Starting again

As I write my first post in two months I pray to Lord Ganesh  that this time there are no extended breaks in my blogging journey! It’s been so,so long since I saw the face of WordPress that it almost seems as if  I am  an uninitiated blogger.  There are several reasons for the extended break I took, and the next post shall cover them, but for now its just a couple of pictures of the cutest Ganpati idol I ever saw.

25 thoughts on “Starting again

  1. I know what you mean by feeling like an uninitiated blogger!!! Glad to have u back Mandy!!!!!

    And yeah, that is one creatively adorable Ganesha! 😀 😀 😀

    when are u getting back to writing?? we miss ur distinct writing style ya…

  2. And what a creative way to start again! May Lord Ganesha never stop your words from flowing!! May you write better and may your substance get deeper!!! Have a sunny day.

  3. Ooh..the Ganesha is so cute! Really creative 🙂 Am waiting eagerly for your next post. Want to hear all the gossip from Dilli 🙂 Hopefully you’ve settled down nicely!

    hahaha, dint know u were such a gossip monger ,HC.. u look rather seedha saadha! hehehe… post coming right up!

  4. yep! Very very cute!
    And we also pray to the good Lord that you don’t go away again! Missed you Mandy!
    oh thats so sweet of u pixie.. i hope to be regular… (i hope i dint speak too soon!!)
    Good to have you back as well!

  5. Awww such a cute one 🙂 !!! May Lord Ganesha make you blog more often 😉

    Cheeerz 🙂
    May He provide me with great ideas for posts as well!

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