Missing in action..

is what I am. I want to be in action but there is no way I can. The have so much work piling up at office, that I am seriously thinking of outsourcing?Anyone interested? I promise to pay you with truckloads of gratitude. As a poor social worker, thats all I can afford. 😛

I am aiming at having my presence felt here sometime by the coming weekend. Work should ease up by then and blogging will be back in full force. 🙂 But the weekend is still three whole days away and before it arrives, may be we should play a guessing game…just so that this space doesnt die altogether. You see that picture down below? Can you tell me what that is? No, not the jug. Its the stuff lying next to the jug that you need to put a name to.

Want a  closer look?Here it is..

Its really not that hard.Even if you think it is, give it a  try, just for kicks. 🙂 i will see you guys on the weekend…thats assuming I wont melt away and perish in this heat.

33 thoughts on “Missing in action..

  1. plums !! if not that… maybe tomatoes of some weird imported variety… !!!

    surely not apples !!!! 😛
    no ya!! those arent tomatoes… u are a gujju, HC…and even u cant guess wat this is!!???? haaaw!!!

  2. crab apples or are they plums. They do not have the rich dark purplish tint plums have so my guess is they are some kind of crab apples. Most crab apples are usually white/yellowish and the red kind of throws me off.
    pooh, wat are crab apples!!!?? i know apples and crabs.. but crab apples i hvnt ever heard of!!!this is a very indian fruit, so im sure it isnt crab apples…

  3. Ohh, those red round stuffs? They are nature’s creation to ful
    fil the hunger of human beings and animals ! 😀

    god ,i shud hv known u’ll be the only one to get it Vimms!!

  4. arre yaar! the name is on the tip of my tongue. at this point you get it everywhere is bombay!

    the hindi name starts with A. something that sounds suspiciously like alubukhaar or something!

    hai naah?
    nahi! alubukhara is plum, btw… n those things u see there arent plums! 🙂

    hp the weekend indeed eases up work pressure for ya!
    i hope so too.. i need a break ya, Abha!!!i realllllly do!!


  5. Plums :D. Or ber/ bor, maybe? The little round things that get sold on twigs?
    not plums, not bers… u wanna guess again?

  6. Mangoustine????
    Mangoustine??? wat in the world is that??let me google and get back to you!

    Not plum,not apple,not orange,not mango,not cherry,not guava,not… 😉

  7. Jamun? No. Apples? No. Plums? No. Ber? No. Berries of some kind… do they grow on trees or bushes? Cashew? No.
    Pomegranate? Baby Pomegranate?
    Dying to know now!

    dont die….. wait!! 😛 the answer wil be here in a jiffy!!

  8. ok, here’s my completely out-of-the-box attempt : baby coconuts, between raw and ripe…. or some stray kind of gooseberries…or…dates? dont know. run out of ideas. (at least this way, between the commenters, we would have most guesses covered)

    lol.. good try…but none of the guesses are right!! the answer wil be revealed in a little while..

  9. Kokum!!! 🙂

    I hope that’s the marathi/hindi name…
    Konkani name is ‘bhinna’..

    I loved to eat them as a kid and I still love kokum sharbat.

    you, my friend, are a winner!!! you;ve got the answer right!!! how did u know?>u’ve seem kokum grow on trees?? coz normally ppl dont recognise fresh kokum…

    1. Yeah.. there were two kokum trees at my grandmom’s. And we used to stone them to eat them. They rarely fall off when good, they rot so easily na.

      Gosh, u made me nostalgic. I have such sweet memories with the fruit! 🙂

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