And finally…the answer..

I’ll be honest. I have never had so much fun with a picture quiz before. So far all the little quizzes I’ve done here have been quite a bore. They are never tough enough and you guys are able to get the right answer in a try or two. But this last quiz was something else. It really got you thinking didn’t it?  Five days of thinking and guessing is quite enough and its time to take the mystery out of the  fruit, and we’ll do that, but in just in a little while. First lets review some of the answers we received. Some of them were expected, some unexpected and some were actually way out of my realm of knowledge! I expected to hear plums and berries as answers, even apricots. But guava and apples? Now those were quite surprising!And crab apples and mangoustines? I had to google  to find out what those were!

The answer to the quiz is really rather simple. Its something you’ve probably eaten a hundred times but never seen in raw form. Let me show you another picture. Does this look more familiar?

Garcinia indica

Yes, you got it right. That’s  kokum.  The picture in the quiz was that of the fresh fruit. I expect you are more familiar  with the dried fried version of the fruit.

Fresh kokum fruit

Kokum or Garcinia indica a fruit of a tree native to the western coastal region of the country.  It’s used in Marathi and Gujarati cuisines and,if I  am not mistaken, in some South Indian cuisines too. The dried fruit is used as a souring agent in dals and curries and also for making sherbets. You must have heard of Sol Kadhi. If you haven’t, the next time you cross the western coast, I suggest you find yourself a glass of this refreshing drink. If you like coconut and the distinct flavour of kokum, you are sure to love it.

We found the fruit in the sabzi mandi the other day and couldnt resist buying some. How can you not buy fresh kokum?? Its such a rarity.  Not knowing how to cook with it, we took a few pictures and turned it into a quiz!

The only one to get the answer right was Rani. Good show, girl!! Vimmuuu,I could have named you and Masood here too.Not as people who got the answer right but as people who came up with the most original and brilliant answers. May be if you keep up with the creative guessing, in the next quiz I will. 🙂

Coming up in the next post- a award and a meme.

20 thoughts on “And finally…the answer..

  1. Gosh..a form of tamarind?!! Never thought it looked like that!!
    not a form of tamarind.. but its similar to imli in the sense that it adds sourness to the food..otherwise the two are very different..

  2. sigh… !


    well I guess its my Mom who is at fault for using lemon instead of nimbu in daal… ! 😦

    no, no..dont blame her.. dal n nimbu rocks too!!!esp moong dal n lots of nimbu!

  3. Oh no! How could I have missed it. Not that I use it in cooking but because we had a tree in our backyard in Mangalore 🙂 These are soooo delicious. We call these bhinda. We used to eat just the inside part and use the fresh skin to make juice. Yummy!

    thats why i was surprised u dint recognise it… i knew u wud be familiar with it.. 🙂 so u can eat this stuff raw?? rt off the tree??why dint u tell me? i dint know wat to do with the kokums after taking the pictures! lol

    • Oh yeah 🙂 You can eat the outer part too,but we used to get so many fruits we used to just eat the inner part and soak the skins to drink as juice. If you get a chance to go to Mangalore ask for bhinda roce/rose …its very refreshing!

  4. my guess was correct. It was a round red fruit. world calls it kokum, i call it round red fruit 😉
    i told u.. u are brilliant.. u n vimmuuu both… 🙂

  5. yeah. the dried form is called “aamsul” in marathi. my mum uses it in her dals.

    arre i thot its called kokum in marathi too..

    i havent been a fan of it sherbet, but i do love the sol kadhi!! yummmy!!
    sol kadhi rocks na? with rice and fish curry? then all u need is the whole afternoon off… so u can sleep off all that u;ve stuffed ur face with!

    waiting for the next post!


  6. You know I taste these kokums once while having arabiata Pasta and I loved them. Later I came to know that in India especially in west they use them in lentils to give a tangy taste

    kokum in pasta???are u very sure?? i think they use tomatoes in that pasta..not kokum… and yes, its used in dals frequently in this part of the country..

    • Yes, reallly!!! It was a good joint called Deli 9 …and in fact a friend of mine confirmed that..cause I had never tasted that before.

  7. I could never have guessed way.. infact I am not sure I have ever seen the fresh or dry form of it..
    u havent? should i ship some to u? its really a nice flavouring agent.. im sure u;d like it..

  8. Oh crap, I was close !!! Better luck next time ! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    So, whens the next quiz ?? wait, I shall send you the pics for that and shhhhh, let this be a secret between us ! 😀 😀

    hahaa.. u were so close, its tragic u lost.. masood won tho (read his comment above) and u shud be happy for him…next time, we;ll manipulate it and make u win,ok??

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