An invitation of sorts

How good were you at geography in school? If I may say so myself, I was pretty good. Definitely much better at geogo than at maths. I liked the subject, understood it and to a good degree enjoyed it. Maps were an important part of the subject. To me, they were the fun part. I enjoyed reading them, locating places, charting the course of famous rivers, quizzing classmates on national capitals. By the time I reached high school, the very same maps that were fun, became a challenge.  The teacher changed and we got the sweetest, softest looking, strictest teacher possible. Obsessive about maps, she was oddly chilled out about everything else. If you marked a city even 1/10th of a millimeter away from the exact place that it should have been, she’d mark it wrong and mercilessly deduct one whole mark. With that sort of marking, I consistently got terrible marks for my maps. We all did. But it wasn’t all bleak and hopeless. In the dark, hopeless tunnel of map-perfection, once in a while a few rays of hope shined through.  Like the one time, I was finally able to overcome the map-monster and scored a whooping 3 /4 in the map in a class test. The 3/ 4 written in bold red on the left side of the map had me jumping for joy. Who had ever got 3 out of 4 in a map question? That had to be the highest score she ever gave any student. Unbelievably, I was making history here. I revelled in that thought for 10 seconds.  A careful scrutiny of the map revealed another truth. There were tiny red cross marks all over the map.  Corrections made by her.  My score truly was unbelievable. It was ¾ th of a mark. Not 3/ 4.

Long after I stopped studying the subject, I kept an atlas at home. I’d flip through a few pages whenever time permitted. Maps never failed to engross me.  Despite the many hours spent flipping through the atlas, there are loads of places in the world, I am unfamiliar with.  Take for example Saint Kitts and Nevis. Sounds like a really cool place, but I haven’t a clue where it is. What’s more interesting than my lack of knowledge, is the fact that I get visitors from this place!! Not just from Saint Kitts and Nevis, but from lots of other exotic sounding places-  Czech Republic, Algeria, Moldova, Poland, Spain and Turkey.  Places, I am sure, I will never be able to visit. Not in this lifetime at least.  While receiving visitors from all these places thrills me, it also piques my curiosity. It’s the kind of curiosity any blogger suffers from.  Who are you? Why do you read me? If you read me and like what you read, why don’t you drop me a comment some time? I’d love to hear from you. Its not that I don’t appreciate silent readers, its just that I’d like to know who are. So if you don’t mind, would you de-lurk please?

28 thoughts on “An invitation of sorts

  1. I used to love geography too, with the cool teacher who made us study in groups, one country per group, and then do class presentations ! 😉
    Then the map-monster came along and ruined it.. But yes, now you know who I am and where I come from, and that I come often too 😉

    why dint i get to do any class presentations..:( hahaa… with the clue u just gave out, i know who u are…but the Q is how the hell did u know i have a blog?!?!!!! nidhi told ya?

    1. Yep.. Nidhi’s the sneak 😉

      Class 7, a very cool/ fun geography teacher who was also with the nature club? Ring any bells? 🙂

  2. Hi Mandira, I am Sree, I am from Andhra Pradesh, a small village called Guraza 60 kms from Vijayawada, if you happen to know/hear about that.

    I stumbled on it by chance and got hooked since.. i read you because I happen to like the way you project yourself or rather write about your life and you and everything in general.
    hey sree, i know vijayawada.. havent been there ever tho.. let me look up guraza on wiki maps…oh wow.. so i was a chance discovery,eh? it wasnt a bad discovery,na? 🙂 🙂

  3. LOL at map-monster 🙂 I used to hate maps..still do. Could never mark the place accurately, so would smudge it a bit and make it a blob rather than a dot, so I could convince the teacher post-evaluation that it was actually correct 😉
    Oh, and since I am not a lurker..don’t need to introduce myself, do I ?

    hey pal, i think u were a delurker… u only just recently de-lurked! lol…but now i dont think the need to introduce urself exists… oh i tried the blob trick… it never worked… may be it became too large a dot and then it kinda just moved away from the place it needed to be in….

    1. I have tried the blob trick dozens of times 😀
      everytime though the teacher used to call me and make me point out the place properly! 😦

      ya, ya.. it a trick that u think will work…..but it never really works..

  4. i remember those days with SS and her maps =)

    hahhaa… we’ve all had her teaching us na? she was quite entertaining, u know.. herez a secret…for some reason she used to like me.!!!
    oh and you already know me …. 😀
    of course i know u!!!

  5. 😀 😀
    hi Mandy! I’m Pixie… I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for almost 2 yrs now! (I think! :mrgreen:)
    yup, it shud be about that many yrs..

    I enjoy your posts, connect with a lot of them and come by simply becuase you are not only a good writer, but also a good friend (I can say that, right? 🙂 )
    lol.. cnt believe u are trying to de-lurk.. rofl… really touched that u think of me a friend..thats very sweet of u.. 🙂

    LOL @ Map Monstor.. I was more of a History and Economics person…
    History fascinated me more in school! 🙂
    i was a history person, not so much eco.. eco was ok but history was better..

  6. ha ha ha…. lol…

    Even I enjoyed maps.. but before understanding it I mark the places just like that…. paris will be in London… like that… 😀 😀
    lol…cool… but out of curiosity, how did u score on map tests?!?!

  7. Lovely post to entice lurkers 🙂 I loved finding places on maps too when it wasnt part of the syllabus but I sucked at that map thingie. I knew where the place generally was but couldnt pinpoint it exactly. But unlike you my teacher was generous 🙂 You dont need to know where I am from,do you 😉
    lucky u! u dint struggle so much with the maps then…….no, i dont need to know where u r from.. i think we are well beyond the “intoduce urself” basics. 🙂

  8. Mandira,love your blog,love ur baking buddies site and also love this post..Im from Hyd now in CA,USA
    thanks for de lurking….dint know u were in the US of A!

  9. I used to like geography in school, cos of the wonderful teacher we have!

    And all those places you mentioned… I wish I could visit them all!!! 🙂
    if u do manage to make a few trips, dont foget to take me along,k?

    And I regularly read and comment on your blog and I’m not from any exotic place! 😛
    yup, u are a regular here.. i know where u come from..:)

  10. Absolutely would have written the very same things regarding map and all that you have written in the first part of the post:)
    I was map geek(is there such a thing?)
    not sure about the map geek bit.. but who says u cant make up ur own terminology??
    Those days are long gone now…:(

    Smart way to get people to de-lurk 😀
    i;d think its not very smart.. hv u notice its ppl who i know who are chosing to “de-lurk”… i dont even think it can be called de-lurking in such cases! lol

    You know where I ‘arrive’ from 😀
    reading you is fun at times, thought provoking at others and most of all darn easy coz there’s some kind of connection I am able to make with your writing every time:)
    *blushes* aiyyoo… high praise, indy!!too high, i tell u!! i dont deserve it!!
    you have a flair for it:)

    it was also fun to read about the former school buddies and their comments 🙂 makes me miss mine:(
    direct a few of them to ur blog… a few of mine sometime read this blog and i love, love,love to hear from them!

  11. Geography… loved it.. especially the part abt the different terrain and the weather and the soils and the forests and the rains.

    H is big fan of the “capital game”… We still play it! Name 25 countries in Africa! 😀

    I think I delurk often enough… don’t i? And in true “Miss Universe/Miss World” style… here goess…”I am from the exotic land of b’lore! The place of wonderful people and bad traffic”

  12. Hi Mandu, so many people from such exotic sounding countries. You are popular and that calls for a party! BTW I delurk from Bangalore but our server is at Pune so that will be recorded.
    BTW I didnt delurk coz I was a silent lurker (I never was and never will be :P) and you already know me anyways. Or do you? *evil laughter* X->

  13. 🙂

    i hated geography! still cant read a map to save my life! tho we did play “map-map” where we would all try to find tiniest and most obscure place!

    LOVED this post!!

    if u give me a map to reach from A to B, i cant make much use of it either.. but i still like maps!! u must hv really like this post,A. . u’ve got “loved” down in bold! lol

    i will repeat sunshinesafar about where i am from! 😉
    boss, i know where u are from! 🙂


  14. Hi, I am phoenixritu and its my first time at your blog – delurking from day one~! Like your style I must say
    hey ritu, im a regular at ur place.. but i de-lurked long, long ago.. dint even know u visit this blog!

  15. I used to lurk.. but well… finally i thought i must let my prescence felt.. !!!!!

    lol.. u are hardly a lurker…

    btw i was very good at geography toooooo !!!!!!!! 😀 and absolutely loved the subject !
    yeah? cool!!now tell me where jhumritalai is..

  16. just stumbled across the blog and spotted a keyword -‘geography’.

    that’s the only subject i am good at 🙂
    (as a kid i used to read maps and railway timetables!)
    hey! thanks for accidentally stopping by… i dint realise how much traffic google was sending my way!

  17. I hated geography but the whole idea behind the formation of different continents and countries excited me ! and even I have this strange feeling when I stare at maps and atlas’. So many places in this world which we would never ever see in this lifetime. Sigh 😦
    vimms!! how u doing man?? howz marriage treating u??good to hv u back on the blogging circuit!
    may be we cant see ALL places but we sure can see a few… and that good enuf, isnt it?

  18. I used to love maps too. For some weird reason, because I did not like geography as such. But maps fascinated me 🙂
    they are fun to read, arnt they? and u dont need to be good at geogo to enjoy maps.. i think those two activities are independent of each other! 😛

    And these days, everytime I go to a new place, the first thing I do is get a map, and try and figure out which places to hit – I just love maps 🙂

  19. Had some time today and was blog hopping. Hopped over yours..would most probably have lurked but this post requires a comment does it not..and you ask so nicely.

    So am leaving a comment. Now am off to read some of your other posts. 🙂
    oh hi! welcome here… blog hopping is fun, isnt it.. i’ve spent a LOT of time doing that.. u just go from one place to another, n u dont even realise how much time has lapsed.. 🙂 thanks for de lurking.. u mite hv noticed, not too many real lurkers have!

  20. Been reading quite a few of your posts today and delurking now 🙂 I loved Geography too, thanks to an awesome teacher that I had. Spotting places on maps is such a thrill!
    Wow, you’ve really been reading pre-historic posts. I dint even remember I had written this!:)
    Thanks for delurking. Its always wonderful to hear from a fellow blogger.:)

    I’d like to blogroll you, if that’s okay 🙂
    Go right ahead!

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