

    btw i saw it twice in hall and already once on dvd ! 😛
    lol.. u are treating it like i treated dil chahta hai..

  2. but they arent claiming it to be based on FPS! ONLY Chetan Bhagat seems to think so! so i am glad it has nothing to do with the book! i quite didnt like it!! the book that is!
    i think i love u.. u hated hte book toO?? i thot it was totally over rated ya…

    movies, i am yet to watch! just cant get hands on any tickets!! even freaking new years eve tix are sold! lotsa people seems happy not partying!! hehe!
    arre..thats so tragic… get a dvd..but thats never as much fun as a movie in the theatre with popcorn..

    and like HW here said. crude jokes are a norm at college! and as long as it makes me laugh i dont expect every comic scene to be classy! 😉

    but more AFTER i manage to catch the movie!
    wait a little longer ….tatasky will have it on showcase soon… 😛


    • He he .. even I am waiting for the showcase event 😛

      I do think all his books r over-rated. Infact, I feel FPS is better than the 2nd n 3rd 😛
      i dint bother to read anything by him after FPS.

  3. I didn’t like the book.
    Still not convinced about the movie.
    No one in their right minds or faces can look 20 when they are 40!!
    So, despite AK being a brilliant actor, I still feel he hasn’t pulled off the role.
    No amount of good direction, photo angles, lighting can cover up the fact that all of them look 40.

    But, the husband wants to watch the movie – So, I will make sure we go to a mall that has good popcorn! 😉

  4. Hehehe…I dont like Kareena either! I dont think I can do or rather she can do anything to make me like her 😉 Aamir on the other hand is a different story. Even if he plays the role of a 10 year old boy when he is 60…I will gladly pay to watch him 🙂 I so want to watch this movie….but I dont think its playing anywhere close to my place. Have to wait for the DVD now.
    hahhaa.. welcome to the i-dont-like-bebo group.. i dont even like the name bebo, btw..there is a good motivation to wait for the DVD.. u’ll save serious some money!:P

  5. Finally saw the movie day before morning and quite enjoyed it… There were traces from the book, and lot of traces of munna bhai[prob cos of Boman irani, student being in love with his daughter,etc but all in all it was a fun movie…

    thats exactly wat i said!!!! the munnabhai connect is there for all to see!!!im not saying its bad, i am saying its not wat i thot it wud be.. 😦

    yes, that delivery bit was a little too much, and so not needed… rest was good.. loved oggling at Ladakh in the last few scenes!!! 🙂 i tho completely loved Aamir n Maddy – big fan of both these talented actors… Sharmaan was also good..
    ooooh yeah….i oogled like crazy at ladakh.. hv put it on my travel list. 🙂 aamir n maddy i liked.. but i always like’ em!

    now tripping on the music..!!!

  6. Hey..somehow I do not feel Chetan Bhagat is any great shakes…other than five point sumone which was still tolerable!! Whatever it is…book reading can never be compared to on screen!! It has it’s own charm!! Very few filmakers only are skilld..to be able to create a similar magic!

  7. Phew !! At last !!! I share the same opinion; its a nice movie and too good at parts. but cant call it the movie of the year or something similar. The actors played well but unlike earlier Hirani movies, I couldnt get connected with the movie because of the flaws that were on the face kind and typical bollywood masalas. I would give it 3/5 for its entertainment quotient.

    again, at lassssttt !!!
    vimms!im so glad u agree!! i thot the “social”angle that hirani added was quite silly..that bit about “studying wat ur heart desires” was quite out of the blue if u ask me.. plus its something thats been discussed to death ya….

  8. now i wanna see it just for the sake of crude humor!! 😛
    hahaha.. thats as good a reason as any! i say go ahead and rent out a dvd today!!

    no you are right. indian humor needs to get better. i watched a comedy show – errm attempt at one – on sony or was it star plus? … MAN !!!!!!!!! they really need to re-work their lines …
    so true!!!!!!

    but i guess if they did rework them, no one would laugh. :/

  9. and heyyy i likeee kareena!!
    you do?? reallly???!!!

    am i the only one ??
    seems like it!

    it seems so!! haha whoever i know seems not to like her. pshhh u guys!
    hahaa..u can see we have a general consensus on that!

  10. thanks for the review. was wondering if i should see it.think i will, after reading this. i seem to have the same concerns about and expectaions from a movie.
    its good tp,im not denying that.. so u can see it if u like..

    yes, it is so different from the book that the author Bhagat is not appropriately acknowledged in the credits. he’s upset by it. but then, u’d have read about it.
    yes i have..their jhagda is all over the place…

    agree with you hundred pecent. wish our actors would take up roles that suit their age.

    incidentally, my take on amir khan. he is too obsessed with himself. gives himself too much centrality at the cost of being faithful to the theme in hand. and does that too blatantly.that’s why he misses the oscar mark.
    there is a fine line between being a perfectionist and being obsessive..

    happy to have stumbled upon your blog.
    happy to have you here!

  11. I Watched the movie and i loved it much… I liked the book too… Some of the scenes are not too good but still its entertaining till the end… I liked performance of all the actors 🙂 🙂 its not only inspired but took lot of things from FPS… just check out smita’s latest post… But CB was not given proper credit 😦

    i really dint like the book ya.. i found it hard to finish it!! some scenes are totallllllly unbelievable!!! will check out S’s post..

  12. *lloking at floor while circling toe on floor in random fashion*
    if u’ve stopped, we can talk… 😛

    i loved the film! 🙄
    haha.. u arent the only one.. i know lotsss of ppl who loved it..
    even crude non-veg email fwd jokes!!!!
    oh yeah, that too..roop is gonna watch it for them only! lol (ref:read comment above)

    it’s not loosely based mandy!! FPS had a lot of scenarios that were lifted! in fact, i have been so bust with work, i did not get a chance to see the promos…. when me and BF landed at theatre… we bought tickets and went….and then as the movie pregressed, it reminded me of FPS a lot!

    stealing of papers, falling for his HOD’s daughter, meeting of friends during the ragging, how one of them shifts to the “cleverer student’s” room, and then friend helps him out with his father’s condition, and he gets back in grp…. i dunno… after i watched it i was telling BF, “oh this was a book by Chetan Bhagat!”
    yes, all of that was common… but there was SO much that wasnt!!!!!i donno man.. i expected it to be quite different..


    wasn’t too fond of book, i liked that they did not follow it like the book comepletely! but they did not give due credit either!!!! 😐
    oh yes, the contraversy thats all over the papers these days…..

    I SO AGREEE on the point about Kareena!!! me too felt they shud have casted someone else! 😛 we need to like her?! NAH!!!!! tee hee! like homey says, “there’s nothing she can do to make me like her” ROFL!!!!
    hahaa.. thats a point on which ALL three of us agreee!! god, i hope she never discovers this blog… not that she cud do much if she did….

    to you toooooooo!!!

    hope u have an awesome yr ahead!!!! hugs and muahs!!!!! love u loads! 😀

  13. “3 Idiots is loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone (which for some unknown reason I call Five Point Something). Very loosely. So loosely, in fact, that I was left a little confused by the plot”

    Many people including CB himself doesnt think so! Do u know the about blown out of proportions controversy about this very fact?? Check out Chetan’s blog and Star News!! 🙂
    yup, i am following the contraversy…

  14. What is pissing off for me is it’s a really expensive affair to watch a movie and there are absolutely no tickets, neither for 3 idiots. Nor for avatar. I want to watch avatar real bad too. Did you catch it?
    Anyway Happy new year Mandira! 🙂
    i havent seen avtar…dont want to .. the posters scared me good n proper. 😛
    have a great year, nivs!

    • Babes you are not watching AVatar cos u think its scary? Its not scary at all…unless you think Harry Potter is scary. In my opinion Harry Potter is scarier than Avatar 🙂
      lol.. i get ur point.. but im just not kicked about avatar..donno why…

  15. this is a fantastic review. i enjoyed the movie…after the initial few minutes or so of trying to make a connection between the book and the movie, I gave up and just focussed on the plot unfolding on the screen. i found the comedy to be a tad better than most indian comedy…..and that made it pleasant to watch…of course i love aamir khan movies so aal is well 🙂

    yes! with khan aal is indeed well.. im so glad ur take on the movie is similar to mine!!the comedy is better than the usual low grade slapstick that they torture us with..but it cud be btr… i know i expect too much..

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