“Yeh toh design hai!”

proclaimed the house help.

What was she looking at when she made that statement?


The design reminds me of falling snow. Of  course  it is anything but snow. It is what you get when people work on your walls to pretty them up.

The past few days have seen the  walls of our house being subjected to a lot of  sandpapering, putty filling and god know what else. We have been assured the end result will be worth the  terrible inconvenience and the dust allergy we’ve  all developed. Lets see.

A good amount of brain power has been devoted to selecting colours. If you’ve been to a paint shop lately, you will realise that  finding “mera wala green!!” is rather easy these days.  The number of shades being offered is simply mind boggling. All you have to do is imagine a colour. Flip through the shade card with some 1000 shades and you are sure to spot the colour you imagined. We are really spoilt for choice.

For the moment, blogging is nearly impossible. Not for the lack of ideas but for the lack of a proper place to sit. The house is topsy turvy and nothing is in its original place.  Its odd how when the house is in complete order, I am struggling for ideas and when every square inch of the house is covered is fine dust, the ideas come flooding.

Anyway, it’s a matter of a few days. This space is due for some  serious attention.

15 thoughts on ““Yeh toh design hai!”

  1. Oh wow! Lotz of work gng on ..waiting to see the end result 🙂
    Keep all those ideas intact in a corner of ur brain n give it all when ur bk 😀

  2. you read my version of a painting story ! Do you want any of those guys to help you choose the colors ??? 😀 😀 😀

    and yes, please do comeback soon !

  3. Ohhh..recently my Mom’s place got renovated with all this colour saga..my Mom has a special story to tell about every room colouring session 😀 Its really nightmare one goes through !

  4. waaaah kya design hai !!!!!! 😛 😛

    I love the smell of newly coloured walls… infact I love paining… I m waiting for hriday to come to bharuch and we can start white washing our compound walls !!!!!!!!! its gonna be fun !!!!!!!

  5. Spoilt for choice? Spoilt for reason as well, the choices on offer!

    How nice it would be to have walls taking on life and regenerating their paint. I’ve been through wall paintings, and it is positively trying to say the least.

  6. So which is your wala colour? Is it pink 😉 In my house my recommendations to paint the house pink were never heeded! It was always some shade of creme which apparently goes with everything 🙂 Hope it doesnt take too long now. Put up pics of the end result.

  7. niice! 🙂

    All the best with the painting and the reorganising of your home!
    Come back soon… 🙂 🙂
    ok, pixie i’ll be back real quick.. u wont even realise i m gone..

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