Stereotyped? Who me?

Bharat Bandh on Monday found me sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs and discovering how stereotyped I am. As it turns out, very. Well, not exactly very but fairly. As I sat reflecting, I realized there were so many stereotypes that I have grown into-behaviours that I didn’t display when I was younger but are today a part of me.

Let me draw up a list of some of the common stereotypes that I don’t/partly /wholly fit into (Sorry IHM, tweaked your meme a wee bit!).

I drive ( is that still a stereotype?). That doesn’t mean I like to drive. Traffic in this country is a battle- its exhausting, senseless, noisy and most often haphazard and directionless. But give me a car and an open road and I am only to happy to drive.

I like the outdoors. Staying out of the house. Roughing it out. ( I think I like staying in the house as much as I like staying out of it. But the staying-out has to be for a limited period of time. A home bird can stay away for only so long.)

I can manage my finances enough to survive. I need to get better at it.

I can fix things around the house. This is an area where the father is The Expert. I am about 1/100 as good as him but I manage the basic stuff. Just don’t give me anything with too many screws and tangled wires.

On a regular day it takes me 10 mins to get ready. On others its about 20.

I don’t  do or understand make-up.

Till very recently I was unaware of  retail therapy. Now I swear by it.

I sincerely believe chocolates solve problems. Minty, nutty ones do a better job than their plain counterparts. It’s hard to believe that as a child I did not like or eat chocolates.

I like  a practical  approach to life. Well, at least on most days! 😛

I think animals (domesticated ones at home and wild one on tv) are nice. Dogs are wonderful. Cats are cute when they are kittens, and reptiles are best kept far way. Cockroaches deserve a non-violent death and if I have to help them move on to the other world, I prefer to do so using Hit. From a distance of 5 feet or more.

I can keep things to myself. Even gossip.

I am not gadget crazy but I can (and do) appreciate objects like cell phones ,laptops and ipods.

I was a member of the “I only watch English movies and listen to English songs” club, but I gave up the membership some years ago.  While the quality of Hindi (aka Bollywood) songs has improved considerably (take for eg.this ), the hindi movie scene still has a long way to go. But at least, I don’t resist Bollywood flicks as ardently as I used to earlier and once in a while they make a movie like TZP and my faith in the industry is restored.

The sports section of the newspaper is the only section I never read. Sports channels, the only one I never surf. I was a decent athlete in school. Sadly, the present doesn’t reflect the past in any way.

I like pink. And blue. And green. And yellow.

I can whistle. That’s what happens when you try to copy your friend at school. You end up with skills that has great show –off value  at age 15 and little practical application later in life.

Masood thanks for tagging me. Since all of you seem to have done this, I am not going to tag anyone. Take it up if you haven’t already!

18 thoughts on “Stereotyped? Who me?

  1. Driving is still a stereotype (though it’s changing), women rarely are the drivers unless there are no men around. Sometimes men drive even if they are tired 😦

    Being able to fix things is terrific!! I can fix things like the wireless router too 🙂
    baap re! u are better than me… next time something falls apart, im sending it over to u!!

    A lot of people feel good with chocolate and retail therapy!
    yes, and now im one of them!

  2. Wow you were an athlete in school 🙂 In my case I was always fond of exercising but became more serious about my health only when my kids were young and I started watching Prime Bodies – it was all in fun, the kids and I exercised with the TV and soon it became as addiction 🙂 There was a time I thought I’d become a personal trainer 🙂
    lets say an athelete of sorts. i was a decent sprinter…there were hundred of kids better than me.. but i wasnt bad… n then as i grew older, anything do to with sports became a part of my history….
    i can never watch tv and learn to exercise!

  3. Awesome!
    And Lol @ the cockroaches!
    well, they are yucky.. and i do like to keep as far as possible!!
    Retail therapy and chocolates! Are THE way to go! 😀
    so u agree too? 🙂

  4. Excellent!! U get ready in 10 mins? I can beat you to that, btw. I do it in 5 mins 🙂 And I loved your title btw1 The rest of us have all used the word ‘sinner’ in the title. Except for u 🙂
    oh yeah??? well i can manage in 5 as well.. just dont expect me to wear a sari in that time frame!!

  5. My question to you Mandy is, how are these stereotypes? Or am I missing the sarcasm? And I swear by retail therapy, I just thought last night about writing about it, but was too tired 😉 now you leave me on choice, Churning Girl! Love.
    well, some of them are..some i think are “old” stereotypes, that dont really exist anymore (or may be they do!).. the rest is sarcasm… do the retail therapy article… if u hv free tips of how to get the most of this therapy,share!!

  6. Hi Mandy, I’m here after a long time, what with your disappearance. Now that you’re back pls post regularly 🙂
    Now about the tweaked tag, well, you’re fair to yourself and pretty honest and not at all braggy which I like very much 🙂

  7. We share a lot, including the ability to whistle:)
    And belief in chocolate.
    And dislike of cockroaches.
    Etc. etc.:)
    Please don’t keep vanishing.

    lost sister!! dont forget, we also have a college in common!! 🙂 🙂 :). the mother tells me you’ve been writing a lot.. need to catch up with u ya..really..

  8. LOL !!! after everyone exhausted this tag, people have come up with their own versions. IHMs really bit everyone really well; some of the like me survived though ! 😀 😀 😀

    see, when u cant do the tag the original way, u do it ur way!hehe

    Nicely done tag ! 🙂

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