Happiness is…

snuggling with the sibling on a tattered discarded sofa,enjoying the slow beginning of new day..

Taking a leap of faith…..

and miraculosuly landing on your feet. The world can be surprisingly kind sometimes…

Discovering life is an experience best shared with someone.  Life is a  complex mix of  happiness and sadness, excitement and boredom, hope and dissapointment.  You never  quite know what will come your way. You would like to be prepared for it, but you never really can.  As you peel each layer of this overwhelming  world and attempt to understand its true nature, you may find yourself in tears. But the crying woudnt be worthless. It would be a price for learning and the experience ,when seen in the right light, will leave you enriched and wiser, manytimes over.

You could do all the discovering on your own but its always better to do it with someone.  A reliable  partner who shares his perspective , listens, offers well intentioned advice and occassionally extends a little help in deciphering the hidden messages in life’s twists and turns.  Having company makes the discovery much more fun and a little less taxing.  Its so much better than having to deal with it all, all by yourself.

note: Images taken on a mobile phone camera on separate occassions.

25 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. awwww such a cute kitten..i love cats 🙂 and so very true about happiness.
    p.s. that should be peel not peal :)sorry!

    honestly, im not a cat person… but any animal baby is irresistable, kittens included!
    thanks for pointing out the typo!

  2. Awwww…. so sweet! And you’re absolutely right.. life is so much more beautiful when shared with someone you love!

    yes, pal.. makes jheloing life a bit easier na?:P

  3. Dogs are so innocent looking. Just like guys.
    And cat is not so innocent looking. Just like girls. 😉
    Sharing is life. That’s right.
    haha.. donno about how is innocent looking and who isnt… but all baby animals are cute! admit it!

  4. ok, the dog got converted into a cat when it jumped to the floor ????? indeed, discovering life !!! 😀 😀 😀

    vimms its called magic… one species miraculously turns into another.. never seen that na?see, u are still learning and discovering! 😛 😛

  5. My dearest, pl do not consider it eavesdropping, but as you are not able to find time to read my blog and I agree that the recent posts are hard to understand, I thought it better to reach you thru this medium. Anyway, I have to tell you somethng that’s imp.
    oh you can eavesdrop mom.. u know too many secrets anyway, so it doesnt matter! lol… i will read ur blog… i have it all in print outs.. now i just need to sit in one place and read it all in one go..

    Life is full of dualities, can’t be changed. But our perception, attitude is in our hands. Thru dualities and constantly changing world, know that there is something that can remain fixed and unchangeable. Find peace in self realization & wisdom which comes by going thru all the experiences of joy and grief,good and bad etc. It gets easier if there is a companion but do not miss the moments of blissful discoveries, they are only yours. Enjoy that. Happy voyage. Wishing you lots and lots of encouragement and joyous moments. Ma
    hmmm… let me mull oer this and get back to you…

  6. Saw the pics(adorable and awwwwww) Hopped over thinking its going to be one of them pic posts:)
    And then saw the way you had beautifully written of all that life is. And could be.

    LOVE the post.
    much love:)

    indy!!! how’ve u been gurl???u know if wud hv made this an only pic post.. that was the original idea.. but then some words come floating in.. n i just had to write them down. 🙂

  7. cute and deep at the same time!!

    only you could have done it mandy! 🙂


    u think? wow, thanks abha!!! do u think i shud quit my job and blog full time? 😛

  8. Adorable pictures!!
    animals, IHM. always adorable. 🙂

    Wise words… ‘You could do all the discovering on your own but… Having company makes the discovery much more fun and a little less taxing. Its so much better than having to deal with it all, all by yourself.’

    Although I have also seen people who are happier in their own company 🙂
    u have? hmmm..somehow im not one of those…

  9. Hey Mandyyyy!!! this is most adorable! where are u finding these cute creatures! if i saw a pup en route to office, i’d call in sick and play all day!!
    found the kitten in town, near marinelines stn….n the pups on one of my trips to rajasthan..

    what u wrote, such a lovely bit. yes, surely its so much better to have a friend as u journey thru life!
    makes the journey a little btr, doesnt it?

    this one is for u –
    oh wowwww!! calvin!! hugs!!!!


  10. Aww!!!
    Kittens are so damn cute! But dogs are just the most awesome creatures ever! I don’t really like cats, they’re cunning animals! 😛

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