Oh!the tragedy of it all!

Where was I supposed to be today?


And where am I today?

In good ol’ Bombay.



Well, I could give you a better explanation than that, but its too much of an effort. It’s a long Bollywood style story with lots of twists and turns, and last minute surprises. And really, who is interested in the story? The bottom line is my chhutti stands cancelled, my heart broken.

Tell me my next vacation will come soon.   Like tomorrow .

15 thoughts on “Oh!the tragedy of it all!

  1. How about you take a couple of days off and just roam around the city? You never know what you might find when you have no itinerary!

  2. all that happens , happens for the good .. there might be some reason a good reason 🙂 I am sure you will have urbreak soon …

    loved the blog .. read a few articles..

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