Multi hued

Between the two of them, they just about managed to carry the large white plastic bag.  They entered the garden, followed by a band of six equally young children. It was obvious they were on a mission. Their pace may have been slowed down by the weight of the water balloons, but their minds were working fast. Identifying targets in a garden demanded quick thinking and equally quick action.

A swift scan of the area didn’t reveal a very promising picture.

“Par hum balloons maarainge kisko yaar?” asked the little boy bearing half the weight of the white plastic bag.

“Kisi ko bhi!!” replied the leader confidently.

When you are all of ten years of age and have a smallish group of 8 and 6 year olds as your supporters and you choose a place as open as a public park and at your chosen hour of attack the sun is still  high up in the sky, there isn’t much hope for success.  The best possible outcome of your mission is that you will manage to  hit a balloon or two before some middle aged, over weight aunty in a floral print salwar-kameez and running shoes catches you and devotes  the next few minutes giving you a  long lecture on how wrong it is to hit water balloons on unsuspecting people. The worst case scenario is as bad as your imagination can get. It should suffice to say your parents could be involved.

The boys were a lot smarter than I thought they’d be.  Realizing  that the odds were stacked against them, they called their mission to a halt even before the first balloon was thrown and headed back home, dragging their feet, dejection written all over their faces.

The boys couldn’t kick start their Holi they way they had imagined but I hope your Holi is all that you’d imagined and more! Have a colourful, safe and fun Dhulwad everyone!

17 thoughts on “Multi hued

  1. yeah this balloon nonsense has become too much and needs to come to a stop sooon
    i agree, i agree..its too dangerous..

    happy holi mandy hugs

    and another header… lovely
    this one i got off google images…

  2. LOL….our point of attack used to be the terrace 🙂 But then we used to have wars with the other bldg kids so it had to be fun. Hope u had a wonderful Holi too and didnt have a lot of bhaang 😉
    as long as its between willing members of the community, its fine.. aiming at ppl on the road etc, just isnt done. no homey, there was no bhaang and no real holi to speak of!

  3. Happy Holi !

    I’d never celebrated Holi yet. But I hope someday I do !
    to you too! dont worry i am not into holi either… i think i;ve played it twice in this lifetime! 😛

  4. I use to be one of the bad kids..hide and throw ballon on anyone who passed by..Till Maa got a hold of me..Improved a lot after that..
    haaw!! how cud u???at least ur mum got hold of u.. these other kids i see, no one seems to even try to get hold of them!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Holi..

    PS: Love your header..
    thanks! Sol made it!

  5. Happy Holi Mandy! 🙂

    I don’t like the whole colouring hair thingy or smashing balloons or eggs on the head! Ick!
    But, the whole concept of Holi is fun and we used have fun as kids in school…
    did u ever hear of grease? ppl use that too!! super ick!!!i cant remember the last time i had fun playing holi.. no, wait… i cant remember the last time i played holi!
    Yea, Header is lovely! 🙂

  6. happy happy holi to u! landed up here after ages…was so bored at work and wanted to read something nice..thanks for making sure there is one url that will always be a safety bank for desperate hour 🙂 hope u doing good
    hey N! loooooong time!! where’ve u been ya??? dint know i was ur source of entertainment in desperate hours! 🙂 glad to be of help tho!

  7. Happy Holi! I was always one of the “unsuspecting strangers” who got balloons hurled at them… and ouch.. some of them really hurt you know! 😀
    oooh yeah!! can give u a nice black n blue mark…
    But give me a gulaal waala holi and I’m game!
    yup, gulaal is ANYDAY better…

    I loved the header too!

  8. I had a nice time spending my holi in Pune. The festival is hardly celebrated over there which suited me fine! 🙂
    it worked out perfectly for u then!

  9. I am just scared of this balloons coming from any random direction without our knowledge…But if you are holding balloons during holi then its all about fun 🙂
    ya, ya, balloons on a random trajectory are very scary.. and dangerous..its fun as long as u are aiming them at ppl who are in the group playing holi.. else its just a nuisance..

  10. Lol… I just loved the observation ! 🙂

    You know I was a brat… I have for always thrown balloons from our terrace and hidden… !!! a couple of years back I was a target of one such balloon… ! and realised how it was then… !

    having said that I still remember those bad days fondly ! cant help it actually ! and couldnt resist commenting ! 😐

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