The mega post

As I sit down with my steaming cup of tea to write this post, I wonder when was the last time I took a three week break from this blog. Umm..Never. There is always a first time for everything, isn’t there? And with good reason. Work’s been a bit crazy. Everyone in the family has for some reason decided we are their favourite relatives and we’ve managed to get invited to meet the same set of people an obscene number of times in the last month or so. The conversation is beginning to get as repetitively boring as the menu. Plus there have been an issue with sharing the laptop. When the mother takes the laptop, I am struck by inspiration. When she hands it back to me, the inspiration magically disappears. Either that or I am too tired to reply to emails, much less write out a full post. Now that we are finally doing a post, I think we’ll just do a mega-post to  make up for all the missing posts.

Before we  officially begin, have you noticed the new header yet?  That’s thanks to dear Soli who took up my request and created this great header for me. I love everything about it- the colours, the graphics and yes, the trademark silhouette that’s so Soli.  I think after over two years of blogging, this blog deserves a customized header.  Thanks, Sol. I owe you. May be we can find a way to work off my debt…Urrm.. Would you accept payment by way of cakes/cookies/warm wishes?

While I’ve been away from the blogging world I have been catching up on my reading. I have read 3 books- Smoke and Mirrors by Pallavi Iyer, Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella and Brining up Vasu: the First Year by our very own Parul. All three very different, all three wonderful. In Smoke and Mirrors, Iyer writes about her experiences as an Indian working in China and reveals through her book many unknown facets of China- its culture, the education system, food, religion, industrialization, Indians in China, politics,  just about everything you can think of.  Truly offering an insider’s view, the book unravels some of the mystery surrounding the fascinating country. Iyer draws insightful comparisons between China and India. If you think of China as a fascinating country and would like to understand it a bit better and get the inside story, reading this book would be a good idea.

In Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Kinsella does what she’s best at- telling a story with tons and tons of humour, the kind that has you in splits. Having read an abridged version of The Undomestic Goddess, I had sampled Kinsella’s style of writing and her brand humour but reading a full- fledged book, is a different experience all together. A riot to be exact. I can’t decide how much of the plot I should reveal, in case you want to read the book, I think it would be sufficient to say the book is about a shopaholic who has it all going right for her till such time that she decides to tie the knot. Incapable to come to a decision about what kind of wedding she wanted and thoroughly enjoying the experience of shopping all things disgustingly expensive, she allows her mother and mother in law to organize parallel weddings in two parts of the world. That’s when things begin to spin out of control. I wouldn’t want to disclose more.  Read up to know more! 😉

 Reading Bringing up Vasu was a joy. Most of the blog world has read it by now, I am quite sure, but the Crossword here took its own sweet time to bring the book to its shelves. If you read Parul’s blog as I do, you are bound to find a common thread between the book and the blog. It is autobiographical in the sense that it takes from real life, adds a little fiction to it and presents a concoction that is this very funny, warm book that you are sure to enjoy. If you are first time mom, more so. As per a first time mom I shared the book with, there are just so many things you can relate to in the book.   I have said this to you earlier, but let me say it here again Parul- Great job!! I think you were meant to write!

Speaking of Parul. Here’s what she sent my way-an award! One that declares me to be a superior scribbler. Let’s be honest here. Scribbler, I am. Superior, I am certainly not!! But thanks Parul. Coming from a real author, it means a lot.

Another award that has been in the closet for a long time is the one Niveditha had handed me. It was given so long ago that I can’t even come up with believable excuse to explain the immense delay in putting it up here. Sorry Nivs, I know its long, long over due but here it is at last!!

I am passing on the two awards to- Hitchwriter, Vimmuu( do you even do awards ??), Soli (nope, its not coz you made me that header),Monika, Indyeah and Colour me sunshine .

And now  to bring close this pos to a close, a few title-less pictures from the almost forgotten trip I took earlier this year.Enjoi!



 Note:Image credit for books, Google Images.

28 thoughts on “The mega post

  1. yes i noticed the header and got to know that you like/wear heels.. Solilo is one creative soul for sure 😀
    actually i dont wear anything over 2″…
    sol’s great at making headers.. i just showed u a proof of that! 🙂

    n the rest of the post emanates a good feel.. you are traveling, meeting ppl, reading and getting awards, so deservingly.. So congratulations my dear!
    i know.. i realise while i have been away, i have been doing good, constructive work.. but i missed the blog too!!

  2. The header is awesome! Sols really rocks!
    i know she does!!!
    Lovely post! Congratulations on your awards.

    You read Kinsella too 🙂 I love her! I wait for every book of hers! The Shopoholic series was a laugh riot 🙂 My husband used to think I totally went off my rocker when I was reading her 🙂
    she’s sooo funny ya!! total entertainment!

    Lovely pics! You do seem to be going to a lot of very interesting places!
    haha… thats shud explain the suitcase in the header na?! 🙂

  3. Oh, the header looks great. But sols can never leave her french side !!! 😀 😀 😀
    hehehe.. yeah..i think she must be a french soul or something….

    Oh, books and me are like water and dogs !!! so cant actually comment 😀 😀 😀 😀
    water and dogs! rofl!!!

    Congrats for all the awards and thanks for passing them too. Though I have an award page, I couldnt update the ones I got from July last year. Now I even forgot who all gave me awards ! 😀 😀
    be nice and add the ones i gave you… at least the page will be little updated that way! lol

    The pics look nice. Since I am new here; where is this ?
    i shud have linked to the last post.. sorry.. this was in Rajasthan..

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Mandira. You totally deserve the award, you do.
    thanks P!

    Those are the weaver bird’s nests, non? They are called Baya in Hindi.
    Wow im impressed.. u got that right!! and yes they are called baya in hindi…wat are u doing in bombay with a hindi vocab like this??!! 😛
    And lovely new header.
    all thanks to the designer..

  5. Hey… welcome back! I really like the header and congrats for the awards too!

    Good to know that you’ve been busy in a good way! 🙂

    thanks.. being busy in a good way must be a good thing na? 🙂

  6. Wow….superb header! Solilo really did a fabulous job ! I somehow didnt think you like to wear heels 🙂 The others I kinda know are the things you love.
    i know! its a great looking header… u are right, im not a high heel person.. i am however turning into a shoe/chappal collector in a big way…

    I always enjoy ur book reviews. Have to get my hands on the books u mentioned. The smoke and mirrors reminded me of a book I read about Japan. Ofcourse its a murder mystery but the author has written about the life there. Her name is Sujata Massey. It was a really interesting read. Congrats on all the awards.
    wat was the book on japan called?was it good?may be i’ll read it……

    And I love ur pics as always! I love the birds nests and the fields. What crops are those by the way?
    thats lush green fenugreek!

    1. I think they are called Rei Shimura novels. Listing a few that I know are based in Japan. The salarymans wife, Zen Attitude and The Flower Master. After that her books are based in the US.

  7. Thanks everyone for liking the header. Mandu told me what she likes and I just gave her that. I was also surprised when she told me that she loves high heels. 🙂
    nahi nahi.. it is ur creativity shining thru that header.. like i told Homey.. i am really not a high heel person.. i am (sadly) turning into a footwear collector.. its a great hobby…sadly it also has a cost implication!

    Lovely pictures, Mandu. I love your travel because you visit places which are not really tourism endorsed. You go to heart of India. All your travel posts and pictures is real India.
    may be i shud take u along the next time..wat say? u and peanut in rural india …. 🙂

    Congratulations and thanks for passing those awards.

  8. @ Soli ooooh nice header. Will you make me one too if I say pretty please?
    hmmm.. i think u shud grovel a little to add to the drama,S.. high drama always works! 😛 though to be honest u dont really need it in this situation… but it wud be entertaining to watch!hehe

    @Mandy Welcome back babes…missed ya travelogues & fotus. Your really lucky yo get to trvael so much on work 🙂
    thanks! i missed u guys too!!

  9. hello babes!!
    hey A! long time!!

    niice book reviews! i have somehow still not read sophie kinsella. must now!
    arree.. u are missing out!!!!

    and awesome header and photus!!
    yeah? but the photus are not as entertaining as the ones of cubby, u know!!!

    and i know what you mean about meeting same set of folks all the time! :p
    gets boring after a while, doesnt it?

    write more often now, will ya?!
    will try.. pay me for it, will ya? 😛


  10. What a beautiful header… infact hopped over from Soli’s blog here, and enjoyed reading the ‘mega’ post. Will be back for more 🙂 (P.S: I love Kinsella’s writing too..makes you realise life is meant for ‘happpiness’).
    thanks for stopping by…kinsella rocks i think!

  11. Beautiful Header! 🙂
    And I enjoy the shopoholic series too!! 😀
    hehe! Good fun!
    i havent read all books in the series yet, you know..
    The pics are as usual lovely!

    Congrats on the award! You truly deserve it.

    I seem to be the last person on earth to yet to read Parul’s book! Will pick it up soon! Still don’t find them in Crosswords… I guess I need to check in Landmark or Oxford for this book.
    oh i had problems getting it.. Crossword keeps it now..check with them again…
    The entire post has such a warm-huggy feeling!!
    Good to see u back!

  12. I accept the awards gleefully… but I am too lazy to pass them… ! 😀

    I bypassed the book review section… !!! I read 3 novels in the last month and that is too much !!!! phew… !!! 😛
    its ok.. i by pass alllll ur cricket posts!!

    Love your pictures always… its a distinct way… your way… !!
    thanks! ur pics are pretty good too!!!

  13. btw the header is sooooperb… !!!!!
    tell that to Sol :):):)

    really lovely and customised… its so YOU Mandu !!!!!!!

    u think so too?!
    I have to get after Soli and get her to make one for me… !!!!!! I have a header in my brain already…. !!!!
    i think she will charge u a heafty fee.. 😛 😛 😛

    1. no way will she charge me anything… she is a Dahling !!!!! 😳
      of course she is!! but u are a special case, Hitchy.. as special treatment for a special person, u shall be charged! 😛

  14. Lovely header….. :))

    And cool post…read 2 of the 3 books mentioned.. will pick up the other one and try… 🙂
    do so whenever u can…

  15. Mega post needs mega comments 🙂

    1. Welcome bak
    2. Lovely header 🙂
    3. Interesting reads and well written brief review
    4. Congrats on those awards
    5. Nice countryside pics 🙂 the greenie one..whats that..just curious…?
    6. Well written above all 🙂

    1,2,3,4 and 6- thanks!
    5- thats fenugreek..

  16. (((((hugs)))first and foremost:)
    Its GOOD to be back to see you back after so long and to see that it aint a post but a mega post:D (that gladdens my heart like nothin else gurl 😉 )
    its good to be back!!!!

    and all the awards?:) thank you so much Mandy:) honored:)

    u are most welcome..
    btw like Sols says I too love the glimpses of India that you share on your blog coz they are rarely seen anywhere else…most people try the beaten route…but not you:)
    its fascinating to read about your travels and see the travel pics
    thanks u guys… the places are interesting no doubt.. but i dint know my amateurish photography had found an audience..

    PS:-Sol’s header is awesome !!!!!:))) and I am a recently converted bhakt of heels…from flats to heel worshipping its been a long journey and so I love
    i havent made the trasition.. just turned into a collector!!

    Would you accept payment by way of cakes/cookies/warm wishes?
    I am sorry…what?what?did you say cookies and warm dishes and such like? 🙄
    err I cant create a header

    ..technologically challenged and all that but errmmm if I do some sifaarish with SOls or Chirag will that work? will half of all thsoe goodies come my way?
    errmm… if u actually got them to design stuff then yes, u’d get the goodies! fair deal..wat say?hmmm 💡

    okie how bout I write such errr mega posts for you in future? :mrgreen: you dictate I write 😀 deal?
    boss ur mega is my MAHA mega.. n there is no way i am capable of that sort of thing!! lol

    is silence ko hum haan samjhein? :mrgreen:
    nahi, nahi! u nuts or wat?!?!
    *Indy scampers off before Mandy can reply* 😛

    now to write more mega comments on the mega post 🙂

  17. Mandy? DO you like a BIG way? I mean before this high heel your previous before high heels janam?
    coz thats how the transition has been for me…lots of kolhapuris in all sorts of designs lying with me…
    i totalllllly do!! i still havent taken a high heel birth.. i think it shud be called a low heel birth chracterised by excessive collection of footwear! LOL

    i am (sadly) turning into a footwear collector.
    blasphemy! 😯
    no!no! Mandy understand please …that these are all just sacrifices for the ‘greater good’ …err that being your new found love of heels ofcourse! 😉
    i thot u’ll say im helping keeping the economy of hte country going.. lol

  18. Hey !!

    I’m falling short of adjectives to describe this post 🙂

    All adjectives will be taken by the time I describe the header and your book review and the awards and the pics…phew!

    Ok, one word for everything – AWESOME!!!

    Somehow all blogs I’m reading today are happy-happy types 🙂 I’m happy :))
    loooong time SnS! how’ve u been???!!
    today is a happpy-happpy day so join in in the happppinesss!!

  19. The header is awesome…. I noticed the famous high heels 😆 Sol isn’t a Don now, she is an an angel 🙂 Did she choose cookies or warm wishes?
    she totally is!! she hasnt chosen as yet… do u think she’s angling for both?! 😛
    Congratulations on the lovely awards 🙂

    The pictures are great… and under those birds’ nests aren’t those aankra leaves?
    i dont know wat leaves those are.. but if u are sayings they are aankra,then they must be!

    I haven’t read even one of these books, but intend to. Settling down in Delhi is taking ages… although it’s a lot of fun, it does eat into blogging and reading time 😦
    delhi?! when did u move to delhi!!?? how long have i been away from the blog world!!

  20. Terrific header! 🙂 And post more often! Your blog really does make me smile. And bringing up Vasu looks interesting! 😛
    And nice pics! 🙂 I’ll put up some of my travel pics soon too! Check em out! 🙂

    thanks Nivs… sorry for putting up the awards soooo late..will stop by ur place for those pics… 🙂

  21. how how in the earth did i miss this post? sorry re… lovely lovely header as all of said
    thats coz there are just too many posts all around us n its hard to keep track of all! no worries.. 🙂

    will u believe mandy i havent read a single one of kineslla i should next time in the trip to the library
    i suggest u try it for its entertainment value..seriously..
    and thanks for the awards 🙂 hugs and muah
    u are always welcom, Mon.

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