Hello world!!

Its good to be back.  Its also good to know WP hasn’t deleted my inactive-bordering- on- dead  account.

Thirty days of absence. Thirty days of life to chronicle. And only 30 minutes in hand. Life can be tough. Even the best lessons in  précis writing in school didn’t prepare me for this. To put it in a teenie-weenie nut shell, life’s been a whirlwind of activity this past month. But the whirlwind is slowing down now and that means this space will (hopefully) get updated more often and WP wouldn’t find a good enough reason to freeze my account.

Until we meet again.

PS: I dont write for days on end and still you stop by. The numbers (though not extraordinarily large) surprise me.The last time I requested you to delurk you werent very forthcoming, may be now you’s stop by and say a quick hi….

23 thoughts on “Hello world!!

  1. Mandy……………….. hi..i have never left a comment in any of the blogs i read…. so here it goes…….I love the way u write..i can imagine your face most of the time…. and please don’t neglect your other blog…i love trying them out and impressing hubby!!

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