Why 2010 is going to be special

If the rest of 2010 is going to be anything like past few days I know I am going to love it. Five days into the new year and I have been showered with gifts- some from completely unexpected corners. Socialising is on an all time high. What’s more surprising than the degree of socialising is that it hasn’t left me bored out of my mind.  If you know me, you know that’s a new one. I like to keep everything in moderation, socialising included. At least I did so far. The personality change is going to take a little adjusting to. For others. I seem to be totally at home with it.  The aunt’s dog is being especially nice and while that warms my heart like nothing else, it also makes me wonder what his ulterior motives could be. I am guessing a good scratch behind his ears and a few scraps of food sneakily pushed under the table and the permission to lick your face. In the name of every lasting doggie friendship, that’s not too much, is it? May be I will oblige. Baking experiments are yielding good results. I am toying with the idea of opening a bakery. You know as an alternate source of income and if it works out well, then a permanent alternate employment.If you know of any investors willing to put their money in a project that is all excitement, limited experience and zero expertise, pass on their contact details please.  Things at work are under control. Make whatever you will of that sentence. And to top it all, I have won a lottery. That’s what yahoo msn lottery inc wants me to believe. The way my inbox is being bombarded; you’d think the spammer’s life depended on my falling for his mail.  So you can see, its all looking very promising.

Lets rewind here a bit and go back to the unexpected gifts part. That’s the part I want to discuss. Homey, the darling that she is, sent me a gift all the way from US of A. Her in-laws brought it to Bombay and it was delivered to Crafty. Crafty was to complete the chain and send the package across to me. After overcoming the initial rush of joy and excitement, I was overtaken by curiosity. I badgered Homey for clues. She was determined to keep it a secret and staunchly refused to relent. Insessent badgering forced her to finally revealed this nugget- the  gift was made by her. Cookies! I yelled in delight. It just had to be cookies. Counting days, salivating at the thought of the yummy cookies, I waited for my package to arrive. It didnt.  A series of events that  included but were not restricted to mess ups by the courier guys and crazy work schedules, made sure that the package didn’t reach  me for a few months. By then I was very worried about my cookies. Homey and  I spoke and she assured me the low-fat cookies stayed fresh over extended periods of time. Partly reassured I pulled out the last reservoir of my patience and waited some more.  Crafty left comments swearing she hadn’t haath  maroed on my treasure and that it was going to reach me real soon. I felt  much better. The package  arrived on the 1st of January.  I signed for what I was sure was by now a rotten batch of cookies and took the package inside. On superficial inspection, the pretty polka dotted paper covered box surprised me.  It looked rather compact.  Muchsmaller than what I had expected it to be.  There were only two possibilities-a- Homey sent me all of 2 cookies or b- crafty ate my cookies ! Opening the package hurriedly I found no cookies at all!! Instead, packed along with other things, was this  beautiful handmade jewellery set-

Crafty made the wait more than worth it when she sent along the Calvin pouch and Nancy the mushroom for me!!!  Generous that she is, she send gifts for the mother too.  Crafty, you have sinned twice-once by by playing  along Homey’s prank and the second time by delaying the package.  But beacause your generosity is so truly amazing and so straight from the heart, I think all you sins are pardoned.

Thanks so much you guys.  I am very touched by your gesture. These aren’t just any gifts. These are special. You thought of me when you really didn’t need to. You took the effort to make gifts when you could have  easily sent store bought things. You are what makes blogging special. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Why 2010 is going to be special

  1. ok I am all green :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    the year has surely started well for u have fun
    listen Mon, “un-green” urself.. i offered to send u a gift.. i agree it wasnt exactly a pretty gift.. but it was useful!!!!but u dint accept my offer!!

  2. wowowoowow 🙂 looks like super gifts have come your way 🙂 good for you! Im big time jealous now!

    hahaha..why do u think i did a post on it? to make u jealous..why else! 😛

  3. Aww…you have got such amazing friends!! Yeah…as you said its not the gifts that matter, its the effort that they out in for you that makes it so special. Touch wood!
    hey preethi! welcome here.. u left no link.. do u have a blog??how didja find me? for me its never the gift its always the thought behind it..:)

  4. Awwww…
    How sweet!
    Touchwood! 🙂
    Those are very very special gifts 🙂

    The last line sums it all up – “it’s friends like this that make blogging special”

    🙂 thanks Pixie.. special gifts from special ppl make the year special!

  5. ohhh wow wow wow…is all I can say….this blog world is a beautiful place 🙂 lovely gift….and lovely friends makes for lovely times….anytime anywhere 🙂

    u said it!i cudnt agree more.

  6. Aww Mandy…thankyou so much 🙂 I am touched by your sweet sweet post! But you’ve got to agree…it was a delightful surprise na ;)I wanted to tell you so many times what I had sent but had to zip my mouth. You came up with the cookies and I just went along with it 😀 Hats off to Crafty too for keeping the secret.
    wat u thanking me for girl??!?!both of u conspired on the cookie business!!! the cookies that wudnt spoil were quite nice actually..i hv to preserve them for some more time and find a good occassion to “eat” them… lol…

    1. @ homey: finally i sent it! and hats and caps all kinds of head gear off to u… for the invention of “low fat cookies that last longer”

      homey…don’t ever send cookies ever to be sent to mandy… they will not reach her :mrgreen: hee haw haw!


      @ mandy: ROFL! hope u get a good occasion to “Eat” ur low fat cookies! i went and bought an outfit that matches what homey made for me! 😛

  7. This world is unbelievably wonderful .. so many wonderful surprises 🙂
    yes, n i am just discovering it. 🙂 so far i;ve loved all that i have discovered!

    Long live this bond Mandy .. a very happy 2010 to all of u 🙂 May it be a special, special yr for u 🙂
    thanks! hope u have a great 2010 too!

  8. Wow wow wow… I wish your 2010 and the coming years to be like this… Lots of gifts… Enjoy 🙂 🙂
    it wud be soo cool if it did turn it that way na? imagine gifts all thru the year!

  9. Aww the necklace and the calvin pouch and the mushroom and handmade. So damn sweet. You’re one lucky friend. 🙂
    Bless them creative souls.
    yeah! totally bless the creative and generous souls!

  10. awwwwwww that’s beautiful!!!!!! :))

    argh i wish i was coming to india this year. i miss mumbai! 😦 oh well, next year. 🙂
    arre come, come..bbay is a nice place ya.. u really shud come…

  11. Those were such special gestures! Friends like these..

    2010 does sound like it is going to be a lovely year for you 🙂 Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year 🙂

  12. Wow !!! nice gifts !!! lucky you !!! and crafty kutty is creative indeed !
    i know!! she really is!!
    Wish you the happiest year ahead ! 😀 😀
    to u too vimss!!

  13. Crafty = :mrgreen:

    tee heeeeeeeee! i must give a hi5 to homey for making up that “low fat cookies that stay longer” 😆

    Homey… HI5!!! 😀

    I took like half a year to send u what hmey sent 😐
    but in some defense, i haven’t worn what she made for me yet either… *hoping this is a point counted by mandy* 🙄

    hugssssssssssss! Mandy! am glad u liked them all! and i wudn’t have even attempted a Calvin if it weren’t for you to tell me i shud muster the guts! 😀

    wish you a very very happy new year!!! 😀

  14. awwww! how sweet!

    which reminds me that i neva did thankoo post for Homey and Crafty!! got something awesome too!!

    and mine reached me sooner thanks to not having crafty as the courier person!! 😛 tho she did manage to get my share of stuff to reach my folks home much quicker than this! crafty, i know whatever you do in futuyre, courier thing isnt for ya!! :p

    yes, world is full of brilliant people and we are indeed lucky to come across them every now and then!!

    have a great year ahead mandy!


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