Here comes the sun

 “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and I say it’s all right”

The sun came but it didn’t make it alright. That’s because it came and went in a wink. Before you knew what  it was, it was gone. Leaving you with temperamental showers,  clammy weather and a musty smell all around.

I love the monsoon but after three days of non-stop rain, I insist on a break. Sure, we need the rain, but when it rains over the buildings in the city, it doesn’t help much. None of us engage in rain water harvesting and expecting the rain to flow from our street down to the catchment area to fill up the reservoirs is hoping for a bit too much. So a few hours of break in the incessant downpour wouldn’t create  any serious environmental impact. And my clothes would get the opportunity to dry, for which both they and I would be very, very grateful.  The house would feel warmer. Everything would smell better. I would feel better.…If only the weather would comply…

In addition to sulking about the weather, I have other news to share. I have been abandoned by the parents. I don’t know if at my age using the word “abandoned” is correct,  but that’s essentially what’s happened. The parents are away on independent projects. The whole house is mine. As is all the household work. The maid ran away ( or rather we had to send her away. But that’s the subject of another post). In absence of the maid, all the household chores are being done by yours truly. When you are the only one at home, there is nothing like division of labour.  I must say that in the last week, my efficiency at chores has improved tremendously. When I get back from work, I first prioritise, ascertain the important tasks of the day. For eg. jhaado-pochha is, on most days, a priority. Dusting is not. (No logic there. I just don’t like dusting. )Then  I get on  to tackling the task at hand and aim at finishing it in the shortest possible time frame.  The task list doesn’t end at jhaado-pochha, so speed is vital and cutting corners (depending on the lateness of the hour) acceptable. Of course, I could do this cleaning business every other day, but I don’t.  Somewhere in my mind is engrained the “good” housekeeping practice of scrubbing floors everyday.  Its hard to ignore that.  Even when i know there is no one is watching over my shoulder. As things are, the maintenance isn’t top notch, but its not too bad either. I think, by and large, the parents would be pleased.

Besides becoming adept at scrubbing floors at lightening speed, my other new achievement is cooking short-cut meals. They aren’t too thrilling  but they are nutritious and can made in 20 mins or less.  Topping my list is a variation of rice (pulao/fried rice/ khichadi/ Badshaah- flavoured-not-so-happening biryani ) with curd, followed by eggs-toast-soup and pasta prepared in a various ways. Another couple of days of this  food  and I will be ready to throw out all notions of independence out of the window and beg the mother to come back home.

15 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Its raining and your parents arent at home !!! Sheesh !!! and you are still cribbing !!! 😀 😀 😀 When will I ever get a life like this again !!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. You sound all grown up, almost! And housework is meant to have some corners mercilessly lopped off. take care, and here’s wishing you some sunshine.

  3. Wow… jhaado- pocha..every day! Seriously? I just skip it when my maid skips work. I try to bring in as lil dirt that day into the house, but I hate hate cleaning the house 😦
    I don’t mind dusting though.

  4. its good parents abondoned imagine all the hosue ot yourself all that MASTI you cna do now … without being told off.. come and go as you want

    I rmeember when my parents went out it was a blessing had so much fun late nights and all

    and you doing all that wowow REALLY… he hehe

    monsoons they r playing havoc everywhere …

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