The case of the mysterious missed calls

Seven missed calls from an unknown number.

Who could be so desperate to get in touch? 

May be there was an emergency at the workplace. May be the grandmother had taken seriously ill again and  had to be admitted to the hospital in a rush. Someone from the hospital could be trying to get in touch with us. The mother was driving around town by herself . May be she was in some sort of problem. The neighbour might be calling from from their hometown to enquire about her teenage daughters. They had a tendency to get into trouble whenever their parents left them alone at home. May be this time they managed to land themselves in seriously trouble . 30 seconds was all it took for the mind to over flow with scary thoughts.

There was  only one way to find out.

Multiple attempts to call back on the number  bore no fruit. Finally someone got tired of the phone ringing incessantly  and answered it.

 “I have seven missed calls from this number. Who is trying to call me?”

“Madam, thank you for calling back. We were eating lunch.  I am Rahul from ICICI bank. We have a new credit card scheme for select customer like you.”

You should be allowed one murder in your life. What say?

22 thoughts on “The case of the mysterious missed calls

  1. First!!
    LOL…marketing calls are the most irritating. But 7 missed calls? These guys are surely persistent!
    7 calls is what i call obsessive! i mean if no one’s answering move on to the next number on ur list man!!!!

  2. We can join hands and kill these people.. there was once when after nearly 2 hrs of rocking I settled my lil girl for a nap.. I am exhausted and went to the extend of skipping lunch to grab a few minutes of shut eye. Cell phone switched off I close my eyes and there goes the landline. I run down 2 flights of stairs and grab the phone all the while praying that the sound did not wake my daughter and it is Niranchana Venkat from Airtel – Airtel on whose “do not call list” I have been for the past 6 months…which means I get a call every week…
    oh im on vodafone DND list since ages!! those lists are complete fakes i tell u… u may be on the list, u still get called… at the oddest, most inopportune times…and there is little u can do… sigh.

  3. hahhaha….this is awesome. Came first time to your blog. So did you curse and bang the phone down? A total foot in the mouth moment 🙂
    welcome here lazy pineapple.. interesting name, u have! 🙂 dint do any phone banging.. thot about head banging (against the wall) for a few secs after the call tho..

  4. Ha ha..I guessed that this would be a call from a call center. But 7 calls in a day is too much !!
    it was some call centre only.. im sure of it.. may be they hand out awards to persistent telemarketers or something like that…wat else wud motivate u like this???

  5. I cant believe it… i mean teh biggest jerks i thought were the ones calling me on Sunday at 3pm to offer me loans… I mean dont these marketing people understand any decency ?? isnt it time to sleep.. !!!!!!
    oh we have these guys calling us all the time.. disturning peaceful sunday afternoon slumber…i put my phone on silent nowadays..
    I never insult them having been in sales… but really this is heights… 7 missed calls.. !!!!!!!

  6. LOL! I would have screwed his happiness!!! And yes, I agree that everyone should be allowed 1 murder in life… Actually, it’s giving me awesome ideas now! *evil!!!*

    tell me how??? by yelling at him?? give me ideas pl.. i wud love to use some of them…

  7. Been reading your blog for a year now and it has been one of my favourite blogs ever! 🙂

    This post just made me laugh out really loud! Yes yes, you ARE allowed at least ONE murder in a lifetime. Go ahead with it. We’ll all keep shush about it. 😉

    thanks for de-lurking..and for the wonderful, kind words..its always good to hear from readers. 🙂
    now that u’ve allowed me that one murder, may b u;ll find me a good lawyer too?? u know, to handle the post event situation!

  8. ROTFL!! 😀 😀

    The worst are the ones who call up randomly at the work phone and try to talk to you about the products!! It’s very irritating when one’s trying to work without interruptions!!
    oh we get those too!!!! and they call everyone is a sequence… annoying,, but at least we get to know who is the person who will get the next call.. lol..

  9. 😆 have to laugh at this Mandy and then show some empathy 😀 since I have been there too..and yeah I am on the DNC list as well..go figure!

    I have a simple policy..wont pick up unknown numbers at all…and phone is always on silent mode if I am enjoying a quiet day at home

  10. LOL! I had almost the same experience. It turned out to be my mobile phone company who was trying to pass off a £20 a month offer as a special privilege to me 😉 I was getting 2 calls a day from them and I kept missing them – driving me a bit crazy 🙂
    u dint yell at them when u finally answered the call?? or did u miss all the call?n in the bargain did u miss the special priviledge?

  11. Hey… my first ever stop here … nice posts and btw – This one murder…Totally justified!! 🙂
    welcome here! how did u fine me?
    justified na? i think so too… nw lets just get them to make a law legalising it! 😛

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