Bright and happy the house is..

and life is back in order once again.

 The painting job is over. Things at home have found their original place.  Everything looks brighter, happier, and surprisingly lighter. The lightness isn’t a result of the newly coloured walls. It’s a direct outcome of the “spring cleaning” that we were forced to undertake while Missions Paining was on. If you’ve moved homes, renovated them or done an overall paint job, you’ll know how much unplanned cleaning and reorganizing you end up doing. Its an exhausting process, but well worth the effort.

This time the painters uncharacteristically kept their time line, which,if you ask me,  is rather  impressive. As is their earnestness in doing the task in hand. It is this earnestness that has translated into spray paint designs on  all surfaces inadvertently left uncovered by us.  If only we could change our perception, we would be able to look at our  water jug covered in a fine mist of off-white paint as a style statement. Come to think of it, it is a unique style statement. How many of you can boast of possessing such an item? Of course if you pair the painted jug with a couple of spray painted katoris, floor tiles and window sills, it does takes away some of the uniqueness of the object..but still…

While almost everything is exactly as it was before the painting, we’ve made one minor change. It’s  this image of Kali Ma that we have  has with us for years that has found a permanent place now.  Purchased on a visit to the Dakshineshwar temple on the outskirts of Calcutta, the image is a personal favourite. Made with grains of unpolished rice, the image of the Godess blesses the entrance of our house nowadays.

21 thoughts on “Bright and happy the house is..

  1. I am reading about Kaali Maa everywhere today 🙂 Loved it… and please also post the pictures of spray painted jugs and katories 🙂 🙂
    ya?where else?
    no no noooooooooo!!! that wud be like washing dirty linen in public! so im avoiding those..
    (wow i am good at melodrama!

  2. Hey Kalima image is very nice and its looking good on freshly painted wall 🙂 Kudos to the colour guys for sticking to the promised timeline,which is very rare thing today !
    its quite a record isnt it? finishing up the work on thime?

  3. Tell me abt the spray painting on all uncovered surfaces and on some of my beer glasses too. And the enforced spring cleaning. And the lovely clean feeling too.
    its such a pain to get rid of the paint na? we’ put our househelp on the job… but she dint do a very good job of it..

    mind numbing boring task, so i dnt blame her!!
    We just had our house painted in 1 week flat in August last year. Crazy time
    so its all nice and bright too!! how cool! same pinch and all that! 🙂

  4. I thought I will get a house tour 😦 tumne to entrance par hi rok diya 🙂 btw, did you get some wall painted in mera wala blue ya mera wala orange ya something like that? i quite love that idea but hvnt yet done that myself so far..
    no blue and orange here.. my mother wud die if we tried out those colours! we are fairly conservative when it comes to colours.. we;ve got one brightly coloured wall in the house but other than that its all off whites and biscuit browns… u need courage to go orange babe!.

  5. We hv Kaali Maa from Dakshineswar adorning our entrance too 🙂
    you do!? WOW! same pinch!
    Want more pics 🙂 Esp. the ones making a style statement 🙂
    nahiiii!! read response to Mon’s comment!

  6. yeah i agree with tara i thought house tour milega and the spray painted jug and katoris tou specially 😉
    nahi , nahi!! how can i show u my spray painted katoris?? wat izzat wil i have if i put those up on public space??!

  7. Good to read that the painting is over at your house! Lovely pics of Kalima image. Made from grains of rice? I had not seen this before- so ingenious!
    ingenious and pretty! it looks like pain staking work to stick each grain, doesnt it?

  8. we had Durga at our entrance 🙂 such crafts of Bengal are quite famous.
    yes they are.. and they are very pretty too! i shud have invited you over to tk the pics.. u wud hv done an infinitely better job of it!

  9. Oh the Kaali Maa image is so nice..and am glad it found a permanent place..
    we are glad too!

    Now like the rest..I want to see the style statement pics too..

    oh i m resisting those!:P

  10. Hello JI Congratulations on a job well done(in time!) 🙂
    Read your previous post before this and realized that painting is already over !
    haha… yes, painting was happening.. its happened now …
    Love the Kali Ma image.
    Been planning to pick up something along these lines since ages. Want to go to Cal.
    dont think u have to go to Cal.. im sure u have some cool craft exhibitions happening in ur

    1. Yep we do have such haats in Delhi but then I want to go to Cal 😦 fascinated with all things bangla 🙂

      ya, ya.. go to Cal.. its a slow city, but it has character…

  11. Hi Mandy, to give you more information about the image of Kali Ma at our entrance, pl know that this craft of making idols of Ma with rice grain is the original craft of Shanti Niketan but now also made in and around Kolkatta. The face with red tongue protuding out is when Ma stumbled upon Lord Shiva’s body below her feet…the rest of the tale you pl find out. Try writing posts which have some depth apart from information wh will take your writing to greater heights. Enjoyed reading this post.
    “Har ghar kuch kaheta hai”

    ok mom… may be u shud give some ideas for “deeper” post.. or btr still you shud do the deeper post.. n i will continue to be frivilous!

  12. oh, at last !!! no more excuses for staying away from the blog, na ? 😀 😀 😀
    haha.. true! but never doubt me.. i am quite capable of finding new excuses!

  13. Congratulations on having it all set and settled 🙂
    thank you!
    You’ve got a beautiful blog Mandira, loved the images and especially your colorful header image. I agree with IHM the idea of a RSS feed tea bag in first picture is super-cool 🙂 😀

    Looking forward to more pics like others.

    Keep up the good work.

    thanks for the compliment chatterbox.. Soli designed it for me.. and she did a real good job of it. 🙂

  14. The painters kept their timeline. This is the first time I’m hearing that 😀
    i know!!! dont ask how glad ( n surprised) we were!

  15. how can you say a whole set of spray painted stuff is NOT unique? its a set!! all matching and all! 🙂
    lol.. now that u put it that way.. yes it is all matching! ugly-ly so! lol

    and the kali ma looks lovely! and pls give us rest of the tour too!! 🙂
    may be i wil…

    loved grinning while reading at almost in the end of a hectic day! 🙂
    you grin? me happpppy!

    hugs back!

  16. What a relief, the painting being over! We’ve been in this flat for more than three years now and we seriously need to get it painted. It would probably be easier to move:)
    oh call me over for the painting!! i will move all ur stuff for u…and move it back too….. recent experience, u see.. i m fairly good at it! 😛

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